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China's Most Beautiful Lakes

Besides some world-renowned rivers and mountains, many lakes in China also draw world-wide attention. We have listed the nine most spectacular lakes in China for you.

1. West Lake

West LakeBeautiful scenery of West Lake

West Lake, also called "Paradise on Earth", is one of four famous lakes in China and is a UNESCO heritage in Hangzhou City, known the world over. The lake is like an elegant tender girl sitting in Hangzhou City, appealing to thousands of visitors every year. During both daytime and at night, in the spring or the autumn, West Lake is one of the ten unique scenic sites to appreciate. A famous Chinese poet, Sushi, spoke highly of West Lake in his poetry and compared it to a beautiful girl whatever her makeup is. Thus, West Lake is a must-see place in Hangzhou City. Are you planning to visit West Lake and go biking around the lake?

2. Erhai Lake

Erhai  LakePicturesque scenery of Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake, sleeping quietly between the mountains and Dali Dams, has a crescent shape and the appearance of a piece of exquisite jade. While floating in a boat on Erhai Lake on a moderate day, in such beautiful scenery, you will feel calm and enchanted just like the clear and transparent lake itself.

Erhai Lake has three islets, four sandbars, five lakes, and nine curves, and is famous for its beautiful scenery, the "Wind, Flower, Snow, and Moon". Every season, Erhai Lake offers unique attractions and appeals to thousands of visitors. A wonderful idea is to travel deep into its natural sights and gain an appreciation for Erhai Lake. Would you like to take a trip to Erhai Lake?

3.Qinghai Lake

Qinghai LakeCalm water of Qinghai Lake

Located in northwest China, Qinghai Lake enjoys a mild climate with abundant rainfalls. When looking into the distance from a high place, you can enjoy a photographic view of the revolving evergreen mountains, clear and glittering waters, fresh grassland, and clustering sheep.

A beautiful story talks about the creation of the lake. A thousand year ago, when Princess Wencheng got married to Songtsen Gampo, she missed her hometown so much that she took out the Riyue Mirror. She then remembered her mission and threw away the mirror, and the mirror transformed into Qinghai Lake.

Planning to visit Qinghai Lake and appreciate the heavenly scenery? See our website on tours to Qinghai Lake, also see Qinghai biking tours.

4.Lake Namtso

Lake NamtsoClear sky and blue water of Lake Namtso

Located in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Lake Namtso merges the Tibetan culture with natural sights. Standing by Lake Namtso, you will be shocked by this most beautiful and sacred lake, and will feel like you are floating in a fantastic blue world that is baptizing your soul. Buddhists say that the five islands standing on the lake are embodiments of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Worshipers come here to pray in deepest piety.

The quiet and placid lake and the clear sky melt together into natural scenery; the giant snow mountains flicker like richly decorated palaces; the endless grasslands appear as a tremendous green blanket extending forever. Under the sun, Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains can be imagined as a powerful soldier guarding Lake Namtso. The rocks on Zhaxi Peninsular are quite interesting. They have assorted shapes and appear as natural as if they were alive.

Traveling to Lake Namtso from June to September is advised, which is during the rainy season every year, as the lake may be closed during the winter because of heavy snow. Want to experience Tibetan culture amidst beautiful natural scenery?

5.Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake Lugu Lake with blue ripples

Lugu Lake has the name "the Pearl of the Plateau" because it is an ancient, quiet, and unpolluted virgin lake situated between the mountains. Islets on the lake have different shapes and appear quite lively. Here, you feel as if you are melting in this amazing natural scenery surrounded by evergreen trees, embellishing flowers, and folk songs that ring out when floating on the lake.

Lugu Lake has a graceful shape. Its bank is twisted and extends gracefully and endlessly. Enormous beaches are the best dwelling places for visitors to rest or have fun. Southeast of the lake sits a valley in the county with clean streams and creeks.

Deep humanity in natural sceneries can be seen on Lugu Lake, especially the unique Mosuo Culture. Mosuo girls, elegant canoes, and unceasing fisherman's songs are the three main attractions of Lugu Lake. In every village of Lugu Lake, you can see beautiful Mosuo girls wearing beautiful, traditional clothing.

The intoxicating scenery of lakes and mountains, the ancient and mysterious ethnic sensations, original religious culture, and traditional villages full of song and dance, create a paradise at Lugu Lake for visitors all around the world.

6.Lake Karakuli

Lake KarakuliLake Karakuli is surrounded by mountains

Surrounded by many mountains, Lake Karakuli is abundant with water and grass. On sunny days, the lake seems like a picture with the sky and the mountains, enchanting tourists in such a harmonious world. Many travel reception stations were built by the lake, and boats, camels, and horses await visitors. Through the ages, Lake Karakuli has been like a girl sleeping in the arms of heroes, quietly and brightly.

Lake Karakuli is a special plateau lake because it is surrounded by many snow mountains. Many tourists, especially avid mountaineers, go to Lake Karakuli every summer and autumn. Legend has it that during the evenings, many beautiful Kirghiz girls and boys sang and danced with travelers around the campfires, surrounded by the aroma of roasting muttons.

7.Heaven Lake

Quanzhou Tianhu Heaven Lake with green waves flickering

Heavenly Pool is a world-famous plateau lake, also called "Yaochi". It is not only a summer resort for travelers all over the world, but also an ideal place for mountain skating. Moreover, winter sports meetings were held at Heavenly Pool scenic spot.

Heavenly Pool is at the center of the Heavenly Pool scenic spot. This scenic spot has eight famous attractions, such as Heavenly Pool Stone Gate, and includes forests, grasslands, snow mountains, and human sceneries, creating a special natural image. Looking over the area from a high point shows you a view of green waves flickering and different shapes of mountains in front of you. Pines and cypresses along the bank, queer rockeries, sheep in groups, and thousands of years of snow make Heavenly Pool a fantastic paradise between the sky and the mountains. Moreover, many famous ancient poets wrote highly of Heavenly Pool in their poems.

8.Thousand Islets Lake

Thousand Islets Lake is a manmade lake and a state-class scenic spot with a vast area and clean waters. Thousands of islets are distributed in assorted shapes and kept in perfect order. The trees on the islets are abundant in species and grow luxuriantly, making the Thousand Islets Lake National Park a paradise for sightseeing and an ideal place for a natural oxygen bar. Many types of animals also live on the islets. Moreover, geomorphologic landscapes on Thousand Islets Lake are also multitudinous. The rocks in different shapes with many streams running between them create another pure world at Thousand Islets Lake.

In addition to the natural sights of Thousand Islets Lake, the human scenery is well demonstrated to the world. Many ancient poets wrote a large number of poems praising Thousand Islets Lake. Many festivals are also held around the lake. September and October are the best months to travel to Thousand Islets Lake because the weather is cooler. This period is also the harvest season of the fishes, which is known all over the world.

9. Lake Yomdrok

Yandrokyumtso LakeDeep Blue Water of Lake Yomdrok

Lake Yomdrok, which means the jade lake above the pasture, is praised as the most beautiful lake in the world and a beautiful accessory of the goddesses. The lake winds its body to about 130 km in groups of mountains, and it can only be viewed on the map or from a high place, and it seems like an eardrop insetting the mountains. The lake displays assorted colors of blue, which look fantastic under the sun at different times of the day.

Being at Lake Yomdrok will make you feel like you are staying in heaven on earth as the scenery around appears like a famous artist's painting. The Lake Yomdrok scenic spot is concentrated with plateau lakes, snow mountains, islets, pastures, hot springs, wild animals, and temples.

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