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Pingyao Transportation


Pingyao is easily accessible from Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang. Have a look at the introdution of Pingyao Railway Station, or search for trains arriving and departing to/from Pingyao.


Regular Minibuses leave Taiyuan for Pingyao for around 10 yuan up to 6 pm. and the bus ride is approximately 2 hours.

Tip: if you plan to go to Xi'an, you are advised to buy your sleeper ticket in Taiyuan before heading for Pingyao for it is not possible to buy a sleeper there. Another option would be to upgrade your ticket in the train but this would be a more stressful and hard to come by.

Getting Around

There is no taxi or public transportation within the tiny town. You can use the following available means of transportation for getting around:


This man-driven vehicle is the main means of transportation here. It is very easy to find one that can take you for a stroll around the old streets.

Electro Mobile

It's a kind of sight-view storage battery car which can accommodate 1-20 people.


It is maybe the easily way to tour around. Bicycles are available for rental just In front of your hotels. This is a popular means of transportation for many tourists to explore the ancient city wall when visiting there.