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Shanghai-Tianjin Train

Shanghai-Tianjin Train

Written by FabioUpdated May. 3, 2023

Both high-speed trains and normal-speed trains are available between Shanghai and Tianjin. 24 pairs of high-speed trains in service every day, with the travel time of 4 to 7 hours. They operate in different train stations in both cities.

Besides, there are 10 pairs of normal-speed overnight trains run on this route, with the duration of 11.5 to 17.5 hours.

Shanghai-Tianjin High-Speed Train

Quick Facts

  • Distance: 1,200 kilometers (744 miles)
  • Duration: daytime G trains: 4 to 6 hours; overnight D trains: 10 hours 50 minutes
  • Terminals of daytime G trains: Shanghai Railway Station (上海站), Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站), Tianjin Railway Station (天津站), Tianjin South Railway Station (天津南站), Tianjin West Railway Station (天津西站)
  • Terminals of overnight D trains: Shanghai Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Station

Shanghai to Tianjin High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on May 3rd, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G102 06:37 11:46 5h 9m
G1258 09:31 16:08 6h 37m
G122 10:34 15:44 5h 10m
G266 15:21 20:59 5h 38m
G158 17:20 22:38 5h 18m
  • There are 34 pairs of high-speed trains running on this route, departing from 06:37 to 21:15. These trains terminate at different train stations in both cities. Please make sure which station the train is departs from / arrives at before booking.
  • Shanghai to Tianjin G trains travel during daytime. Train D706 is an overnight high-speed train which run faster than regular overnight trains.
  • See more Shanghai train schedules.

Tianjin to Shanghai High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on May 3rd, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
G1 07:33 11:29 3h 56m
G1254 13:26 19:15 5h 49m
G1203 15:40 21:40 6h
G1235 16:56 22:53 5h 57m
G25 18:37 22:58 4h 21m
  • There are more than 24 pairs of high-speed trains running on this route, departing from 07:33 to 20:50. These trains have different departure/arrival train stations in both cities.
  • Check Real-time train schedules between Shanghai and Tianjin.

Shanghai-Tianjin High-Speed Train Ticket Fares

Business Class First Class Second Class
US$309 (CNY2,131) US$141 (CNY974) US$89 (CNY609)

Shanghai-Tianjin Regular Train

Quick Facts

Shanghai to Tianjin Regular Train Timetable

(Updated on May 3rd, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
1462 12:15 07:40 (next day) 19h 25m
K48 16:29 12:52 (next day) 20h 23m
Z172 18:54 07:21 (next day) 12h 27m
K336 21:06 14:36 (next day) 17h 30m

Tianjin to Shanghai Regular Train Timetable

(Updated on May 3rd, 2023)

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
K335 11:30 05:01 (next day) 17h 31m
Z281 20:40 09:46 (next day) 13h 6m
T109 21:31 11:00 (next day) 13h 29m
T131 22:51 12:46 (next day) 13h 55m

Shanghai-Tianjin Regular Train Ticket Fares

Business Class Business Class First Class Second Class
US$117 (CNY806.5) US$64 (CNY438.5) US$41 (CNY280.5) US$24 (CNY163.5)

Tianjin-Shanghai Train Tips

Please pay attention to your departure station. Most cities in China have more than one train stations. It is important to double check your train ticket departure station in advance. For example, some of the fast trains from Tianjin to Shanghai depart from Tianjin West Railway Station, but some other trains depart from Tianjin South Railway Station. There is about 24 kilometers between the two stations. You can show your ticket or ticket information to the taxi driver so that you will be sent to the right train station.

For most of trains between Shanghai and Tianjin, Tianjin is one of the major stop only. The station isn’t the original departure station or the final arrival station. Therefore the trains stop in Tianjin for a few minutes only. You should prepare to board the train or get off the train in advance, and then move quickly in time. Below phrases might be helpful for you.

Will you please inform me 10 minutes before my arrival, thanks a lot!请在到站前10分钟提醒我准备下车,谢谢!

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