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Enduring Memories of Hangzhou (Impression West Lake)

Enduring Memories of Hangzhou is a captivating artistic creation optimized from Impression West Lake.

It is an evening spectacle of music, light, and dance, entirely staged on the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou City, with natural mountains and real water as its backdrop.

This outdoor show was performed for G20 in October 2016 and opened to the public in May 2017. 

  • Director: Zhang Yimou, China’s most famous theatrical director, in charge of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing)
  • Type: open-air night show with natural scenery
  • Location: The stage is on the north bank of West Lake, opposite Yuefei Temple and the Shangri-La Hotel.
  • Length: 1 hour

Live Performance on West Lake

Impression West LakeImpression West Lake

This is a unique outdoor concert performed on West Lake. The stage platform lies three centimeters below the surface of the water. You will see actors seemingly dance on the lake, like fairies.

The grand open-air show lets you capture the imaginary wonders of West Lake's natural and cultural beauty.

10 Acts: a Magical Display of Chinese Culture

This performance is a perfect blend of Chinese culture, with a couple of well-suited Western aditions. In its 10 acts, you will not only listen to traditional Chinese music, but also watch the world-famous water ballet, Swan Lake. 

Act 1: The River, Flowers, and Moon on a Spring Night

Originating from a well-known poem of the Tang Dynasty, this song is one of the most popular traditional Chinese songs. The work plays like an elegant scenic scroll painting, depicting a scene with a moon, flowers, and a river on a lonely spring night.

Act 2: Dance of the Tea Harvest

Tea is an important part of Hangzhou and China. In this act, more than 300 actors will perform a scene of tea-picking girls happily working in a tea plantation.

Act 3: The Butterfly Lovers

It is one of China’s four great folk tales, telling a tragic love story of a pair of lovers. It is a tale of the Chinese Romeo and Juliet.

Act 4: High Mountains and Flowing Waters

It is an extraordinary symphony produced by an ensemble of traditional Chinese and Western musical instruments.

Act 5: Swan Lake

Enduring Memories of Hangzhou (Impression West Lake)

It may well be your first time to see the world’s most famous ballet danced on the surface of a real lake.

Act 6: Me and My Motherland

A cheerful waltz melody expresses Chinese people’s love and loyalty to their motherland.

Act 7: Colored Clouds Chasing the Moon

It is a Chinese piano masterpiece and indicates a picture of the night sky.

Act 8: Unforgettable Jasmine

It is one of the most popular Chinese folk songs all over the world. Blended with the tone of Italian folk music, this renowned song will impress you.

Act 9: Ode to Joy

Against the background of colorful fireworks and fountains, the world famous Ode to Joy brings the performance to a climax.

Finale: Enduring Memories of Hangzhou

This is the theme song of this performance. It portrays the highlights of Hangzhou, such as West Lake and the Qiantang River.

Travel Essentials

  • Chinese: 最忆是杭州 Zuìyì Shì Hángzhōu /dzway ee shrr hung-jo/ ‘Most Memorable Is Hangzhou’
    (Replaces Impression West Lake 印象西湖 Yìnxiàng Xī Hú /yin-sshyang sshee hoo/).
  • Show times: first run 7:45pm; second run 9:15pm  [The show will be suspended from Dec.17 to mid-Mar in 2019  due to the cold weather.]
  • Ticket prices (per person):
    Normal seat: 360 yuan (56 USD);
    VIP seat: 400 yuan (62 USD);
    Honored guest seat: 680 yuan (105 USD)

See Enduring Memories of Hangzhou with China Highlights

West LakeWest Lake

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