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The 5 Most Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

The 5 Most Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

Written by Fercility JiangUpdated Jan. 18, 2024

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. People love to give gifts to friends, parents, other relatives, and staff. Here are the top 5 gifts for the Mid-Autumn Festival below.

1. Mooncake — The Classic Must-Give Gift

mooncake Mooncakes
  • Average price: 100–200 yuan (15–30 USD) per box (5–8 per box)

A mooncake is a must-have food during the Mid-Autumn Festival and people are used to giving mooncakes as gifts. Usually, a box of mooncakes is enough as a gift. If you can't think of any other good ideas, giving mooncakes is a choice that will always be appreciated.

Here are some recommended classic mooncake flavors for consideration: five kernels and roast pork, lotus seed paste, and red bean paste.

And you can also choose some newly created flavors: chocolate, green tea, and ice cream. These "fashionable" flavors are mostly chosen by young people.

2. Fresh Hairy Crab — The Most Delicious Gift

fresh hairy crab Fresh hairy crab
  • Average price: 150–250 yuan (23–38 USD) per kg

Autumn is the best season to eat hairy crab; therefore, it's included on the gift list for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

It's a tradition to have a family meal together. Hairy crab, with its tender meat, nutritious value, and delicious taste, is regarded as a delicacy. It's quite popular to order hairy crab online and have it delivered to friends as a gift.

See more on Hairy Crab in Shanghai, where it's particularly popular.

Mid-Autumn Festival Tradition

3. Tea — Nice Drink with Mooncakes

Tea Tea
  • Average price: 100–200 yuan (15–30 USD) per kg

When Chinese people have dessert, such as a mooncake, a cup of tea is a good match. Tea is always regarded as a healthy drink in China. Since the mooncake may be too sweet, a cup of tea can ease the taste. Tea is also very useful in daily life, to serve to guests. Therefore, tea is highly recommended as a gift to give during the Mid-Autumn Festival, or other festivals.

4. Fruit Basket — Healthy

  • Average price: 50 yuan (8 USD) per kg
Fruit basket Fruit basket

Fruit baskets are also common gifts. The most popular fruits for the Mid-Autumn Festival are pears, grapes, grapefruits, and pomegranates. They are all ripe in autumn and have good meanings. For example, eating a pear during the Mid-Autumn Festival means the family won't be apart.

Chinese people believe that it's healthier to eat seasonal fruit so it's a good idea to give a fruit basket with the fruits listed above as a gift.

5. Organic Rice and Oil — New Favorite

Average prices:

RiceOrganic rice
  • Organic rice: 100 yuan (15 USD) per 5 kg
  • Oil: 100 yuan (15 USD) per 500 ml

Rice and oil are the most common ingredients in Chinese people's daily lives. Nowadays, more and more people are seeking a healthy lifestyle. People pay more attention to ingredients. Therefore, organic rice and olive oil are becoming more and more popular as gifts.

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