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The Grand World of Ice and Snow

Harbin Ice and Snow World, also called Harbin Grand World of Ice and Snow, is a big theme park famous for the amazing and record-breaking-sized ice and snow sculptures. It is the best place to enjoy Harbin Ice and Snow International Festival.

Together with the International Snow Sculpture Art Fair in the Sun Island, Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Art Exhibition, and Shangzhi Park Xiangfang colorful lantern world in Yabuli, Harbin Ice and Snow World is a key ice festival venue. It has become the top highlight of most Harbin winter tours, showing to world the unique charm of Harbin ice and snow culture.

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World's Location

It is located on the north bank of the Songhua River, across the river from downtown Harbin, on the west of Sun Island (Taiyang Dao).

It's set up annually just west of Songbei Avenue (G202 Songbei Dadao 松北大道) and north of the central highway bridge (Harbin Songhuajiang Gonglu Daqiao 哈尔滨松花江公路大桥).

It is about 15 minutes' driving from the famous Central Street. You can easily see Harbin Ice and Snow World, Sun Island, and Central Street in one day.

How to Get to Harbin Ice and Snow World

There are special tourist buses departing the Gonglu Daqiao ('Highway Bridge') stop between 17:00 and 22:30, or you can take other public buses to Harbin Ice and Snow World.

You may be able to catch a taxi. Ask for the meter or pre-arrange the fare. Bear in mind the following distances and times.

  • About 5 km from Central Street, 15 minutes' driving
  • About 5 km from Sun Island Park, 10 minutes' driving
  • About 38 km from Harbin Taiping International Airport, 40 minutes' driving
  • About 13 km from Harbin West Railway Station, 25 minutes' driving

Tips: Avoid crowding on public transport, waiting outside in the frozen weather (maybe -25°C / -13°F), and other hassles. Contact us and we can arrange private transport for you.

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Harbin Ice and Snow World Tickets

The price is about 328 yuan per person. (This price is for reference only and will vary from year to year.)

Harbin Ice and Snow World Dates and Times

Dates: from around December 25 to late February; Opening Ceremony on January 5

Open times: 11 am to 9 pm. The ice sculptures look more surreal under the night illuminations from about 4 pm.

The Ice and Snow Music Carnival will be on New Year's Eve (December 31) in Harbin Ice and Snow World, making it an amazing place to celebrate the New Year. Contact us for a cross-year celebration trip.

Recommended trip plans:

Harbin Ice and Snow World

4 Top Things to Do at Harbin Ice and Snow World

Covering an area of about 800,000 square meters and consuming more than 300,000 cubic meters of snow and ice taken from the Songhua River, Harbin Ice and Snow World is the most important venue of Harbin's winter festival.

Harbin Ice and Snow World usually has a different theme every year. In 2021, the theme will be 'ice and snow melt together; joy and happiness walk together' (冰雪共融、欢乐同行), the same as in 2020.

There's plenty to do! You can see the breathtaking ice and snow sculptures, watch professional performances, try different snow sports, and taste local food in this frozen Disneyland…

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1. Stroll among the breathtaking ice and snow structures

Founded in 1999, Harbin Ice and Snow World has become the world's largest ice and snow theme park, drawing teams of elite ice sculptors from all over the world who make the world's finest and biggest ice artworks. There are more than 2,000 ice and snow sculptures every year in the park. Visitors walk around in the lanes between the edifices as if walking through a small town (0.6 km2, ¼ sq mi., or 25 city blocks).

The ice sculptures are so big, you can even walk on them or into them. The buildings, towers, and castles are meant to look realistic. Many are ice work recreations of real buildings or classic cartoon images. The ice sculptures look more surreal under the night illuminations.

For example, in 2014, the highlight was a replica of Hallgrimskirkja church building in Reykjavik, Iceland. It stood 46 meters tall, and it was made of 12,000 cubic meters of ice. It had a 240-meter-long slide for visitors to zoom down.

In 2020, the highest tower was The Crown of Ice and Snow, which was 40 meters high, and used about 20,000 cubic meters ice. It was very colorful under the night lighting and its different colors had different meanings.

Harbin Ice and Snow World

2. Enjoy the Colorful Ice and Snow Shows

In addition to the ice and snow sculptures, Harbin Ice and Snow world is also a paradise for splendid night shows performed by professional actors, such as:

'Ice and Snow European Show' — Using international fashion as its theme, it includes cutting-edge ice and snow art, ice dancing, ice acrobatics, a Victoria's Secret show, magic, and humorous interaction.

  • Performance times: 17:10–18:00, 18:40–19:30, 20:10–21:00

'Dream Stage' — In this dynamic performance with both Chinese traditional culture and local Northeast China characteristics, you should not miss the all-people-in Rabbit Dance.

  • Performance times: 17:30–18:00, 18:30–19:00, 19:30–20:00, 20:30–21:00

'Ice and Snow T Station' — It includes an ice waltz, figure skating, and other artistic ice performances. The actors dance gracefully on the ice to accompanying music, bringing you a visual feast.

  • Performance times: 17:10–17:30, 18:10–18:30, 19:10–19:30, 20:10–20:30

'Drama for Children' — This includes a children's play and a string music performance. The children's play has a doll as the main character. The combination of the stage setting, music, dance and interaction with children in the audience will make it very interesting for children.

  • Children's play: 17:30–17:45, 18:30–18:45, 19:30–19:45, 20:30–20:45
  • Music performance;17:00–17:30, 18:00–18:30, 19:00–19:30, 20:00–20:30

'6D Cinema' — This dynamic and novel film viewing experience is repeated throughout the day and evening.

  • Shown: 11am to 9pm every 15 minutes

'Mini Show' — There are mini shows in the squares and queuing areas. The performers, wearing doll clothes, may interact with you, answer your questions, dance, or play games with you. You should not feel bored when waiting in lines.

  • Performances: 15:30–20:30

Note: The performance information may change and is for reference only. Please contact us for the latest.

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3. Try the Various Snow Sports/Activities

Like an activity center in the snow, Harbin Ice and Snow World provides a place where you can try various kinds of snow sports and activities. There are more than 30 ice and snow entertainment activities including skating, ice slides, ice biking, ice sledging, ice bumper cars, ice spiders, snow circles, and so on.

If you want some adventure, you can slide down the world's longest ice slide, which will be over 300 meters long, to experience icy speed and fun.

If you want to find your childish side, you can have fun and try different activities in the Children's Interest Area.

If you travel with your kids, 'Happy City' will not let you down.

4. Taste the Different Styles of Food

To satisfy the tastes of tourists from different regions and of different ages, Harbin Ice and Snow World specially lays on a variety of fast foods, such as dumplings, noodles, hamburgers, beefsteaks, and spicy hot pot.

You can also try the local snacks including smoked red sausage, 'modern ice cream', and candied haws. It is super cold in the ice and snow world. Cups of hot coffee will also be available to warm you up.

Harbin Dumplings

Harbin Ice and Snow World Travel Tips

  • 1. It is freezing cold in the Ice and Snow World, and the temperature could be as low as -25°C (-13°F). Wear very warm clothing: down jackets, woolen pants, snow boots, hat/hood, scarf, gloves, and even a mask to protect your nose. Body warming packs may be useful for you. They keep specific parts of the body, such as knees, midriff, or feet warm, and the heat lasts about 10–12 hours. Do not stick them on your skin directly as they can cause burns.
  • 2. It will be crowded, so you may need to wait some time in lines to try the activities and watch performances. However, the mini shows will make your wait easier.
  • 3. Prepare spare batteries for your phone and camera and keep them warm inside your coat. Batteries are easily drained in the low temperatures. There are charging places in the park (anticipating such problems).

Harbin Ice and Snow World Touring: Your Way

Harbin Ice and Snow World is a winter trip wonderland, and always a must-see on a Harbin winter trip. Travel with China Highlights and your tour can be customized to your interests and requirements. Contact us directly for a tailor-made Harbin tour.

Or you could inquire about one of our customizable tour plans:

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