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Guangdong Travel Guide

Guangdong Travel Guide
Guangdong's location in ChinaSee more on Guangdong Maps.

Guangdong Province is a coastal province in southeast China. It holds the Pearl River lower reaches and Hong Kong nestles in the center of its South China Sea coast.

Guangdong Province has been important in Chinese history as a major international trading center with much foreign influence and presence. It is China's most populous province with and estimated 100 to 110 million people in 2019.

For tourists, the huge cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen are the main tourist highlights with attractions such as supertall towers and the shopping. 

  • Chinese: 广东 Guǎngdōng /gwung-dong/ 'Vast East'

Guangdong Attractions

Guangzhou's IFC Tower The IFC Tower and luxury mall is the second tallest building in Guangzhou.

Key Attractions

The urban attractions in Guangdong Province are the most popular by far. Tourists could also enjoy the outdoor activities around Guangzhou and two huge Chimelong amusement/theme parks in Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

Guangzhou is the most popular tourist city in the province. It attracts many hundreds of thousands of merchants, traders, and business people each year too. The huge Canton Trade Fair is the biggest in China and one of the biggest fairs in the world. Most people doing business mix in some tourism and enjoy the attractions, nature, and shopping. For many tourists, shopping in Guangzhou is one of the main highlights of their visit.

The Canton Tower is the most popular single tourist site in Guangdong. People love to visit at night when the tower is brightly lit and colorful and to walk along the park walkway along the river. See more Things to Do in Guangzhou.

Theme Parks

Chimelong in Guangzhou is a huge theme/amusement park in southern Guangzhou that offers high-class facilities for everything you'd expect such as hotels and thrill rides to experiences you would not expect such as a huge crocodile farm, safari park, and golf.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai is a sister park that is almost as large. It is owned by the same company. The Guinness Book ranks it's aquarium as the biggest tank in the world (6 million US gallons).

Guangdong's Main Cities

ShenzhenShenzhen at night

Guangdong is an unique province. Not only is it one of the world's manufacturing and research powerhouses, but demographers say that the world's largest municipality with 44 million people is the metroplex of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan and several other cities and towns. The metro and bullet train lines make these cities feel like one big city.

Guangzhou is the largest city in Guangdong and China's third largest city with about 13 million people in 2018. It is the province's capital city.

Shenzhen is officially China's 4th largest city measured by population, and it officially has about 12.5 million registered inhabitants in 2018. Counting unregistered workers, migrants, and others, demographers think the total population might be 20 million! It is one of the electronics/software research centers of the world.

Dongguan, sandwiched between the two bigger cities, has an official population of about 8,000,000. It is mainly a factory city with 10,000s of small factories and small production workshops scattered around bigger factories. Again, so many migrant, seasonal, and unregistered workers are there that its population is probably millions more.

Coastal Resort City

Zhuhai is along the southern coast and adjacent to Macau. It has long been one of China's vacation resort areas.

Guangdong's Festivals

Guangdong people enjoy the same traditional festivals as the rest of China. The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and the Mid-Autumn Festival are the two biggest. If you are in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival, you might enjoy the Guangzhou Spring Festival Flower Fair

Guangdong Cuisine

Steamed fishSteamed fish with slivers of ginger is an example of a mild and delicious traditional dish.

Cantonese style cuisine is considered one of China's 8 Great Cuisines. It is the most commonly eaten style of Chinese food around the world because perhaps the majority of Chinese restaurants around the world are opened by Cantonese-speaking people or have Cantonese cooks.

It is noted for being somewhat bland but sweet compared to other Chinese styles. Freshness and seafood dishes are highlighted.

Cantonese Cuisine uses a great variety of ingredients including everything from snakes to cats. People jokingly say that in Guangdong, everything that walks, flies, crawls or swims is edible.

Guangdong's Geography

Guangdong's location in ChinaSee more on Guangdong Maps.

Guangdong borders Fujian Province to the east, Guangxi Province to the west, Jiangxi and Hunan provinces to the north, and Hong Kong and Macau to the south. Hainan Province is offshore across the Qiongzhou Strait.

The Pearl River Delta Economic Zone that includes Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan and several other cities and towns is a very important industrial, research, financial, and export region of China and the world as well. It is the main tourist and visitor gateway to the rest of China.

Guangdong Transport

G bullet trainG-class bullet trains such as these go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Bullet train lines in Guangdong to the rest of China and Hong Kong are being built quickly. Guangzhou is connected to dozens of cities by high-speed trains. A bullet train line linking it with Hong Kong was opened in 2018.

72/144-Hour Visa Free Travel Throughout Guangdong

You could take advantage of Guangdong's 72-hour visa-free travel policy. At present (Jan, 2019), only Guangzhou Baiyun Airport issues the 72-hours visas to eligible nationalities. If you land in Baiyun, you can travel throughout the entire province. There is a plan to issue 144-hour visas at Baiyun, Shenzhen Bao'an Airport, and Jieyang Chaoshan Airport in the near future.

More about Guangdong Transportation.

Discover the new Guangdong your way with us!

Pearl RiverThe Canton Tower on the Pearl River in Guangzhou.

Due to Guangdong's sheer size, if you have time constraints such as you are using the 72-hour or 144-hour visa free entry, we could help tailor your tour to do what you wish enjoyably and efficiently.

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