Nanling National Forest Park

Nanling National Forest Park

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021



People like to hike on the rugged steep trails around the waterfalls, but if you go up the steep peaks on unimproved narrow trails, be careful. The slopes are steep. This nature preserve harbors trees and plants that are going extinct elsewhere in China. There are also two high peaks: Shikeng Kong Mountain that has an altitude of 1,902 meters (1.18 miles) that is the tallest peak in Guangdong Province and Shifei Mountain with an altitude of 1,888 meters (1.17 miles) that is the second tallest peak in Guangdong. The peaks are tall enough to freeze in the winter, and so there are various climate zones. Despite the natural attractions, the park is not a well-known to foreign tourists, so foreigners may find getting there to be difficult.

Scenic Spots

Little Huangshan

Little Huangshan Mountain is known for various kinds of pine trees. The forest changes color with the seasons.


Nanling Forest Park is also known for the waterfalls and rapids that cascade down the steep slopes. People like to walk to them.

Qinshui Valley

Qinshui Valley is a narrow valley with steep slopes. There are old forests and endangered plants.

Shikeng Kong Mountain

Shikeng Kong Mountain is the tallest peak in Guangdong Province. It is more than a mile high (1,902 meters). In comparison, the tallest mountain in Hong Kong is Tai Mo Shan that measures about 958 meters. So it is more than twice as tall. If you can reach the top, you can see a good view. However, walking up the unimproved trails is easier than walking down. The way down can be slippery, and the trails are slippery when it rains. So if you try to go to the top, prepare yourself. It might be best to bring companions along for safety. It may be difficult for foreigners to get medical attention readily if there is an emergency.

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Though it is only 285 kilometers or 177 miles away from Guangzhou by automobile, since it is such an out of the way place on the Guangdong border, relatively few foreigners go there. For this reason, transportation to the area isn't convenient for foreigners who can't communicate with the local people. The people in the ticket offices might not understand English. So it you are going there, it is best to have the address written down. You might find that the trains are crammed and uncomfortable.

Most people go to Nanling Forest Park by taking a bus or train to Shaoguan that is about 73 kilometers away. From there, some hire a taxi or car, and others take a morning or noon-time bus at Xihe Bus Station.

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