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Sanjiang Transportation - Trains/Buses to Sanjiang

Recent years, the transportation of Sanjiang has made a great improvement and change, especially, the railway and high road. So visitors can take a train or bus to there from Guilin or other tourist cities.


There are four normal trains going through Sanjiang from Liuzhou, Zhanjiang in Guangdong Province, Huaihua in Hunan Province and Xiangfan in Hubei Province.

There are a lot of high-speed trains going from Guilin to Sanjiang each day. It only takes less than one hour to get Sanjiang from Guilin. 


At present, there are direct daily buses from Guilin, Liuzhou to Sanjiang, and there are 2 bus stations in Sanjiang, south station and north station. Buses from Guilin and Longsheng terminate at a station which 200m south of the bridge down the Longsheng road. Those arriving from Guizhou Province wind up immediately north of the bridge in the centre of the county.

Regular buses are available in Sanjiang to scenic spots like Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge and Mapang Drum Tower. Buses depart every forty minutes to Chengyang. For Mapang, Bajiang and other smaller destinations, look for minibuses between the bus station and bridge, most of them leave while there are full of travelers.

It will take 4 hours to Liuzhou and 2.5 hours to Longsheng and Guilin. This 160 kilometers' journey from Sanjiang to Guilin goes through the beautiful terraced rice fields, rolling mountains and ethnical villages. You can't miss the charming landscapes even in the bus.