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Beijing - Badaling (Great Wall) High-Speed Train

Beijing - Badaling (Great Wall) High-Speed Train

Written by AppleUpdated Jun. 9, 2021

The Great Wall of China is a must-see attraction for tourists in China. The most visited section of the wall is the Great Wall at Badaling.

In response to the popularity of the site, a high-speed railway connecting Beijing downtown and the Great Wall at Badaling has put into service. These high-speed trains depart from Beijing North Railway Station or Qinghe Railway Station and end at Badaling Great Wall Railway Station, with the travel time of around 20 minutes.

Besides, non-bullet trains (S2 trains) between Beijing and the Great Wall at Badaling are still available. Tickets on non-bullet trains can only be bought at the train station.

Beijing – Badaling High-Speed Train Schedules

badaling section of great wallThe Great Wall at Badaling

The high-speed train schedules in the table is only for your reference. To check up-to-date bullet train schedules between Beijing and Badaling Great Wall, pleae click here.

Beijing – Badaling Bullet Train Terminals

  • Beijing North Railway Station (北京北站), Qinghe Railway Station (清河站)
  • Badaling Great Wall Railway Station (八达岭长城站)

(Updated on February 17th, 2020)

Bullet Trains Between Beijing and Badaling
Beijing – Badaling Great Wall Badaling Great Wall – Beijing
Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G8821 06:25 06:44 19 min G2402 09:20 09:40 20 min
G2501 06:40 07:14 34 min G8812 10:35 11:01 26 min
G7871 07:40 08:14 34 min G8824 11:35 11:55 20 min
G8823 09:30 09:55 25 min G9102 13:42 14:07 25 min
G2507 10:02 10:21 19 min G8826 14:43 15:03 20 min
G8825 12:40 13:05 25 min G2422 16:48 17:08 20 min
G8815 14:50 15:23 33 min G2426 17:56 18:15 19 min
G8827 15:38 15:57 19 min G9104 19:56 20:15 19 min
G2485 16:07 16:40 33 min G8830 20:57 21:17 20 min
G8829 18:49 19:14 25 min        

Beijing North Railway Station

Reopened in 2019, Beijing North Railway Station is one of the four major train stations in Beijing, serving bullet trains to Datong, Zhangjiakou, Hohhot and Badaling Great Wall, etc. Beijing North Railway Staton is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) from Tian'anmen Square, 10 kilometers (6 miles) from Beijing West Railway Station, 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Beijing Capital International Airport and 50 kilometers (31 miles) from Daxing International Airport.

Beijing North Railway Station is just beside Xizhimen Subway Station (西直门站), which is the transfer station for Beijing Subway Line 2, 4 and 13.

bullet train to badaling great wallBeijing to Badaling Great Wall high-speed train

Qinghe Railway Station

Qinghe Railway Station is one of the terminal stations on Beijing–Datong High-Speed Railway, Beijing–Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway and Beijing–Badaling Great Wall High-Speed Railway. It is about 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Tian’anmen Square, 25 kilometers (16 miles) from Beijing Capital International Airport.

Beijing North Railway Station is on line 13 on Beijing Metro network. Taking subway from Qinghe Train Station to the Forbidden City, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station is within an hour.

Badaling Great Wall Railway Station

Badaling Great Wall Railway Station (Badalingchangcheng Railway Station) was newly put into use in 2019, along with the opening of Beijing – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway. It is the deepest and largest underground station in the world. Badaling Great Wall Station is located right under Badaling Great Wall, with only 2-3 minutes’ walk to Badaling Great Wall cable car station and around 800 meters to the climbing entrance.

Beijing–Badaling Regular Trains: S2 Trains

The S2 rail network runs from Huangtudian Railway Station (黄土店站), past Badaling Railway Station (八达岭站) and terminated at Yanqing Railway Station (延庆站). Please note that Badaling Railway is not Badaling Great Wall Station for high-speed trains.

Beijing to Badaling S2 Train Schedule

(Updated on February 17th, 2020)

Train Number Huangtudian (Depart) Badaling (Arrive/Depart) Yanqing (Arrive) Dates of Running
S201 06:50 08:17 / 08:20 08:35 Everyday
S203 07:49 09:05 / 09:07 09:22 Everyday
S205 08:58 10:07 / 10:10 10:25 Everyday
S207 09:33 10:42 / 10:44 10:59 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S209 09:54 11:09 / 11:18 11:33 Everyday
S211 11:42 13:10 / 13:13 13:28 Everyday
S213 13:14 14:23 / 14:25 14:40 Everyday
S223 17:04 18:19 / 18:21 18:36 Everyday
S227 18:28 -- 20:20 Everyday
S229 19:41 -- 21:09 Everyday

Badaling to Beijing S2 Train Schedule

(Updated on February 17th, 2019)

Train Number Yanqing (Depart) Badaling (Arrive/Depart) Huangtudian (Arrive) Dates of Running
S206 07:39 07:54 / 07:57 09:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
S204 07:21 07:36 / 07:39 08:55 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S208 09:25 09:40 / 09:42 10:58 Everyday
S210 09:48 -- 11:19 Everyday
S216 12:32 12:47 / 12:50 14:24 Everyday
S218 13:44 13:59 / 14:02 15:30 Everyday
S220 14:55 15:10 / 15:16 16:35 Everyday
S222 15:45 16:00 / 16:07 17:37 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S224 16:35 16:50 / 16:52 18:08 Everyday
S226 17:40 17:55 / 17:58 19:18 Everyday
S230 18:57 19:12 / 19:21 20:51 Everyday
S234 20:35 20:50 / 20:56 22:22 Everyday

Tips for Taking S2 Trains:

1. S2 trains stop at Badaling Railway Station, which is a different train station from Badaling Great Wall Railway Station for high-speed trains. Badaling Railway Station is about 800 meters from the Great Wall. It takes 15-20 minutes walking from the station to the entrance of the Great Wall.

2. Yanqing Railway Station is locate in Yanqing District, a suburban district of Beijing. Yanqing Olympic Village, a Beijing Winter Olympic venue, is under construction and will be completed in 2020. Bus lines from Yanqing Station to the Olympic Village are under planning.

3. Huangtudian Railway Station is located at downtown Beijing. It is close to Huoying Subway Station along subway line 8 and line 13.

4. Ticket for S2 trains cannot be booked online in advance. They can only be purchased at the train station. Usually, tickets are always available on this route. But during peak season and holidays, it is advised to get to the station early to buy tickets.

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