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Beijing – Guangzhou High-Speed Train

Written by Fabio Updated Feb. 23, 2024

Beijing – Guangzhou Railway is China's most important arterial rail line. It passes through five provinces from north to south, connecting six provincial capitals.

There are 6 pairs of daytime G trains directly operating between Beijing and Guangzhou. All bullet trains operate at Beijing West and Guangzhou South railway stations, with the travel time of 7.5 to 10 hours. In addition, there are 3 pairs of normal-speed overnight trains with the duration of approximately 22 hours.

  • Distance: 2,324 kilometers (1,444 miles)
  • Shortest duration: 7.5 hours for G trains
  • Number of trains: 6 pairs of daytime G trains
  • Main stations: Beijing West, Zhengzhou East, Wuhan, Changsha South, Guangzhou South

Beijing – Guangzhou High-Speed Train Schedule

The table below is only for your reference. If you want up-to-date schedules, you may use the search tool at the top of this page, or search on China Highlights Train Ticket Service.

Beijing West Railway Station, China TrainBeijing West Station

Beijing – Guangzhou Daytime G-Train Schedule


(Updated on February 23th, 2024)

Beijing West to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Beijing West
Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G335 07:26 17:19 9 h 53 min G336 07:42 17:58 10 h 16 min
G77 08:00 16:02 8 h 2 min G82 08:25 16:27 8 h 2 min
G79 10:00 17:38 7 h 38 min G338 11:15 21:20 10 h 5 min
G337 10:23 20:27 10 h 4 min G80 11:53 19:30 7 h 37 min
G339 13:10 23:09 9 h 59 min G340 12:50 22:55 10 h 05 min
G81 14:00 22:07 8 h 7 min G78 13:50 21:49 7 h 59 min

Up-to-date schedules for Beijing to Guangzhou bullet trains.

Beijing – Guangzhou Overnight D-Train Schedule


  • Beijing West Railway Station (Chinese: 北京西)
  • Guangzhou South Railway Station (Chinese: 广州南)

(Updated on Updated on February 23th, 2024--Overnight D-Train haven't been resumed yet)

Beijing West to Guangzhou South Guangzhou South to Beijing West
Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D901 20:10 06:28 next day 10 h 18 min D922 20:05 06:40 next day 10 h 35 min
D903 20:15 06:33 next day 10 h 18 min D924 20:10 06:51 next day 10 h 41 min
D909 20:20 06:38 next day 10 h 18 min D902 20:15 07:01 next day 10 h 41 min
D927 20:25 06:48 next day 10 h 23 min D904 20:20 07:13 next day 10 h 41 min
D923 20:35 06:43 next day 10 h 8 min D928 20:30 07:18 next day 10 h 48 min

*Overnight bullet trains between Beijing and Guangzhou are only available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Beijing – Guangzhou High-Speed Train Ticket Price

Train Types Seat Classes Price (for Adult)
G trains 2nd class US$142 (965 CNY)
1st class US$228 (1,545CNY)
Business class US$448 (3,042 CNY)
D trains New style soft sleeper US$193 (1,290 CNY)
2nd class US$106 (709 CNY)

Search for the train and make a booking now.

Children's Tickets of China Bullet Train

A child fare is 50% (for seats) or about 75% (for sleepers) of the full price (a child fare does not apply to sleepers on D and G trains). Child fares apply for children under 1.5 m and younger than 14 year old. Read more about children's tickets.

Three Different Seat Classes and One Sleeper Type on China Bullet Train

first class seat on bullet trains First class carriage

For daytime high-speed trains, business class, 1st class, and 2nd class seats are available. For overnight D trains, 2nd class seats and a new style of soft sleeper are available.

Beijing – Guangzhou Non-Bullet Train

Normal-speed trains from Beijing to Guangzhou depart from Beijing West Railway Station and arrive at Guangzhou Railway Station or Guangzhou East Railway Station.

Beijing to Guangzhou Non-Bullet Train Schedule

(Updated on February 23th, 2024)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
Z13 14:24 12:40 next day 22 h 16 min
Z501 20:24 18:10 next day 21 h 46 min
Z111 23:04 20:57 next day 21 h 53 min

Guangzhou to Beijing Non-Bullet Train Schedule

(Updated on February 23th, 2024)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
Z112 07:32 05:28 next day 21 h 56 min
Z502 08:22 06:51 next day 22 h 29 min
Z14 17:00 15:15 next day 22 h 15 min

Use the search tool at the top of this page, or click Beijing – Shanghai train timetable for up-to-date schedules.

Seat Classes and Prices on Beijing - Guangzhou Non-Bullet Train

Ticket Types Superior Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Adult ticket US$193 (1383 CNY) US$104 (750 CNY) US$59 (426 CNY)

By Train or By Plane

Flying is still a very popular way to travel between Beijing and Guangzhou. And it is the fastest way (only takes 3.5 hours). Sometimes a discounted flight ticket is even cheaper than a second class ticket on a high-speed train.

The cheapest way of moving between Beijing and Guangzhou would be taking a normal train. The hard sleeper costs US$63 per ticket; soft sleeper is US$110 per ticket. However, normal trains are time-consuming and could take around 22 hours on the way. If you take a normal overnight train, soft sleeper class or superior soft sleeper class is recommended. They are comfortable and can save you a night's hotel bill.

Overnight bullet trains from Beijing to Guangzhou are also a good choice. They are newer, faster and smoother than normal overnight trains.

Terminals of Beijing – Guangzhou Bullet Train

All of the Beijing – Guangzhou high-speed trains depart from Beijing West Railway Station and arrive at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

Beijing West Railway Station

Guangzhou South Railway Station, China TrainGuangzhou South Station

Beijing West Station is the terminus of all the trains beween Beijing and Guangzhou. Located in Fengtai District, this station is 8 kilometers southwest of the Forbidden City and 36 kilometers southwest from Beijing Capital International Airport. It can be reached by Line 7 and Line 9 of the Beijing Subway.

Guangzhou South Railway Station

Located in Panyu District, the station is 17 kilometers south of central Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive transportation hub connecting the major districts with a convenient metro, buses, and taxis.

Guangzhou South Railway Station is the interchange station and terminal of Guangzhou Subway Line 2 and Line 7. Passengers just go to the station's second floor underground to take subway.

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