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Hengdian World Studios


Having gathered the movie and television shooting base with regional characteristics of the south and the north and two super-large modern studios, Hengdian World Studios has now become the largest shooting base across the country, and even in Asia. It has been awarded the title of “China’s Hollywood” by an American magazine’s Hollywood report. Hengdian World Studios has created and broken a number of records in China. It is the largest Chinese studio to be recorded in the world’s record association and has created several world records. Since 1996, more than 500 movies and TV shows have been filmed in Hengdian World Studios.

With an area of 10 square kilometers, Hengdian has more than ten star-rated hotels with over 8,000 beds. No matter whether they are high-grade hotels or ordinary hotels, with an amusement park, nightclub, sauna center, performing arts center, health club, or bowling center, they all have a full set of facilities.

Tourists can experience the movies and television and enjoy the fun, and in Hengdian the nightlife is colorful. Markets and streets are very prosperous. Bookstores, Internet bars and teahouses can be found everywhere. Snacks and food with different flavors, such as southern and northern ones, can be found in the restaurants and in the street. People can choose any kind they like.

Hengdian World Studios has become China’s large-scale film and tourism leisure resort with a unique charm.


Combining North China’s cultural element with that of South China, Hengdian World Studios  attract directors from far and near to look for views for their films, and it consists of seven scenic zones:

Qin Imperial Palace Scenic Zone


Pure Moon Festival Riverside Scenic Zone

Yangtze River Delta Watery Town Scenic Zone

Dazhi Buddhist Temple Scenic Zone

Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street Scenic Zone

Ming and Qing Imperial Court Scenic Zone

Rocky Grotto Scenic Zone

Qin Imperial Palace Scenic Zone

Qin Imperial Palace Scenic Zone is designed based on the original Xiyang Palace of the Qin Dynasty (presently known as Xian Palace), where the famous films such as ‘Jing Ke’s Assassination Attempt of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’ and ‘Hero and Master of Kung Fu’ were shot.

Pure Moon Festival Riverside Scenic Zone

Pure Moon Festival Riverside Scenic Zone is modeled on the painting by Zhang Zeduan, and it fully takes into consideration the social background, folk customs and architectural style of the Song Dynasty. It’s the birthplace of such popular films as ‘Lotus Lamp’ and ‘Legend of the Divine Sword and Wizardly Knight-Errant’.

Dazhi Temple Scenic Area

With a history of 1,500 years, Dazhi Temple Scenic Area features the tallest indoor statue of Shakyamuni, which is in a magnificent condition after renovations. Films such as ‘Two Peerless Heroes’ and ‘Living Buddha Qigong’ were produced in the scenic area.

Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street Scenic Zone

Vividly displaying the urban streetscape of Guangzhou and Hong Kong in the 19th century, the Guangzhou and Hong Kong Street Scenic Zone was the spot used for filming ‘Opium War’ and ‘Yongzheng Monarch’.

Ming and Qing Imperial Court Scenic Zone


As the biggest film shooting base in Hedian TV and Film City, the Ming and Qing Imperial Court Scenic Zone was built in 1998. It’s a comprehensive scenic area with film shooting, tourism and festival celebrations combined into one. ‘Curse of the Golden Flower’ and ‘Deer and Cauldron’ were shot there.

Rocky Grotto Scenic Area

Rocky Grotto Scenic Area enjoys the fame of being the "Premier Fairyland in South China", and it’s a blessed paradise for Taoists.

The rising TV and film industry has increased the development of the tourism industry in Hengdian, resulting in a number of hotels, amusement parks, night clubs, performance centers and fitness centers having been built to meet the demands of the visitors with various interests.

Travel Essentials

Location: 58, Wansheng Street, Hengdian, Zhejiang Province

Transportation: first take a coach from Wenzhou Bus Station to Dongyang Bus Station, and then a direct bus can take you there from Dongyang Bus Station

Opening times: 8:30am-5:00pm.


Hengdian World Studios is located in the Hengdian area of Dongyang city, 160 kilometers away from Hangzhou. It takes less than four hours’ travelling time to get there from Jiangsu, ZhejiangShanghai, Fujian and Jiangxi. Transportation to it is available by air, trains and express roads.


Fly to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, transfer to an airport shuttle bus to go to Hengdian World Studios near Hengdian Resort Hotel (横店度假酒店). The bus ticket price is around 65 RMB (10 USD).



Take a train and get off at Yiwu Railway Station. Take No. 805 bus in this railway station to go to Jiangdong Bus Station, then catch the local bus (Jiangdong 江东 to Hengdian 横店) in Jiangdong Bus Station and the bus will arrive in Hengdian after approximately 50 minutes.


Coach buses are available from Hangzhou South Bus Station to Hengdian World Studios Resort, and from the north square of Shanghai Railway Station to Kangzhuang Road Station, Hengdian World Studios. Buses depart in Hangzhou from 6.50am to 4.50pm at one hour intervals, and in Shanghai from 9.00am to 4.10pm at intervals of 3.5 hours.

Tourist Spot Transportation

Tourism buses run between each tourist spot of Hengdian at intervals of 15 minutes, the ticket price is 1 RMB (16 cents) per person. It is also possible to reach each tourist spot by taking a rickshaw and the ticket price is 2–10 RMB (0.30–1.60 dollars).

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