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Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, White Cloud Mountain

Baiyun Mountain covers a large area of northeast Guangzhou. It has been considered to be the top natural scenic part of the city since ancient times due to its magnificence and loftiness. The name Baiyun Mountain means White Cloud Mountain because the summit is wreathed in clouds whenever the sky clears after rain.

With a forest coverage of over 28 square kilometers, Baiyun Mountain is also praised as being the lung of Guangzhou. Riding a cable car to the top, you can enjoy the view of the alluvial plain of the Pearl River Delta and far away urban part of Guangzhou.

  • Chinese: 白云山, "White Cloud Mountain"
  • Height: 382 meters (Moxing Summit)
  • Popular activities: Admire wild birds and rare plants, view Guangzhou from a higher place, visit cultural relics, see artistic works, and relax in gardens.
  • Suited for: nature lovers, hikers
  • Time needed: 2 hours (using the cableway and battery electric vehicle) / 5 hours (hiking all the way)

Best Time to Visit Baiyun Mountain

September to November is the most suitable time to ascend the mountain because of the fine weather and moderate temperature.

Highlights of Baiyun Mountain

The mountain range is full of grandeur with its majestic peaks, crisscrossed valleys, and cultural sites. There are seven scenic areas on the mountain.

Baiyun Mountain

1. Luhu Lake (麓湖)

Luhu Lake is the southernmost scenic area on Baiyun Mountain. It is a comprehensive public park with lakeside scenery, a botanical garden, a memorial garden for a Chinese musician, and a golf club.

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2. Yuntai Garden (云台花园)

Yuntai GardenYuntai Garden

Yuntai Garden is located to the north of Luhu Lake and it is the largest garden in China with a collection of rare flowers and woods. There is also an orchid-shaped greenhouse exhibiting tropical plants and a rose garden where roses bloom in all seasons.

From there, you can take the cableway to Peak Square in Mingchun Valley.

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3. Mingchun Valley (鸣春谷)

Mingchun Valley is a wonderful place for bird-watching. Over 5,000 birds belonging to 150 species live in this natural "birdcage".

Peak Square is located in this area and is one of the best observation platforms to enjoy the skyline of Guangzhou city.

There is also a cultural scenic spot with an ancient temple, a memorial archway, and a New Zealand-style village.

4. Moxing Summit (摩星岭)

Night View on Moxing SummitNight view on Moxing Summit

Moxing Summit is Baiyun Mountain's highest peak. Climb up the peak to see different views in different types of weather: on rainy days, watch the mist and clouds surrounding the peak; on sunny days, look at the city and villages far to the south.

Guangzhou Stele Forest is a cultural site near Moxing Summit. There are about 300 stone steles of poetry and calligraphy masterpieces.

5. Mingzhu House (明珠楼)

Mingzhu House is located in the northernmost part of Baiyun Mountain's scenic area. It is a good place to have a rest and appreciate the flowers.

6. Yunxi Ecological Park (云溪生态公园)

Yunxi Ecological Park is located to the west side of Baiyun Mountain. There are gardens of fruit trees, colorful flowers, and lotus ponds.

7. Sculpture Park (雕塑公园)

Located on the southwest corner of Baiyun Mountain, the Sculpture Park houses sculptures relating to Guangzhou's history and culture.


Baiyun Cableway

Baiyun CablewayBaiyun Cableway
  • Route: east side of Yuntai Garden – Peak Square in Mingchun Valley
  • Ticket price: 25 yuan to go up, 20 yuan for the downward trip
  • Operation time: 9am to 6pm (weekends and holidays: 8:30am to 8pm)

Battery Electric Vehicle


  • South Gate – Peak Square
  • Peak Square – Moxing Summit
  • Peak Square – Mingzhu House
  • Mingzhu House – West Gate

How to Get to Baiyun Mountain

Ancient buildings on Baiyun MountainAncient buildings on Baiyun Mountain

As there are no subway lines connecting directly to the site, visitors need to take a public bus to one of the entrances to Baiyun Mountain. The list below shows the bus lines to Baiyun Mountain for you to refer to when arranging your transportation.

  • South Gate (main entrance): Take bus 24, 63, 240, 245, 285, or 522 to the Yuntai Garden stop.
  • Baiyun Cableway: Take bus 32, 46, 60, 127, 175, 179, 199, 223, 240, 241, 257, 285, 298, 540, 543, 841, or 891 to the Baiyun Cableway stop.
  • West Gate (near Mingzhu House): Take bus 36, 38, 66, 76A, 76, 127, 223, 245, 265, 529, 805, 864, or 891 to the Baiyun Mountain West Gate stop.
  • Jinzhong Gate (near Yunxi Ecological Park): Take bus 36, 38, 66, 76A, 76, 127, 223, 245, 265, 529, 805, 864, or 891 to the Guangzhou Gymnasium stop.

Touring Route

Route A (about 7.2 kilometers): South Gate – Luhu Lake – Yuntai Garden – Mingchun Valley – Moxing Summit – Mingzhu House – West Gate

Through this route, you can cover most of the Baiyun Mountain attractions; however, this is also the longest and most tiring route if you hike all the way.

Route B (about 2 kilometers): South Gate – Yuntai Garden – Mingchun Valley – South Gate

You can visit Baiyun Mountain at a leisurely pace. Use the cableway for sightseeing and to save energy.

Route C (about 3 kilometers): Jinzhong Gate – Yunxi Ecological Park – Moxing Summit

Travel Tips

You may find restaurants in Peak Square and near Mingzhu House. However, the flavors and prices of the dishes are not very reasonable. A better option is to have your meal outside the scenic area or to take some snacks with you.

Visit Baiyun Mountain with Us

Visit Baiyun Mountain with usVisit Baiyun Mountain with us

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