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Top Things To Do in Macau

Macau is known for huge gambling casinos, but there are plenty of other things to do during a visit. Visiting the historic old Portuguese buildings and forts, the restaurants and museums, and the panda house rank among the top popular things to do.

1. Visit Historic Places

ruins of st paul cathedralThe ruins of the Church of St. Paul

From Monte Forte and St. Paul Cathedral that was built in the 1500s to the General Post Office that was built in 1929, the Portuguese left a variety of architecture. Many of the oldest structures are listed as UNESCO heritage sites.

  • St. Paul Cathedral was the greatest church in Macau and combined the architectural styles of Europe and the East, but it burned down in 1835 only leaving its large and beautiful facade and the front stairway.
  • Monte Forte is the biggest remaining old structure and has the Museum of Macau. The 100-by-100-meter stone fort has superb sunset and casino views from the top.
  • Largo do Senado Square has a tranquilly wavy pavement lined with old buildings.
  • World Heritage Historic Center of Macau

2. Save at This Dynamic Shopping Paradise

monte forteMonte Forte cannon

Duty-free shopping is Macau’s new attraction. There are large malls offering antiques, the latest styles of clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. Since products are duty free, taxes are low, and people can find products that are cheaper than at other places.

3. Dine Macau or Chinese Style

Macau’s cuisine is a mixture of Chinese and Portuguese of course, and over the centuries, the Macau people developed their own style of food by using local and imported ingredients. There are many kinds of baked Macanese foods such as cakes, bread, and tarts.

The world gambling and resort center has restaurants of almost every kind in the resorts and along the streets. There are two 3-Michelin starred restaurants at the Grand Lisboa, but on the other extreme of price, small local Macanese and Chinese restaurants serve delicious local style food.

4. Visit the Museums

panda is eating bambooGiant panda eating bamboo

Macau has an interesting history and cultural heritage that you can learn about. There are also two special interest museums for wine and car racing.

5. Enjoy the New Panda Pavilion

These interesting and unusual animals live in a plush house alongside other animals in a small zoo in a park. It is a good place for children. The Panda Pavilion opened in 2011.

6. Have Fun at the Macau Tower

Macau TowerMacau Tower

The tall tower combines sightseeing, a movie theater, a conference center, revolving restaurant, shops, game machines, and adventurous activities like the world's tallest buggy jump.

Tours to Help You Travel

China Highlights specializes in helping individuals and groups visit Macau and all of China. Nearby, Hong Kong has popular attractions and sightseeing opportunities, and many things to see and do too.

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