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New Century Global Center — the World's Largest Single Building

The world's largest mall is in the central China city of Chengdu. It opened in September of 2013, and it is a new regional tourist attraction. Tourists want to see what one of the world's biggest buildings looks like inside, and they are interested in seeing its entertainment and amusement facilities, accommodations, and shops.

It is big! It is twice the size of both the previous mall record holder in Dubai and the biggest mall in Guangdong called the New South China Mall. It is designed to be a self-contained town and includes its own hotels with 2,000 rooms. There is an indoor beach area that is more than a kilometer long.

  • Chinese: 新世纪环球中心 xīn shì jì huán qiú zhōng xīn
  • Location: No. 1700 North section, Tianfu avenue, Wuhou district, Chengdu city 成都市武侯区天府大道北段1700号
  • Height: 99 meters (325 feet), 18 floors
  • Floor space: 18 million square feet (1.7 million square meters, 500 x 400 meters)
  • Mall space: 2.9 million square meters
  • Record Holder: It is currently the world's biggest building measured by floor space.

Highlights of New Century Global Center

Big Shopping Center

The building covers more than 1.7 million square meters, and the shopping area takes up nearly 400 thousand square meters. More than a hundred shops and stores serve Chengdu's 14 million people and tourists.

Paradise Island Water Park

There is a big water park containing a 5,000 square meters (54,000 square feet) artificial beach. And a giant LRD screen that measures 150 by 40 meters provide indoor scenery, vedio, or important news above the great "indoor sea".

At night, the "indoor sea" can be covered over for concerts.

Chengdu's Shopping Mall Boom

This mall is not the only mall that has recently been built or is still under construction in the city. Chengdu has had a mall construction boom

Companies in Chengdu have been recently completing 2.9 million square meters of mall space, so the new mall is less than half of the total new mall space. More new mall space is being built in Chengdu than in 89 Western European cities combined. According to the CBRE research group, in 2013 the Chinese are building half of the brand new mall space in the world. There might be 30 percent vacancy in malls in China in 2014.

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