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 Hong Kong Weather in March

Hong Kong Weather in March

Written by JoshuaUpdated Nov. 27, 2023

During most of March, misty and drizzly weather is common, but it can alternate with drier and clearer weather. The average low and high temperatures are 11 °C (52 °F) and 28 °C (82 °F). Generally, the weather improves toward the end of March.

Read on to discover detailed weather information for what you can expect if you visit Hong Kong in March, as well as travel advice for what to wear and take and what to do in March in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong weather infographic 3

Weather Conditions

Rain and Humidity

Hong KongHong Kong

There are around 12 rainy days in March, and the humidity level rises through the month.

Fog can affect visibility and sometimes disrupts flights and ferry services. The good news is that it can alternate with drier and clearer weather.


There are 4–5 clear days in March, but the sunshine is not very strong so you can pay less attention to sun protection.

Snow and Frost

There is no snow and a very low possibility of frost in March.

Extreme Weather

March isn't the right time of year for storms or typhoons, so your journey shouldn't be affected.

Allergen Warning

As many flowers bloom in March, such as orchid trees, peach flowers, rhododendrons, and the Hong Kong rose, prepare a mask or take some medicine, if needed.

Things to Wear and Prepare

Victoria Harbour night viewVictoria Harbour night view

Spring clothes are recommended: As the temperature is more than 20°C during the daytime, a single layer of clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt, is enough for most occasions. It is good to know that the temperature may drop slightly at night or after rainfall. Depending on your physical condition, a light jacket should be prepared in advance.

Rainwear is useful: As there is more drizzle in March, an umbrella or other rainwear is helpful.

Best Things to Do in Hong Kong in March

Visit Museums

Hong Kong has plenty of good museums.

The Hong Kong Museum of History portrays the whole panorama of Hong Kong's history, including its origin, the feudal dynasty period, the two world wars, and up until the present day.

Hong Kong Science Museum is next to the Hong Kong Museum of History. The museum includes interesting interactive devices, exhibits, and videos for children to learn about science. Adults can also learn about science there, from physics to nutrition, and more.

Find out more about the top 10 museums in Hong Kong.

Explore Kowloon Park

Hong Kong Kowloon ParkHong Kong Kowloon Park

On fine spring days, Kowloon Park has aviaries, various types of gardens, and walking paths that you can enjoy. Millions of visitors go there every year, and it is near the attractions along Victoria Harbour and Nathan Road.

Go Hiking

Many tourists prefer tackling Hong Kong's steep hills during cool, sunny days in spring. In March, the temperature is still not very high, and you have a lower chance of encountering problems with heatstroke and dehydration.

The rain and mist may have some disadvantages. Prepare good shoes and watch your step. Cancel or delay your plan if it rains heavily.

Check the most popular Hong Kong hiking routes.

Eat Spring Rolls…and More Kinds of Tasty Dim Sum

Spring rolls are a popular food in China comprising vegetables and/or meat wrapped in floury skins. Traditionally, spring rolls are eaten at the beginning of spring. Hong Kong chefs create bite-sized spring rolls as part of dim sum dishes, which means they are eaten together with dumplings and tea.

Spring rollsSpring rolls

As well as spring rolls, other kinds of dim sum can be eaten in Hong Kong restaurants, such as shrimp dumplings and congee. Do have a taste!

See how to enjoy dim sum in Hong Kong.

Explore Hong Kong's Street Markets

Street markets are good places to experience the authentic local people's lifestyles. You can find various local products, such as clothes, souvenirs, and seafood, or just walk around.

Some goods sold in street markets are copies or fakes, and some are sold at unreasonably high prices. You are recommended to check carefully before buying something - try to bargain to get a good price or visit with your local guide.

Find your favorite street market in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Events and Festivals in March

The world's premiere rugby sevens event is held in late March / early April each year. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world come to see the teams compete in this fast-paced sport, as well as to enjoy the parties and social events.

Hong Kong Flower ShowHong Kong Flower Show

The Hong Kong Flower Show is held every March 15th–24th in Victoria Park. This is a wonderful chance for horticultural fans to admire beautiful flowers and colorful garden designs.

March is the Hong Kong Arts Month. During the entire month, top artists from all over the world show their works and performances. The Hong Kong International Film Festival is also celebrated during this time.

Tai Kok Tsui Temple Fair is held on a day in early March. People can experience the fair parade and lion dancing during the daytime, then feast on characteristic "basin dishes" with thousands of other people.

Note: Some activities mentioned above might be held at different times in different years. You can confirm the actual times with your travel consultant.

Visiting Hong Kong in March: Important Travel Tips and Popular Tours

March is in the shoulder season.

March is generally a moderate month for tourism. The prices for hotel rooms, flights, and train tickets are not very high.

Tour Hong Kong in March

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