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Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum

kaili minority peopleKaili minority people

Kaili is an industrial city near Guiyang in the central part of Guizhou Province. There is a museum there called the Kaili Minorities Museum, where you can learn about the ethnic peoples of Guizhou and their traditions. The province is one of China's most ethnically diverse. About ten different minority groups account for about 37% of the population. Ethnic clothes and handicrafts of the people around Kaiali are displayed at the Kaili museum. In addition, there are handicrafts, written documents, displays, paintings, and folk art introducing the history, demographics, and culture of the various ethnic minorities in central and southeastern Guizhou Province.

The museum has 11 exhibition halls. The Minority Customs Hall and the Dragon Boat Hall are especially noteworthy.

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You can reach Kaili from the mini-van stop at Guiyang airport, via a van costing about 60 RMB (9 US dollars). There are also buses from Guiyang. The trip takes a few hours. You can also reach Kaili by bus from Guilin in Guangxi Province.