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Datong Railway Station

Written by AppleUpdated Jun. 17, 2021

Datong Railway Station

  • Chinese Name: 大同站
  • Address: No.1 Zhanqian Road, Datong
  • Chinese Address: 大同市站前街 1 号

Datong Railway Station is an important transportation hub that connects Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regions. There are five major double-track electrified railways, the Beijing-Baotou Railway, the Beijing-Yuanping Railway, the Datong-Zhangjiakou Railway, the Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway, and the Beitongpu Railway. The station also has more than 40 other branch lines and access rail lines. Bullet train lines are under construction or planned between Datong and Xian and Beijing. The station is on the International Railway line to Moscow. This web-like network of railways connect the northern and northwestern parts of China.

Datong Railway Station on Map


  • Beijing-Baotou line (Beijing - Zhangjiakou - Datong - Jining - Hohhot - Baotou)
  • Datong-Qinhuangdao line (Datong - Qinhuangdao)
  • Beijing-Yuanping (Beijing - Datong Lingqiu - Yuanping)
  • Tongpu line (Datong - Yuncheng)
  • International Railway (Beijing - Datong - Jining - Erlianhaote - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow)
  • Yungang line (Datong - Yungang)
  • Datong-Zhungeer line (Datong – Zhungeer) 
  • Datong-Xi'an (Datong - Xi'an)
Datong Railway Station Datong Railway Station

Transportation to Datong Railway Station

Bus: Passengers can take Bus No.1, No.2, No. 4, No. 8, or No. 32 from the railway station to Datong City.

Taxi: Initial fare is 5 or 6 RMB, and then 1.2 RMB per kilometer.

From Datong Railway Station to Pingyao Railway Station

One K-train and three slow trains are available to enjoy an ancient city journey. The ticket price for the K-train is 69 RMB for a hard seat and 130 RMB for a hard sleeper. The tickets for the slow trains are a little cheaper at 61 RMB for a hard seat, 122 RMB for a hard sleeper, and 186 RMB for a soft sleeper.

Some of these trains depart early in the morning; therefore, you should be careful not to miss them.

From Datong Station to Pingyao Station…

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
K7807 05:49 13:37 7h 48min
2671 16:40 00:15 7h 35min
2462/2463 23:17 06:22 7h 5min
2602/2603 06:17 14:20 8h 3min

From Datong Railway Station to Beijing

Datong Station is linked to Beijing Station, Beijing West Station, and Beijing North Station by K-, T-, and slow trains. The train journey between the two cities takes between 6 and 7 hours. The ticket fare is approximately 45 RMB to 53 RMB for a hard seat, 99 RMB to 107 RMB for a hard sleeper, and 138 RMB to 158 RMB for a soft sleeper.

The following table compares T, K, and slow services:

From Datong Station to Beijing…

Train Number Destinations Departure Arrival Duration
K616 Beijing 08:06 14:35 6h 29min
K44 Beijing 13:40 19:42 6h 2min
K574 Beijing West 03:07 09:10 6h 3min
1456 Beijing North 12:43 20:05 7h 22min

From Datong Railway Station to Yungang Grottoes

Datong Station provides easy access to the AAAAA scenic area and Yungang Grottoes by bus. Bus 4, via the Four Bus Company, can be taken to the terminal, and then bus 3 can be taken to the Yungang Grottoes. The whole journey will take about two hours and cost 2 RMB.

Datong Railway Station Special Tips

  • To book tickets through the phone service, first pay for the ticket through a bank, and then the staff will help reserve your ticket or deliver the ticket to you.
  • All the railway stations around the country are connected, so you can book the ticket you need from anywhere
  • Telephone booking requires an extra 5 RMB per ticket. To get delivery to your door add 15 RMB (delivery service is only available in the city).

Special Service on Datong Railway Station

Passenger shipping: luggage and parcel shipping service.

Cargo shipping: delivering cargo carloads, containers, and cargo security. 

Datong Railway Station Destinations:

From Datong Railway Station to…

Type Train Number Destinations Departure Arrival Duration
K-trains K7803 Taiyuan 14:55 18:35 3h 40min
K616 Beijing 08:06 14:35 6h 29min
K606 Tianjin 22:33 07:32 8h 59min
K7807 Yuncheng 05:49 18:59 13h 10min
K573 Dongsheng West 20:54 10:09 13h 15min
K1112 Shenyang 22:08 15:28 17h 20min
K218 Handan 15:45 10:08 18h 23min
K220 Baotou 18:29 13:13 18h 44min
K712 Qingdao 09:47 10:15 24h 28min
K891 Hangzhou 11:55 12:55 25h
K1278 Nanchang 08:35 16:59 32h 24min
K43 Jiayuguan 10:55 19:55 33h
K731 Guangzhou East 14:19 05:15 38h 56min
Other trains 4629 Shuozhou 07:10 09:11 2h 1min
6823 Ningwu 12:51 16:27 3h 36min
6088 Zhangjiakou South 07:38 11:25 3h 47min
2671 Xi'an 16:40 08:56 16h 16min
2462 Linfen 15:57 09:10 17h 13min
2604 Qinhuangdao 10:35 10:47 24h 12min
1456 Tongliao 08:57 10:00 25h 3min
1458 Hohhot 17:25 18:39 25h 14min
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