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Chinese Public Holiday Travel Problems in 2017

China has seven public holidays (the Spring Festival, New Year’s Day, the Qingming Festival, May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and National Day) during which the transport system faces significantly increased traffic loads. This results in difficulty with booking tickets, especially train tickets.

Booking 30 Days in Advance Recommended

Holiday travel rush on station Holiday travel rush on station

Due to the substantial volume of passengers and the difficulty of booking tickets during these public holidays, passengers are highly advised to make a booking 30 days in advance. There are also a number of other minor holidays, such as the beginning and end of university semesters, when there is also a rush for tickets.

China Highlights focuses on obtaining tickets for you at your request, with 100% effort put into the task. You are advised to give us two options: whether you are willing to take other seat classes available on the same train and/or whether you are willing to take the same class of tickets on other available trains. You should also write down your special requirements when booking on our web pages, so we can understand your needs better and be more flexible when booking your tickets. For example, we may be able to book D trains for passengers to a destination if a G train service is not available.

Below is a list of the public holidays in 2017, for your reference.

Public Holiday Date in 2017
New Year's Day Dec. 31, 2016 – Jan. 2, 2017
The Qingming Festival Apr. 2–4
May Day May 1–3
The Dragon Boat Festival May 28–30
The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Oct. 1–8
The Spring Festival Feb. 15– Feb. 21, 2018