Hot Springs of the Yellow Mountains

Hot Springs of the Yellow Mountains

By Chris QuanUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

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hot spring

The hot springs are listed as one of the Four Wonders of the Yellow Mountains, alongside the oddly-shaped rocks, strangely-shaped pines and the Sea of Clouds.

The springs have legendary healing and restorative properties and are ideally positioned to minister to tired mountain climbers. They have been well-developed, with villas surrounding the bathing areas.


The hot springs are located at the foot of Purple Rock Peak, on the road up from the main gate to Cloud Valley Cableway.

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The hot springs have been called the Tang Springs and the Vermilion Springs in ancient times. According to Song Shengyou's Huangshan Map and Record, Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor), the earliest ancestor of the Chinese nation, bathed there. The spring water smoothed away his wrinkles and Huangdi became younger again. The hot springs are famous for this and called the Springs of Youth.


The hot springs are 650 meters (2100 ft) above sea level. The average temperature at the mouth of the main spring is 42.5oC (109oF). The temperature of spring always changes depending on atmospheric temperature and quantity of water falling. The largest daily discharge of the spring is 220 cubic meters, and the smallest is 145 cubic meters.

The spring's water has certain therapeutic effects for the treatment of metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease and malfunctions of the digestive and nervous systems. After travelers descend the mountain, they can have a bath here to ease their tiredness from mountain climbing.

The main scenic spots in the Hot Spring area are “Inverted V” Falls (actually Renzi Falls – renzi is the pronunciation of  the character 人, meaning person, but more importantly in this case describing the shape of the waterfall), Three-Folded Spring, Ringing String Spring, Red Well, Tipsy Rock and Mercy Light Chamber.

Recommended tour: 4-day Huangshan highlights tour from Shanghai — Enjoy the Yellow Mountains' scenery and stay one night on the mountians for sunrise. Indulge yourself in the hot springs to finish off your tour with some relaxation.

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Travel Essentials

Travelers usually take a bus to the hot springs. The hot springs are located on the lower front slopes of Yellow Mountain Scenic Area in Huangshan’s “tourist reception zone”. Here, villas are built in groups around the springs and hotels are nearby to offer accommodation.

Huangshan Hotel is located in the hot springs area. The environment of Peach Blossom Brook, in front of the hotel, is quiet and secluded. Beside the brook are the hot spring bathtubs and swimming pool.

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