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Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall

The Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall was built at the start of the Ming Dynasty (1368).45.5 meters long, 8 meters high, and 22 meters thick.As one of the three famous walls of this style in China, the Datong Nine-Dragon Wall is the oldest, largest, and most enchanting one.

The dragons on the wall were carved vividly.

The nine dragons, each playing with a pearl were carved in a very lifelike manner. Colorful paint has been applied to the carvings to bring the dragons to life vividly, as they would have been over 600 years ago.

Among the nine dragons, one heading to the front with imposing appearance is held in awe by other dragons. Patterns of mountains, rivers and trees fill the left,serving as a contrast to make the dragons stand out.

The whole wall was built on a 2-meter-high throne, on which are carved 41 patterns of “two dragons playing with a pearl”.

Many other lively animals were carved on the wall.

Datong Nine-Dragon Screen WallDatong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall

On the waist of the throne are 75 vitreous bricks, with cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, deer and rabbits reflecting the superb carving skill of ancient China.

It shows imperial status.

This nine-dragon wall was built for the 13th son of Zhu Yuanzhang(First Emperor of the Ming Dynasty) to satisfy his desire to be an emperor. However, the wall was carved with dragons of four talons, not five. That's because the five-talon dragon was a symbol of the emperor,while the recipient of the wall was a prince.

There are many streets, gates, and places with imperial names in Datong. For example, Huangcheng Street (‘Imperial City’ Street), Zhengdian Street (‘Main Hall’ Street), Donghua Gate (‘East China’ Gate), and so on. They all have ruins of imperial palaces.

How to Plan Your Visit

Datong Nine-Dragon Screen WallA lively dragon of four talons
  • Opening hours: 09: 00–17:00
  • Recommended visiting time: 30 minutes
  • How to get there: Travelers can take public bus 4 from Datong Railway Station to Nine Dragon Wall.

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