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Guangzhou South Railway Station

Written by FabioUpdated Mar. 27, 2024
Guangzhou South Railway StationGuangzhou South Railway Station

The Guangzhou South Station is a bustling high-speed train hub, serving as a gateway for tourists and travelers to discover key destinations across China. Recognized as one of the six major bullet train hubs in the country, this station offers unparalleled convenience for long-distance travel.

The station serves as an essential link for tourists and businesspeople who desire swift access to and from the Futian financial district in Shenzhen. Additionally, the station provides seamless connectivity to various attractions in southern Guangzhou, such as the Canton Trade Fair and Chimelong Resorts.

Moreover, the Guangzhou South Station acts as a crucial conduit for exploring renowned tourist destinations like Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Guilin/Yangshuo. With its exceptional connectivity, travelers can easily embark on unforgettable journeys to these iconic cities and immerse themselves in their distinctive cultures and landmarks.

  • Chinese: 广州南站 Gǔangzhōu Nán Zhàn /gwung-joh nan jan/
  • Name on train tickets: 广州南
  • Address: South of Shixing Avenue, Shibi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou. 广州番禹区石壁街石兴大道南
  • Location: 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Baiyun International Airport and about 9 kilometers (5 miles) from downtown Tianhe District.
  • Metro: Take the metro Line 2 or Line 7 (open in 2017) to Guangzhou South Metro Station (广州南站地铁站).
  • Station size: 15 platforms (13 island platforms, 2 side platforms), 28 railway lines, and 2 metro platforms

Popular Trains Routes

Long-distance bullet trains: From Guangzhou South, bullet trains go to the Zhuhai/Macau border, Wuhan, Beijing West, Hongqiao Station in Shanghai, Xi'an North, Nanchang, Guilin/Yangshuo and Hangzhou East.

Hong Kong West Kowloon: Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high speed rail connects Guangzhou South, Shenzhen North, Futian and West Kowloon Station. G-class bullet trains from Guangzhuo South Station to Hong Kong West Kowloon only takes an hour, and the tickets from USD 30 (2nd class) to USD 45 (1st class).

Shenzhen bullet train: Very fast G-class bullet trains go to Shenzhen North Station in 33 minutes and to Futian Station in 50 minutes.

But not as central: The problem with Guangzhou South however is that it takes longer to reach it from central Guangzhou where most tourists and business people want to go.

These popular train travel routes from Guangzhou South will give you some travel ideas for planning trips around China:

High Speed Beijing–Guangzhou Route 京广深港高速铁路

G bullet trainG-class bullet train such as the ones to Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, and Shenzhen
  • Hours/price to Beijing West Station: 北京西站 G-class, about 8 to 10 hours, about USD 126 (2nd class), USD 202 (1st class).
  • Main stops: Guangzhou South Station, Changsha South Station, Wuhan, Zhengzhou East, Beijing West Station.

Efficient between Guangzhou and Beijing: Considering the speed, convenience, sightseeing, flexibility, and ticket prices, taking the bullet train to Beijing can be the most efficient, enjoyable, and comfortable way for a tourist to go. If you miss your train, you can simply wait for the next train. So there is less stress about being on time.

High Speed Shanghai–Guangzhou Route

  • Hours/price to Shanghai Hongqiao Station: 上海虹桥站 G-class, about 7 to 8 and a half hours, around USD 109 (2nd class), and USD 179 (1st class).
  • Main stops: Guangzhou South Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station. The various trains on this route go different routes through different cities. Some go through Changsha South.

The Guangzhou–Guilin–Guiyang Route

There are G and D trains to Guilin North Station (about 30 minutes north of the city center). D Trains go to Yangshuo Station (6 km west of Xingping) and Guilin West Station (about 40 minutes from the city center). Apart from Yangshuo and Guilin you may want to see the minority areas of Guizhou, made conveniently accessible by the Guangzhou to Guiyang HSR.

Fast Guangzhou–Zhuhai/Macau Travel (80 minutes)

second class carA second class car of a D train like the one to Macau/Zhuhai

Guangzhou South – Macau: Here is quick way to get from Guangzhou to Macau and Zhuhai and for going to/from Chimelong Resort or the Canton Fair from there.

Fast and cheap: D trains get to the Gongbei Border Crossing in about 80 minutes. The Zhuhai Railway Station is at the Zhuhai Gongbei Port. Once there, follow the sign boards and crowds and walk to the Macau crossing building. Unless it is crowded, crossing takes only a few minutes. Have your passports ready. On the other side, you'll find both free hotel shuttles that will take you all over and a large underground public bus station. Bus 5 goes to the Senado Plaza.

Frequent: There are about 117 high-speed trains leaving for Zhuhai every 10 minutes from 6:10 to 22:34. The ticket fares are about USD 10 for second class seat to USD 14 for first class seat.

High Speed Guangzhou-Shenzhen Travel (29 to 50 minutes)

G-class to Futian Station and Shenzhen North: There are now very fast G-class bullet trains that take about 29 minutes to Shenzhen North and 41 minutes to Futian Station.

Those going to the Canton Trade Fair or Chimelong Resort/Safari Park might find it convenient since it can now be accessed directly from the Shenzhen Futian financial district.

It is also convenient for going to places in Bao'an such as Bao'an Airport. See Shenzhen North Station to Guangzhou bullet train>>

Convenient for fast access to Futian Border Crossing: From southern Guangzhou, you can save time going to Hong Kong by going to Shenzhen North and taking the metro line there south to Futian Border Crossing. Then take the Hong Kong MTR on the other side at Lok Ma Chau.

Less convenient to/from Hong Kong and Luohu: The problem with Guangzhou South for those coming and going from Hong Kong is that it takes longer to reach Futian Station or Shenzhen North from southern Shenzhen. For those travelers, the Shenzhen Station's fast train to Guangzhou East is more useful.

Note about the train classes: The bullet trains from this station are G and D fast trains designed to travel about 350 kph or 250 kph respectively. In practice, speeds vary from line to line.

Alternative Fast Train to Southern Shenzhen

Bullet trains: Of the city's four bullet train stations, Guangzhou East Station's C-class train is the best for quick access to/from the Tianhe and central Guangzhou area and the southern part of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Using Guangzhou South Station

The station sprawls and is huge, but if you have questions, go to one of the counters or ask the staff. If you are new to the station, allow about 15 extra minutes for orientation. There are a lot of English-speaking staff who are used to helping foreigners.

Arrive Early

Lead time: It is recommended that you arrive at the station about 50 minutes before departure time if you have tickets and want to get on the exact train and about an 70 minutes before if you want to get your tickets there. This will give you time to relax and take things leisurely.

Taking a bullet train is easier than conventional trains. When it isn't busy, there are no lines for tickets. If you miss your train, you can board the next one, so there is less stress overall about being on time than with a flight. There is also far less pickpocketing and thievery than at Guangzhou East or Guangzhou Station.

See How to Get On/Off a Train and 7 Things to Know Before Riding a Train for more.

Know the General Layout

Guangzhou South Station Plan View

Station layout: It is vast and one of the biggest in China. So before you go, get familiar with these simple details:

Floor 1 ticket offices: There are three groups of counters for buying tickets at the southwest, southeast, and northeast corners of the station for convenience. Ticket changes are only handled at the northeast and southeast counters. Ticket refunds are handled at the southeast corner. Tickets stop being issued 15 minutes prior to departure.

Floor 3 Has Most of the Waiting Areas and Facilities:

Ticket and luggage inspection: Once you have tickets, go up the escalators to the third floor's vast waiting room. You'll have to pass through the security procedures.

Bullet train waiting room: Once past security, there is a huge single room like at a big airport. There are seats arranged around each exit for each line, left luggage services, and restaurants. Bathrooms and convenient hot water dispensers are available around the huge hall too. Check your ticket and wait at the right exit to wait for boarding.

Luggage storage office: You can store luggage in the left luggage offices in the waiting room. There is an office in Waiting Area A close to the Business Class Waiting Room and another at Waiting Area B close to the Special Waiting Area. The charge is about RMB 5 to 20 per bag per day.

Information and help desk: Go here for questions and complaints. They also can provide first aid, wheelchairs, and etc.

Ticket alteration counter: If you miss your train, go to the northeast corner of the big waiting room, and they can accept your old ticket and reissue one for the next boarding, and wait for the next one that often leave within just minutes. You don't even have to leave the waiting room!

Transportation - to/from Guangzhou South

Taxi or subway is the best public transport unless you are used to riding Chinese buses. Otherwise, you might get on the wrong bus or miss your stop. Guangzhou has four train stations, and each has bullet train lines. Be sure about which one you are going to and explain it to your driver clearly.

Distances: Guangzhou South Station is in Panyu District and is 23 kilometers (14 miles) from Guangzhou Railway Station, 26 kilometers (16 miles) from Guangzhou East Station, about 17 kilometers (10 miles) from the downtown area, and 55 kilometers (34 miles) from Baiyun International Airport.


Transportation map of Guangzhou South Railway Station


guangzhou south railway stationGuangzhou South Railway Station is vast

Catch taxis at the taxi stand on the first floor. There are people all around the area on the look-out for unsuspecting foreigners and offering rides, baggage handling, etc, and they may do crimes like giving counterfeit money or scams. Also, they will probably charge you much more than do these at the exit.

Legit taxis will generally pull up to the door in this designated taxi area where there may also be police and/or guards watching.

Taxi arrivals: Taxis to the station go to the east side of the station on the second floor or to the west elevated drop-off area on the third floor.

  • Chinese: 请送我到广州南站. Qǐng sòng wǒ dào Gǔangzhōu Nán Zhàn
  • English: Please drive me to Guangzhou South Station.

Taxi fares:

  • To/from Guangzhou Train Station: 50 minutes, CNY 70
  • To/from Guangzhou East Train Station: 56 minutes, CNY 86
  • To/from Baiyun Airport: about 70 minutes, CNY 185
  • To/from Canton Trade Fair venue: 40 minutes, CNY 78

Subway to Guangzhou's Other Railway Stations

Guangzhou Subway MapClick to enlarge it Guangzhou Metro map

To Guangzhou East Station (广州东站): Note that these lines get packed from about 7–9 am and 5–7 pm. The trip might take 45 minutes or more including transfer (CNY 6), and you might have to push your way on board. With baggage, this is more difficult.

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 2 going north 12 stops to Gongyuanqian Station (公园前站)
  • and then transfer to Guangzhou Subway Line 1 and go 7 stops to Guangzhou East Station.

To Guangzhou Station (广州站): Line 2 goes directly to Guangzhou Station, but trains to Shenzhen leave less frequently and the journey time is relatively significantly longer. It is the same price to Luohu though.

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 2 going north 15 stops to Guangzhou Station

To Baiyun International Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云机场) has very convenient and direct transport (33 minutes, RMB 7 ):

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 2 going north 23 stops to Jiahewanggang Station (嘉禾望岗站)
  • and then transfer to Line 3 and go directly to Airport South Station for Terminal 1 (机场南站) that is under the airport (4 stops) and Airport North Station for Terminal 2 (机场北站).

Metro Lines 2 and 7 to the Main Attractions

To Zhujiang New City: The subway station is next to the CTF Finance Tower and the Guangzhou IFC Tower that are two of the tallest in the world.

You could enjoy a Pearl River Night Cruise and see these buildings at night.

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 2 going north 11 stops to Gongyuanqian Station (公园前站)
  • and then transfer to Guangzhou Subway Line 1 and go 5 stops to Tiyuxilu Station (体育西路站)
  • and then take Subway Line 3 south to Zhujiang New City Station (Chinese: 珠江新城站, 1 stop)
chen ancestral shrineChen Ancestral Academy

To Chen Ancestral Academy: It is one of the top historical sites. Our Guangzhou and Shenzhen historical and cultural tour provides private transport and you can modify the itinerary to go to other places such as Chimelong.

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 2 going north 12 stops to Gongyuanqian Station (公园前站)
  • and then transfer to Guangzhou Subway Line 1 and go 2 stops to Chen Ancestral Shrine Station (陈家祠站).

To Chimelong Resort: It is the top Guangzhou attraction. The new Line 7 may be finished by 2017, and it provides quick transport. The route using Line 2 is circuitous, and it might be better to take a bus from the station there instead.

  • Take the Guangzhou Subway Line 7 and go east 3 stops to Hanxichanglong Station (汉溪长隆).
  • From there, you could walk to the resort or take a shuttle bus.

City Buses


  • To/from Guangzhou South Railway Station: includes 61 night bus, 75 Fanyu line, 79 night bus, 99 Fanyu line, 100 Fanyu line, 101 Fanyu line, 108 Fanyu line, 145 Fanyu line, 288-A, 301-A, 303-A, 309-A
  • To/from the Baiyun Airport: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (广州白云国际机场) First take bus 303-A and change to Metro Line 3.

Booking Tickets

You could book tickets in the station, at the other train stations, or at many other ticket selling locations in the city. When you are trying to get a ticket, make clear to the ticket seller what station you want to use, and check to make sure the ticket is correct. Foreigners who don't speak Chinese or are unfamiliar with the process might prefer using a tour agency. You'll need your passport. See How to Buy Tickets in China

Station's Ticket Offices (售票处)

  • Chinese: 请问, 火车售票处在哪里? Qǐngwèn, huǒchē shòupiàochù zài nǎlǐ?
  • English: Excuse me. Where are the ticket counters?

Or Book with Us

You can count on us for booking tickets. In 2015 alone, we helped over 10,000 customers obtain their tickets and facilitate their trip in China. We are available 24/7 and will have your train tickets delivered by express mail to your appointed address or hotel.

For booking, go to, choose your destinations, and click on 'Go.' We will do the rest of the work!

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