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Harbin Transportation

Harbin is in China's northernmost province, bordering Russia and North Korea. Due to its position as a provincial capital and its important geographic location, the government is developing the city's transportation infrastructure to make it a major international transportation and business hub for China, Korea, Russia and Japan.

Harbin is only two hours from Beijng by flight, or eight hours by bullet train. Harbin Taiping International Airport is about 45 minutes' drive from the city center. Overall, you'll find that Harbin's air travel, rail, and highway systems allow for fairly inexpensive, modern, and rapid transportation.

Harbin Airport

Harbin Taiping International Airport is about 32 kilometers or about 20 miles from the central Daoli district where the major tourist highlights are, such as Central Street and Saint Sophia Cathedral. It is the second largest international airport in northeast China.

As the transportation hub of Northeast China, most cities have flights to Harbin, such as Beijing (2 hours), Shanghai (3 hours), Guangzhou (4 hours), Chengdu (3½ hours), Shenzhen (4 hours), and Hangzhou (3 hours).

There are shuttle buses and taxies available from the airport to central Harbin. Airport shuttle buses cost about 20 RMB to ride, and taxis are a little more than 100 RMB. A taxi ride from the airport takes about 45 minutes or an hour.

Harbin Railway Stations

As a major railway transportation hub in Northeast China, Harbin is easily accessible and well-connected by train from most major cities in China.

Harbin has four railway stations, the most important of which are Harbin West Railway Station and Harbin Railway Station.

harbin west railway stationHarbin West Railway Station
  • Harbin West Railway Station serves the most high-speed trains to Beijing (8 hours), Dalian (4½ hours), Shenyang (2½ hours), and Changchun (1 hour). It is about 25 minutes' drive from Central Street.
  • Harbin Railway Station serves the normal trains and some high-speed trains, including some to closer destinations like Jilin (2 hours), Jiamusi (2 hours), and Qiqihar (2 hours). It is about 20 minutes' drive from Central Street.

Harbin to Yabuli Ski Resort

yabuli ski resortYabuli Ski Resort

It is very convenient to get to Yabuli Ski Resort from Harbin. Yabuli is only about 3 hours' drive by car from Harbin city center.

Yabuli has three railway stations, all with trains from Harbin. The journey takes about 1½–3½ hours.

  • Yabuli Railway Station: 30 minutes' drive from Yabuli Ski Resort
  • Yabuli West Railway Station: 25 minutes' drive from Yabuli Ski Resort, it serves the most trains from Harbin
  • Yabuli South Railway Station: the closest station to Yabuli Ski Resort — 5 minutes' drive

Harbin Daowai Bus Station and Harbin Nangang Bus Station have long-distance buses to Yabuli Town, taking about 3½ hours. From there, you'd need to take a minibus or a taxi to the ski resort.

Yabuli Ski Resort to China Snow Town: Yabuli Ski Resort has direct tourist buses to China Snow Town, taking about 2 hours.

Harbin to China Snow Town

china snow townChina Snow Town

Located quite far away in Shuangfeng Forest in Hailin County, Mudanjiang City, there are three ways to travel from Harbin to China Snow Town.

Harbin Nangang Bus Station has direct tourist buses to China Snow Town. The journey takes about 5–6 hours.

There is no direct train from Harbin to China Snow Town. You will need to take a train to Yabuli or Mudanjiang first and transfer to a tourist bus from there.

Hire or share a car to China Snow Town. See our Harbin and China Snow Town tours below. We will help arrange your transportation:

Beijing to Harbin

Flying to Harbin from Beijing is recommended. Both Beijing Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport have direct flights to Harbin. It is the fastest and most convenient way — a two-hour journey.

Bullet trains leave Beijing for Harbin each day, and the trip takes about 8 hours. There are also overnight trains between Beijing and Harbin that leave in the afternoon and arrive early the next morning.

Shanghai to Harbin

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport have direct flights to Harbin, taking about 3 hours.

You could also choose the high-speed train. It will take about 12½ hours.

Guangzhou to Harbin

A direct flight from Guangzhou to Harbin takes about 4 hours. There is no bullet train running between Guangzhou and Harbin. If you choose an overnight train, it will take around 35 hours.

Harbin City Transportation


The public transport system in Harbin city is well developed, with over 100 bus routes connecting nearly all parts of the city. There are two special tourist routes running past tourist attractions.

One departs from Flood Control Monument (Stalin Park) and terminates at Sun Island Scenic Spot. The other passes several tourist spots in the city center. The cost for a public bus ticket is 1 or 2 yuan per journey.


There are several types of taxis, and the cost depends on the type you use, but the price difference is small. Usually, the flag down price is 8 or 9 yuan for the first 3 kilometers, and then no more than 2 yuan for every additional kilometer.

When you travel by taxi, make sure that the driver turns the meter on or that you negotiate and agree on a price beforehand. If you don't, when you arrive, they are likely to charge their own prices.

Also, prepare some small bills, because the drivers are reluctant to break a 100-yuan bill, or sometimes you may get fake money for change.

In winter, due to the freezing cold weather, taxis are in tight demand, so the taxi driver might pick up some other passengers along the way. There is no need to worry about it. You simply need to take care of your belongings and your own journey and fare.

From the airport or the train station, it is better to take a taxi that is waiting in the official taxi waiting line to avoid problems.

Songhua River Cable Car

To travel across Songhua River to Sun Island, you can choose the cable cars. The cableway is 1,156 meters in length starting from Tongjiang Street (south bank) to Sun Island (north bank).

The whole cable car journey takes about 6 minutes and costs about 50 yuan per person. It is a great way to cross the river and have a bird's-eye view.


To go to Sun Island Park area, Siberian Tiger Park, and Grand World of Ice and Snow, visitors can also choose to take a ferry when the river is not frozen solid. There are ferries between Sun Island and the city center area.

Every year the operation period of ferries is usually from April 20 till November 10, depending on the river conditions. Every day from 07:00 to 17:00, there are 3 ferries from docks at Jiuzhan (九站), Tongjiang Street (通江街), and Flood Control Monument (防洪纪念塔) to Sun Island. A single ferry ride takes about half an hour.

Transportation from Harbin to Vladivostok

There is one long-distance bus from Harbin (China) to Vladivostok (Russia), which leaves at 07:00 every day. It takes about 12 hours from Harbin to Vladivostok, covering a distance of more than 750 kilometers (470 miles). Tourists need to pay 500 yuan for a ticket, and passports are needed to get on the bus.


  • It may take a long time for the long-distance bus to cross the border between China and Russia, and the bus may sometimes stop for several hours.
  • There is also one long-distance bus available from Vladivostok (Russia) to Harbin (China) per day, which also leaves in the morning.

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