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The Best Camping Sites around Guangzhou

Written by Candice SongUpdated Jan. 12, 2021

In the middle of summer, in the heat of the city, there can be few things that offer greater relief from the hustle and bustle than to go out into the countryside. Why not make a night of it? Hiking, fishing and swimming can be done further afield over a longer period of time if you take a tent. Guangzhou offers much to the camper. Here we present you with some of the best locations for that perfect camping trip.

Baiyun Mountain (白云山) - 'the most beautiful area of Sheep City'

Known as 'the most beautiful area of Sheep City', Baiyun Mountain is one of the most famous natural landmarks in southern Guangdong. North of Guangzhou, one of the Jiulian Mountain chain, and a branch of southern China's 'five ridges', the scenery is exquisite.

The area over which the mountain presides is some 28 square kilometers and, within this, there are over 30 peaks and ridges. The highest is Moxing Ridge at 382 meters above sea level. Best seen in sunshine after the rain when mist wraps the peaks, (hence the name which means 'White Cloud'), the greenery of the mountainside and the purity of its rivers make this a wonderful place to visit in any weather. China Highlights can help you find the organizations that provide camping services in the area.


Guangyuanzhong Road, Baiyun Mountain Road. 广园中路白云山南路

Getting there

Buses 24, 199, 223, 36, 285, or 540 to Yuntai Garden, then take the cable car up the mountain (1,672 meters in length).

Qiniangshan (七娘山) - The Fairies' Abode

On the Dapeng Peninsula in the Longgang District of Shenzhen, Qiniang Shan Country Park hosts the second highest peak in Shenzhen at 867 meters. Six other peaks lie with it along the northeastern side of the park. Too steep for easy climbing, their inaccessibility adds to their pristine majesty.

Between them, deep valleys have the air of mystery, idyllic places with meandering streams and waterfalls for exploration and swimming. Virgin forest of broad-leaved evergreens provides high, lush cover, cooling the air which is always fresh here. As if that were not enough, the park is bordered on three sides by the sea.

Covering 40.3 km. sq., there's more than a day-trip here so camping out can really broaden your opportunities for hiking. Given its increasing popularity, there should be plenty of opportunities to make new friends along the way.


Qiniang Shan Country Park, Nan'ao Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. 深圳市龙岗区南澳镇七娘山景点

Getting there

Take the 360 Silver Lake to Nan'ao night bus (6:30am to 6:30pm or 7.30pm in summer), and, at Nan'ao, take a motorcycle past the Xinnianye village chicken farm to the orchard at the base of the hill.

Lotus Mountain (莲花山) - The Mountain of Beautiful Scenery

Located on the banks of the Lion River, at the mouth of the Pearl River, Panyu District is famed throughout Guangdong for its scenic beauty. The Lotus Mountain complex consists of 48 hills of an unusual red color, rising to a maximum elevation of 108 meters.

Traditional scenery is made more convenient with modern amenities, and the transportation here is excellent making it an accessible destination, not only from Guangzhou, but also, by sea, from as far afield as Hong Kong. Amongst the modern conveniences and enhancements the area has on offer is a large water park within the Lotus Tower area, a good place for camping and barbecues on the shore.

If you can get the timing right, from June to August the area plays host to the Grand Lotus Festival during which thousands of varieties of lotus are on display.


Lianhuashan Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou city. 广州市番禺区莲花山镇

Getting there

Subway, line 3 or line 4, to Shiqiao Station (石碁站), then take the bus to Lianhuashan (莲花山).

Nankun Mountain (南昆山) - The Summer Resort

Located in Longmen County, Guangdong, Nankun Mountain covers an area of some 1,077 hectares. Of particular note is the mythical Tiantang ('Paradise') Peak, rising to 1,280 meters. Beautiful in the varying weather of all four seasons, this is an ideal hiking and camping area with the mountains stretching out into the distance in an ever-varying scenery of greenery with its lush trees and bamboo, its rivers and unusual rock formations.

However, please be wary. With large temperature changes between day and night and unpredictable weather, warm clothing and waterproof camping gear are a must.


Nankun Mountain, Longmen County, Huizhou, Guangdong. 广东省惠州市龙门县南昆山

Getting there

Nankun Shan Town (南昆山镇) is about 100 kilometers northeast of central Guangzhou. Take a bus there from one of Guangzhou's northerly or easterly long-distance bus terminals, and then local transport to a campsite or the start of your trek.

Fairy Maiden Lake (仙女湖) - Where the Earth Breathes

South of Shigang, Seven Stars Cave, Zhaoqing, Fairy Maiden Lake is about 6 kilometers out of town. The scenery is idyllic with wetlands and greenery, mountains and valleys reflected in the lakes and rivers running through the area.

Barbecue sites and camping areas make this a convenient place to get away from everything, and a history of Buddhism here provides the area with ancient structures adding to the charm. With its archaeology, Buddhist traditions, boating, fishing, swimming and other outdoor pursuits, summer or winter this is well worth the stop-over.


Fairy Maiden Lake, Zhaoqing, Duanzhou District, Guangdong. 广东省肇庆市端州区仙女湖

Getting there

Buses 1, 10 or 18 from Zhaoqing to Xiannvhu (仙女湖站).

Further Reading

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