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Hailuogou Scenic Spot


The scenic spot is located on the east slope of Gongga Shan Mountain, in southeast Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province.

Special Distinction

Hailuogou is one of the core scenic spots in Gongga Mountain scenic area. As a national-level nature reserve, it is the only glacier and forest park in China. At the same time, it is a state AAAA-class tourist area and a national geological park.
Brief Introduction:

Hailuogou is the scenic area of lowest elevation in eastern Asia, which is also closest to a big city. It has an ecological integrity of ancient forests. Moreover, boiling, hot, warm and cold springs are one important part of this integrated tourist scenic spot.
Hailuogou Glacier and Forest Park is the main scenic spot in the Gongga Mountain Scenic Area, and is located in the glacial valley on the eastern slope of Gonggashan Mountain within Luding County. It covers a total area of 197 square kilometers and is 52 kilometers away from Luding County and 72 km from Kangding County.

Hailuogou glacier in Gongga Mountain is one of very few glaciers at low latitudes which are possible to visit throughout the whole year. In China, Hailuogou glacier is the one closest to a big city (282 kilometers away from Chengdu), and is the most easily accessible and low-lying of modern maritime glaciers. Today people appreciate and understand glaciers as one of the wonders of nature. Hailuogou glacier, also known as the First Glacier, is the longest among 71 glaciers on Gongga Mountain, with a length of 14.7 kilometers and an area of 16 square kilometers. Its maximum altitude only reaches 6,750 meters, and the lowest parts of the glacier are 2,850 meters above sea level. Seen vertically it has several layers: the glacial amphitheater and the grand ice falls, 500-1,100 meters wide and 1,080 meters tall (the tallest and most spectacular glacial waterfall so far discovered in China, with a size eight times as large as the famous Huangguoshu waterfall). In the valley exist a large number of boiling, hot or cold mineral springs, a large area of virgin forests, special high-glacial peaks and a large number of rare animals and plants. The front-end of the glacier is only 2,850 meters above sea level, stretching to the virgin forest up to 6 km, and creating a rare scene of the coexistence between the glacier and the forest. In addition, Hailuogou glacier has such active movement that different forms of crystal such as arc arches, ice caves, ice ladders, ice doors, glacial lakes and ice peaks come into being.

Hailuogou scenic spot has special climate characteristics, described by the saying “a ditch has four seasons, and ten miles of different weather”. It is cool in summer and warm in winter, and has an annual precipitation of 2,000 mm. Hailuogou is ideal for travel, vacations, resorts, mountain climbing, expeditions and adventure holidays all year around.

A three-day tour in Hailuogou

First day: Chengdu — Moxi. Travelers will view the special scenery of Qingyi Jiang River, Erlangshan Mountain, Dadu He River and Moxi valley.
The next day: A full day for Hailuogou touring. Travelers will enjoy the sunshine on Jinshan Mountain and the grand ice waterfall, stroll through the jungle and adventure among glaciers. After these excursions, the bath spa will offer a refreshing rest.
The third day: Moxi Town — Chengdu. Travelers will take in the charm of Moxi ancient town along the return trip.