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Guilin Mountains (Top 10 Karst Hills in Guilin)

Guilin SceneryGuilin scenery

Guilin people say with pride that "Guilin scenery is the best in the world". Guilin is famous for its karst landscape - if you arrive in Guilin by train or car, the first impression you will have is seeing the karst hills in varied shapes and sizes. Unlike grand mountain ranges, Guilin's karst hills are pretty with unusual shapes.

Here, we have recommended the top 10 karst hills in Guilin. Just read below for information about visiting them.

Recommendation Ranking

  • ★★★★★: Most recommended. A must-see attraction for your first Guilin trip.
  • ★★★★: Worth a visit. If you don't have much time, you can save this for your next trip.
  • ★★★: You can view this from a distance when you pass by it.

1. Elephant Trunk Hill (象鼻山 Xiangbi Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★★
  • Location: the junction of the Li River and the Peach Blossom River; about 10 minutes' drive from downtown Guilin
Elephant Trunk HillElephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is the symbol of Guilin. It looks like a huge elephant stretching its trunk and drinking water from the Li River. The arch of the "elephant's trunk" was carved by water erosion. The arch is called Water Moon Cave because when seen with its inverted reflection in the water, it forms the shape of the moon.

It is best to visit Elephant Trunk Hill in the early morning. At about 6am to 8am, you can climb up the hill together with exercising locals. Generally, it will only take about 10–15 minutes to reach the top. Alternatively, you can just stand in the distance to take some photos.

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2. Nine Horse Fresco Hill (九马画山 Jiumahua Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★★
  • Location: about 50 kilometers downstream from Guilin
Nine Horse Fresco HillNine Horse Fresco Hill

Nine Horses Fresco Hill stands on the most scenic stretch of the Li River and you can visit the hill during your Li River cruise. The side of the hill facing the river looks like a huge screen and the pattern on the rock looks like a picture of nine horses.

However, most people cannot find all nine horses. The legend says that the more horses a person finds, the smarter he/she is. So, would you like to take up the challenge?

Learn more about a Li River cruise.

3. 'Lord Hill' (相公山 Xianggong Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★
  • Location: Xingping Town, Yangshuo County, on the west bank of the Li River; about 57 kilometers from downtown Guilin and 28 kilometers from Yangshuo
Xianggong HillXianggong Hill

When you take a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, the hill will appear on your right.

After visiting some fantastic karst hills in Guilin, Xianggong Hill doesn't seem as eye-catching. However, the hill is one of the best places to enjoy a bird's-eye view of the Li River. If you like photography, the hill is an excellent place for you to create some masterpieces. A sunrise, rosy clouds, the river, and karst hill scenery can be your best models.

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4. Folded Brocade Hill (叠彩山 Diecai Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★
  • Location: northeast of downtown Guilin; about 9 minutes' drive from the downtown area
Folded Brocade HillFolded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill got its name from the rock on the hill, which is colorful like a folded silk brocade.

Capturing wonderful hill and river scenery, the hill is a popular attraction for travelers, especially photographers. There are several pavilions on the hill, which are also great places for taking photos. The Folded Brocade Pavilion is the best place to shoot the scenery of folded brocade rocks. In River-Watching Pavilion, you can take pictures of the two rivers and four lakes.

5. Moon Hill (月亮山 Yueliang Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★
  • Location: Gaotian Village, Yangshuo; about half an hour's drive from Yangshuo
Moon HillMoon Hill

Resembling Chuanshan Hill, there is a large and round pierced cave in the hill that looks just like a moon. If you visit Moon Hill in a car, you will see the "moon" change in turn from a crescent to a half-moon, to a full moon, and finally a crescent again. It is a unique sight.

You can climb 800 steps to the moon cave, which is 50 meters in height and is very broad. The hill is also an attractive natural rock climbing site with 14 different routes.

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6. Fubo Hill (伏波山 Fubo Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★★
  • Location: northeast of downtown Guilin; about 10 minutes' drive from the downtown area
Fubo HillFubo Hill

Fubo Hill is an isolated peak standing on the bank of the Li River. It is named after General Fubo who marched there about 2,000 years ago. The Sword-Testing Rock on the hill is a rare stone suspended from the ground. The legend states that General Fubo cut the rock in two to test his sword. Actually, it was formed by water erosion.

The hill also has caves and historical pavilions with ancient inscription tablets and Buddhist statues.

7. 'Pierced Hill' (穿山 Chuan Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★
  • Location: south of Guilin City; about 16 minutes' drive from the downtown area
'Pierced Hill''Pierced Hill'

Chuan Shan means 'pierced hill' and got its name because the hill has a pierced cave in its main peak. In legend, the cave was shot through by General Fubo. In fact, the wonder was formed by the bow of nature and the arrow of water.

There are over 30 caves in the hill and the most characteristic one is Chuanshan Cave. Countless stalactites fill the cave and glittering crystals cover the stalactites, just like white flowers growing on stones.

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8. Camel Hill (骆驼山 Luotuo Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★
  • Location: in Seven Star Park; about 15 minutes' drive from the downtown area
Camel HillCamel Hill

You know why it is called Camel Hill when you see it for the first time as the hill looks just like a camel. You can clearly define its head, neck, and hump.

9. Solitary Beauty Peak (独秀峰 Duxiu Feng)

  • Recommendation: ★★★
  • Location: downtown Guilin

The hill is an isolated peak in downtown Guilin and is known as "the column in the southern sky". At dawn or dusk, Solitary Beauty Peak looks like it is dressed in a purple robe that's decorated with golden thread.

Visitors can climb 306 steps to reach the peak, which is the best place to admire the whole of downtown Guilin. The hill also preserves some of the oldest historical relics. If you are interested in Guilin's history and culture, visit the hill to see some stone inscriptions and let your guide tell you some stories.

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10. Old Man Hill (老人山 Laoren Shan)

  • Recommendation: ★★★
  • Location: on the bank of Gui Lake, northwest of downtown Guilin; about 10 minutes' drive from the downtown area

Old Man Hill is one of the highest hills in Guilin. Looking at it from a southeast direction, the "old man" has a kind expression and is wearing a hood and a mantle.

Best Time to Visit Guilin's Karst Hills


Guilin's karst hills are suitable to visit all year round but may provide different sceneries and activities in different seasons.

Guilin's scenery combines karst hills and rivers. In spring and summer, more rainfall brings more water to the rivers, making the best scenery. The period is also the best time to admire the karst hills along the Li River.

Autumn has less rainfall. Although the water flow is less, it is a good opportunity to climb the hills.

Winter is relatively cold but the scenery is still beautiful. The winds are stronger so be prepared for this if you are going to climb some hills.

Check Guilin's weather.

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