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Yan'an Attractions

Yan'an is not a popular tourist destination in China, but is an important place in contemporary Chinese history, with numerous sites that memorialize the Chinese revolution in the 1940s. The four attractions listed below are natural scenic spots in Yan'an. 

Most Popular Yan'an Attractions

Baota Hill

Overview Baota Hill (Pagoda Hill) gained its name from a 44-meter (144-feet) nine-story pagoda standing at its summit. The Pagoda is the symbol of Yan’an and you will see it as you arrive in Yan’a..

Yangjialing Revolutionary Site

Yangjialing Revolutionary Site is the former office of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Central Committee. It is located at Yangjialing Village, two kilometers (one mile) northwest from Yan’an City. It was..

Yellow Emperor Mausoleum Scenic Area

Overview The Yellow Emperor (Huangdi in Chinese) is the legendary ancestor of Chinese people and the symbol of Chinese civilization. The mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor is the most important ancient m..

Luochuan Park

Luochuan Park is one of the most important geological parks in China, with a vast area and plentiful examples of loess geology and morphology. It is not only a park for scenery, but also has an important g..