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Luoyang Food and Restaurants

Luoyang cuisine is characterized by its rich soups as people in Luoyang like drinking soup very much. You can see all kinds of soup restaurants throughout Luoyang. Most dishes there are cooked in soup.

Other famous foods are its 24-course Water Banquet, carp dishes, tangmian jiao (steamed dumplings), and noodles in mung bean milk.

We have provided some helpful information for you in this article about popular local food and restaurants.

Top 5 Local Types of Food You Should Try in Luoyang

1. Luoyang Water Banquet

The dish has a history of thousands of years and got its name for two reasons.

ShuixiLuoyang Water Banquet

First, unlike the usual custom in China, the dishes for this banquet are served one after another, like flowing water, hence the name "Water Banquet". The second reason is that about one-third of the dishes served are soup or semi-soup dishes.

Although dishes in these banquets vary from one restaurant to another, you may be assured that carp is included nine times out of ten. The food served during the banquet is noted for its various soups with sour and spicy flavors.

There are 24 courses in total. The first course, named "Luoyang Swallow Dish", is made with shredded turnip, shredded chicken, minced pork, and vegetables simmered in soup.

2. Carp

Carp is arguably the most beloved food in Luoyang. It is said that in the golden days of Luoyang, when the capital was swathed in mystery and paved with gold, the fish itself could cost as much as a whole live ox.

Carp is considered a great delicacy in these parts, enjoyed for its tender flesh, nutritional benefits, and the stylish design of each dish. The ideal carp dish is designed with subtle skills.

The carp, with its head held high above the plate, is masterfully placed, seeming to be leaping over the cabbage "gorge" at the side of the plate, a symbol of having a competitive spirit.

The dish is also known in these parts as "Carp Leaping over the Gorge".

3. Soup

SoupDelicious Soup

People in Luoyang enjoy eating soup very much. Luoyang is located in a basin and surrounded by mountains. It is dry and cold so eating soup warms people's stomachs and helps them to resist the cold.

Bufan soup is a famous local dish in Luoyang. It has a history of 120 years. Bufan refers to a pancake made from mung bean paste and eggs.

The dish comprises a pancake, kelp, noodles, dried small shrimps, agaric, and nori with an added spoonful of boiled bone broth. The delicious Bufan soup is an appetizing dish with spicy and sour flavors.

Hula soup is soup with pepper. It is one of the most famous foods eaten for breakfast in Luoyang. It is sold in every alley and street in the morning. Chopped beef, agaric, noodles, and pepper are added to boiled bone broth. It tastes spicy and hot.

Beef soup and mutton soup are also worth a taste. The soft meat with well-flavored stock smells delicious and fresh.

4. Tangmian Jiao (Steamed Dumplings)

These steamed dumplings are a traditional food in Luoyang. The dumplings are made in the shape of a crescent moon. This dish originated in Luoyang and is now customary all over China.

Tangmian jiao are famous for their thin wrappings and jade-like color. They taste delicious.

5. Noodles in Mung Bean Milk

This is a specialty dish that you can only taste in Luoyang. This traditional food is popular because of its unique flavor. It is made in a different way from other noodles that are cooked in soup.

It is cooked in mung bean milk in a complex cooking process. Other ingredients, such as vegetables, salt, peanuts, pepper, and sesame seeds, can be added to enhance the taste. It has a distinctive sour taste and a delicious aroma.

Local Restaurants in Luoyang

Here is an introduction to some popular restaurants in Luoyang along with directions, specialties, and other relevant information.

Zhen Bu Tong

Zhenbutong RestaurantZhenbutong Restaurant

There are several branches of this local restaurant in Luoyang. The restaurant specializes in the Water Banquet. There is a branch in Luoyang Old Town District, which is near Lijing Gate.

It is 874 yards (800 meters) east of Lijing Gate, which is about 10 minutes' walk away. Since this restaurant chain is popular among locals and tourists, it is best to call in to make a reservation.

  • Chinese name:真不同 Zhenbutong /jnn-boo-tong/
  • Old Town District location: 369 Zhongzhou East Road, Old Town District (洛阳老城区中州东路369号)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-63995080
  • Luolong District location:18 Zhenghe Road, Luolong District (洛阳洛龙区政和路18号)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-63301722
  • Price per person: about 60 yuan (8.70 USD)
  • Specialties: Water Banquet

Guan Ji Water Banquet Restaurant

It is a well-known restaurant in Luoyang. Its owner is a man whose family name is Guan, which is why he named his restaurant Guan Ji. Delicious local food is served at inexpensive prices.

The restaurant is located in the Old Town District. It attracts lots of tourists from all over the country. If you want to have a meal there, a reservation is necessary.

  • Chinese: 管记水席老店 Guanji Shuixi Lao Dian /gwan-jee shway-sshee laow dyen/
  • Address: 12 Xianguoshi Street, Old Town District (洛阳老城区仙果市街12号)
  • Reservation telephone number:13937951844
  • Price per person: about 40 yuan (5.80 USD)
  • Specialties: meat soup, Luoyang Swallow Dish, crispy fried meatballs, carp

Hong Yi Xin Restaurant

This restaurant has a unique design — the first floor is the lobby and the second floor has compartments. It serves Jiangsu cuisine. Although it is a bit expensive, its refined and delicious dishes are worth it.

  • Chinese: 宏易欣餐厅 Hongyixin Canting /hong-ee-sshin tsan-ting/
  • Address: 200 meters west of the intersection between Wangcheng Avenue and Jiankang West Road, Xigong District (洛阳西工区王城大道和健康西路交叉口往西200米)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-60110808
  • Price per person: about 50 yuan (7.20 USD)
  • Specialties: sweet and sour ribs, pineapple with fried rice

Western Restaurants

Pepper and Garlic

It is the most famous Western restaurant in Luoyang. The interior decoration is very elegant and beautiful. You can enjoy your meal in a relaxed and happy environment.

Most of the steaks in the restaurant are prepared on-site. In addition to Western food, Japanese food and Italian food are also served.

  • Chinese: 胡椒和蒜 Hujiao He Suan /hoo-jyaow her swann/
  • Address: Wuhuan Road, Luolong District (洛阳洛龙区五环路)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-66665556
  • Price per person: about 140 yuan (20 USD)
  • Specialties: Australian steaks, seafood

Christian's Hotel Buffet

It is located in the most prosperous part of Xigong District. The buffet is on the 18th floor of Christian's Hotel. It is near to Wangcheng Park, being about 2 miles west of it. It is well decorated and you can enjoy a wonderful evening there.

  • Chinese: 克丽司汀酒店自助餐 Kelisiting Jiudian Zizhucan /ker-lee-srr-ting jyoh-dyen dzrr-joo-tsan/
  • Address: 56 Jiefang Road, Xigong District (洛阳西工区解放路56号)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-63127199
  • Price per person: about 200 yuan (30 USD)
  • Specialties: oysters, scallops, crayfish

Matador Steak Restaurant

There are not many Western restaurants in Luoyang. The Matador is one of the better ones. It has two floors and is very spacious. It has a good environment and provides a good service. It offers an extensive range of affordable Western dishes.

  • Chinese: 斗牛士牛排餐厅 Douniushi Niupai Canting /doh-nyoh-shrr nyoh-peye tsan-ting/
  • Address: 1st Floor, Quanshun Shopping Mall, Zhanlan Road, Luolong District (洛阳洛龙区展览路泉舜购物1层)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-65199100
  • Price per person: about 70–200 yuan (10–30 USD)
  • Specialties: steak, croissant

Vegetarian Restaurants

Wo Jia Mei Rou Vegetarian Buffet Restaurant

he name of this restaurant is lovely. It means "there is no meat in my home". The price of the food is economical. There are many types of vegetarian dishes and you can choose what you like.

  • Chinese: 我家没肉素食自助餐厅 Wo jia Mei Rou Sushi Zizhu Canting /wor jyah may roh soo-shrr dzrr-joo tsan-ting/
  • Address: 1st Floor, Dennis Shopping Mall, intersection of Zhenghe Road and Tongji Street, Luolong District (洛龙区政和路与通济街交叉口丹尼斯百货1F层)
  • Reservation telephone number: 0379-69916246
  • Price per person: 20 yuan (2.80 USD)
  • Specialties: tofu, hot and sour potato silk, pumpkin pie

Su Shi Ji

There are about 40 dishes to choose from in this buffet restaurant. It is located in Luolong District, near to the Longmen Grottoes, which are about 3.7 miles away.

  • Chinese: 素食记 Sushiji /soo-shrr-jee/
  • Address: 30 meters eastward of the intersection between Zhanlan Road and Guangli Street, Luolong District (洛阳洛龙区展览路和广利街交叉口向东30米)
  • Reservation telephone number: 18638877689
  • Price per person: 20 yuan (2.80 USD)
  • Specialties: tofu, eggplant, pickled vegetables

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