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Zhuhai Western Restaurants

Xiangzhou District

1. Habsburg Grill

This is one of the finest Western restaurants in Zhuhai City, especially suitable for a romantic dinner with an elegant environment and soft lighting.

The beef baked with fruit is a dish not to be missed. The food prices suit different budgets, varying from about forty to several thousand yuan.

  • Chinese name: 哈布斯扒房 Habusi Pafang
  • Recommended dishes: Seafood soup (脆皮海鲜汤), grilled fillet steak (牛小扒王),Haagen-Dazs ice cream (哈根达斯), goose liver (鹅肝), spinach and wild fungus soup (野菌菠菜汤), duck breast salad (鸭胸沙津), and cream of mushroom soup (奶油蘑菇汤).
  • Average price per person: 141 yuan
  • Address: Floor 2, 228 International Trade Hai Tian City, Jingshan Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区景山路228号国贸海天城2楼)
  • Tel: 0756-3239002
  • Opening hour: 11am–2am
  • Transportation: Take bus 8, 21, 31, 34, 56, 207, 601, 601b, or 608, get off at Haluoshan (合罗山) and then walk about 235 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, credit cards are accepted, afternoon tea is provided and there is a Wi-Fi.

2. Cozinha Pinocchio

The restaurant has been in business for 28 years. The crab cooked with curry, garlic prawns, and Portuguese-style frozen shrimps are especially praised.

The restaurant will add a 10% service charge to the bill, but the service is excellent.

  • Chinese name: 木偶葡国餐厅 Muou Puguo Canting
  • Recommended dishes: Portuguese chicken (葡国鸡), oyster baked with cheese (芝士焗蚝), oxtail soup (牛尾汤), mango pudding (芒果布甸), and Portuguese-style tuna baked with fusilli (葡式吞拿鱼焗螺丝粉).
  • Average price per person: 99 yuan
  • Address: Floor 1, Zhu’nan Hotel, Yuehai Dong Road, Xiangzhou District 香洲区粤海东路凉粉桥珠南酒店1楼
  • Tel: 0756-8897628
  • Opening hour: 11 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.
  • Transportation: Take bus 8, 13, 30, 31, 34, 207, 601, 601b, 608, or k5, get off at Liangfen Bridge (凉粉桥) and then walk about 158 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free and credit cards are accepted.

3. Happy Tom

This is an America-style eatery with a lively atmosphere. Western-style snacks and fried food is prevalent, so the restaurant is very popular with children. There are many waiters, so service is fast.

  • Chinese name: 开心汤姆 Kaixin Tangmu
  • Recommended dishes: Roast chicken wings (烤鸡翅), ice cream (冰激凌), pizza (比萨), thin pancakes (煎饼), roasted drumsticks (烤鸡腿), fried chicken fillet (炸鸡柳), taro balls (香芋丸)
  • Average price per person: 39 yuan
  • Address: Floor 1, Dantian Mansion, 59 Jinshan Road, Xiangzhou District (香洲区景山路59号丹田大厦1楼)
  • Tel: 0756-3339159
  • Transportation: Take bus 32, get off at the start of Fenghuang Bridge (凤凰桥头) and then walk about 62 meters.
  • Special services: Parking is free, there is Wi-Fi, and credit cards are accepted.