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Nanjing - Qingdao High-Speed Trains

This train route links the capital of Jiangsu Province with the coastal city of Qingdao. The trains on this route are all high-speed ones. Eight trains run from Nanjing to Qingdao and five trains operate on the return route.

The shortest journey duration is less than 5 hours on train G222 from Nanjing South Railway Station to Qingdao North Railway Station.

Quick Facts

Nanjing to Qingdao High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on April 1, 2020)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D782* 00:38 09:06 8 h 28 min
G254 08:19 14:01 5 h 42 min
G230 10:38 16:01 5 h 23 min
G2664 13:35 18:41 5 h 6 min
G234 17:47 23:03 5 h 16 min
  • Please note: The timetable is just for your reference.
  • * D782 is an overnight train from Nanjing Railway Station to Qingdao North Railway Station.
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Qingdao to Nanjing High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on April 1, 2020)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G284 06:22 12:11 5 h 49 min
G224 06:59 12:31 5 h 32 min
G232 09:07 14:52 5 h 45 min
G228 13:56 19:16 5 h 20 min
G236 16:21 21:48 5 h 27 min

Nanjing to Qingdao High-Speed Train Ticket Fares

The G trains:

Business Class First Class Second Class
¥1,243.5–1,392 ($177–199) ¥664–742 ($95–106) ¥398.5–449.5 ($57–64)

Train D782:

Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Second Class
¥378 ($54) ¥301 ($43) ¥169 ($23)

Train Travel Tips

It is very convenient to travel by train in China. For a journey of about 5 hours, people usually prefer to travel by high-speed train rather than by airplane. You may be interested in some helpful information before you take a train trip. Spend one minute to read the tips below:

1. Food: The food provided on trains is limited, especially on a long journey, and only Chinese-style food is offered. Therefore, you'd better prepare some food yourself before boarding.

2. Water: Boiled drinking water is provided for free on a train but it might not taste very nice. Bottled water is also provided but the price is much higher on the trains than in the shops. It is recommended to purchase a few bottles of water before boarding.

3. Toilet paper: There might be some toilet paper available on the train but always take your own toilet paper with you in case it runs out.

4. Earphones: The cars may be noisy as people talk or laugh loudly and you’ll probably hear children crying too. You can take earphones with you to reduce the noise level.

5. Safety: You'd better keep your valuables with you no matter whether you are awake or sleeping and no matter where you go on the train.

6. Smoking: Smoking is allowed on normal-speed trains but it is forbidden on high-speed trains.