Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is huge (one of Asia's biggest). It's Shanghai's main bullet train station, an important metro hub, and is conveniently next to Hongqiao Airport.

Popular Trains from Shanghai Hongqiao Station to Other Cities

This bullet train station handles high-speed trains to most of China's major tourist cities: Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Kunming, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou...


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Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

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Train Schedules from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

To Popular Train(s) Travel Time Distance (KM) Prospect Price
Beijing South Station G2,G4,G8,G14,etc. 4h49m - 5h24m 1318km 1st Class: $140
2nd Class: $83
Xian North Station G360 (08:36-14:35) 5h57m 1382km 1st Class: $168
2nd Class: $103
Hong Kong West Kowloon Station G99 (14:10-22:29) 8h19m 1237km 1st Class: $242
2nd Class: $149
Guilin Station G1501 (10:03-19:02) 8h58m 1521km 1st Class: $162
2nd Class: $101
Hangzhou Station G7395 (07:27-08:32) 1h05m 200km 1st Class: $19
2nd Class: $12
Hangzhou East Station G85 (08:00-08:45) 54m 170km 1st Class: $19
2nd Class: $12
Suzhou North Station G1970,G1802,G1952,etc. 23m - 1 hour 94km 1st Class: $9
2nd Class: $6
Guangzhou South Station *D931 (20:00-07:19)
G85 (08:00-14:51)
1457km Soft Sleeper: $108
2nd Class: $81
Shenzhen North Station *D931 (20:00-06:35)
G99 (14:10-22:06)
1433km Soft Sleeper: $118
2nd Class: $128
Ningbo Station G7503 (08:04-09:52)
G7515 (14:00-15:55)
206km 1st Class: $36
2nd Class: $22
Chengdu East Station *D2206 (06:38-22:01) 15h18m 1935km 1st Class: $112
2nd Class: $93
Chongqing North Station *D2206 (06:38-19:24) 12h36m 1675km 1st Class: $94
2nd Class: $78

Alternative Train Stations in Shanghai

Conventional trains are available from Shanghai Station and Shanghai South Station. They are cheaper, but they may take two or three times longer. For example:

Using Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Station opened in 2010 and is one of the biggest in Asia with an area of 1.3 million square meters. The modern design helps make travel easier.

second floor map of shanghai hongqiao railway station

To find your waiting section, you should check the ticket and follow the LED screen which tells you the exact place for waiting and ticket checking.

Temporary luggage deposit is in the waiting section on 2F. Prices start at 5 RMB/piece for one day.

For luggage portage, ask the help and information desk staff on level 3 for porter help getting your luggage on the platform (about 10 RMB/piece).

See How to Get On/Off a Chinese Train and 7 Things to Know Before Riding a Train in China for more.

Transportation - to/from Shanghai Hongqiao Station


Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station


Here are some typical daytime fares and journey times:

See more on Shanghai taxis.

Subway to Shanghai's Other Railway Stations

To Shanghai Hongqiao  Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport has two terminals that are wide apart (about 20 minutes' walk), so it is important to go to the correct one to avoid time consuming delays. 

To Shanghai Pudong Airport

To the Pudong Towers

binjiang dadao, Pudong TowersThe towers opposite the Bund in Pudong District.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is just one of the very tall buildings popular with tourists in the Pudong area.

Booking Shanghai Train Tickets

Be sure you're booking tickets for the right stations. Many cities, like Shanghai, have more than one. You could book tickets at any train station or city ticket window or online with the Chinese railway website. See How to Buy Train Tickets in China.

We can assist you with booking China train tickets. Over 10,000 satisfied customers each year enjoy our 24/7 service and express mail delivery for tickets in only 3 easy steps: search trains, book tickets, pay.

You may be interested in our recommended Shanghai and Neighboring Cities by Bullet Train tour.

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