The Jinmao Tower — Third Tallest in Shanghai

The Jinmao Tower — Third Tallest in Shanghai

By GavinUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

The Jinmao Building (金茂大厦) symbolizes Shanghai emerging into the 21st century. It was the tallest building in the country and third tallest in the world until 2007 when the World Financial Center was finished. 

In 2014, the Shanghai Tower became China's tallest building, so now it is the third tallest in Shanghai.

With an east-meets-west design so that the building somewhat resembles a pagoda, the Jinmao follows a multi-use model. It offers retail shopping at its base, offices above, and the Grand Hyatt Hotel occupies the upper 38 floors.

The Highlights You Should Not Miss

Thrilling Glass-Bottomed Walkway

Jinmao TowerJinmao Tower

On July 28, 2016, Jinmao Tower opened its outdoor glass-bottomed walkway to the public. It offers visitors the most thrilling way to take in spectacular views of Shanghai.

The glass walkway protrudes out from the 88th floor of Jinmao Tower at over 340 meters (1,115 feet) above the ground. It is reported to be the highest handrail-free walkway in the world.

Safety/security features:
1. Participants will be strapped into a safety harness and line during the "sky walk".
2. There will be two safety professionals accompanying partakers to provide supervision and assistance where needed.
3. Only a maximum of 15 people including two safety professionals are allowed on the walkway at one time.
4. Visitors will be required to store bags, cameras, and phones before heading out onto the walkway. A photography service will be offered.

See other Top Skywalks in China.

The Observation Deck

The 88th floor has a large observation deck for visitors that can accommodate 1,000 people. Visitors have a 360 degree view of the new Shanghai.

Cloud 9 Bar

The Jinmao Building houses the Cloud 9 Bar. Tourists can admire beautiful sunsets as well as splendid views of Shanghai. There is no admission fee, but things are quite expensive in the Cloud 9 Bar.

Grand Hyatt Regency

The Cloud 9 Bar is in this 5-star hotel as well as several gourmet restaurants such as the Club Jinmao for Shanghai cuisine. It occupies floors 53 to 87, and is one of our recommended hotels.

Special Design

The Jinmao building was designed by the US architectural firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. It was built by the Shanghai Jian Gong Group that was the first Chinese national construction group to tackle such a large and significant skyscraper.

The design is superb, combining elements of traditional Chinese architecture and Gothic influence into an amazingly modern building. Architects designed the building around the theme of the Chinese pagoda and the number 8 (the number considered extremely lucky by the Chinese): the lowest segment of the building is sixteen stories high and each succeeding segment is 1/8th smaller than its predecessor.

Two very fast elevators with a speed of 9.1 m/sec transport visitors in 45 seconds from the first basement to the Skywalk.

The Jinmao Building combines office space with commercial space, a shopping mall, and entertainment functions. The three basement levels house parking spaces and a food court.

The Skyscrapers in Shanghai, including Jinmao TowerThe skyscrapers in Shanghai, including Jinmao Tower

How to Get There

Metro Line 2 to Lujiazui Station — take Exit 5 and walk a few meters.

Private Car

Hiring a private driver might be the best option for speed and efficiency. A private driver or aid from an accompanying English-speaking guide/interpreter is relatively inexpensive compared to Western countries. It is the most convenient and pleasant way is to travel. You can arrange for our driver to wait for you at the airport, train station or your hotel.

China Highlights Shanghai Tours Can Include the Jinmao Tower

We arrange tickets and transport: Tickets, bookings, accommodations and visas can be arranged in advance saving you a lot of time and trouble. Contact us to include going up Jinmao in your tour.

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