20 Recommended  Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

20 Recommended Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

1. Yershari

Muslim Style Tast

To some extent, the success of a restaurant can be proven by the number of its branches. Yershari, established in 2001, can be found in almost all districts of Shanghai.

The authentic Muslim style taste of its dishes contributes greatly to its runaway success, as well as serving various seasonal fresh fruits from Xinjiang for free.

2. Tahaer Xinjiang Restaurant, Jianhe Road Branch (塔哈尔-新疆盛宴剑河路店)

3. Yini Xinjiang Flavor

Xinjiang Flavor

This long-standing restaurant has high quality food; a large bowl of braised chicken and tender lamb shashlik is enough attraction for customers.

The TV outside the restaurant displays typical dishes, which inevitably catches the attention of people passing by.

4. A Fan Ti Restaurant

As it is next to the Xinjiang Office in Shanghai, food of A Fan Ti Restaurant has been tested by many people from Xinjiang, so undoubtedly the taste is authentic.

Although the space is not very large, most kinds of halal food are served here.

5. GGJ

With egusi as a starter, ramen with beef (牛肉拉面) in the GGJ restaurant makes your mouth water. The noodles are authentically chewy, and the beef and the soup are tasty and hot. After ramen noodles you’ll be served a free cup of red date tea (红枣茶), to ease the feel of greasiness.

The lamb shashlik (烤羊肉串), barbecued in front of the restaurant, is also worthy of a taste.

6. Xinjiang Pamir Restaurant

Located in a bustling street, both the position and the tasty food, especially barbecued lamb shashlik (烤羊肉串), attracts many Xinjiang people every day.

7. Xibo Restaurant

Xibo Restaurant’s specialty is food made with badam, a unique sweet, nutritious dried fruit; for example parfait with badam (巴达木冻糕) and spinach with badam (巴达木菠菜).

It also has traditional Muslim food, like barbecued lamb shashlik (烤羊肉串) and braised chicken with potatoes and green peppers (大盘鸡).

Moreover, the other feature of the restaurant is its environment. The surrounding bamboos together with the wooden tables and chairs form an elegant atmosphere.

8. Tahar Xinjiang Restaurant Caojiaodu Branch (塔哈尔-新疆盛宴曹家渡店)

9. LeLe Xinjiang Restaurant

The restaurant serves almost all halal specialties in spite of its comparatively small size. It also does takeaway food.

Besides the authentic food, the decoration in Xinjiang style and the considerate service and friendly attitude of waiters also characterize the restaurant.

10. Full Hat

The name refers to a kind of a hat in black and white, giving the color scheme for the restaurant’s decoration, simple but elegant. The food on the white plates looks tasty and exquisite.

11. Tahar Xinjiang Restaurant Meichuan Branch (塔哈尔-新疆盛宴梅川店)

12. Aiziha’er Musical Restaurant

Besides serving traditional halal dishes, such as barbecued lamb shashlik (烤羊肉串) and braised chicken with potatoes and green peppers (大盘鸡), the restaurant has its unique dish, stewed chicken with yam and carrots (山药煲), which attracts lots of diners.

The other unique feature is the melodious songs and beautiful dances by professional performers in the evenings, which bring the lifestyle of nomads alive.

13. Yi Xin Zhai

Yi Xin Zhai offers breakfast; the specialties, mainly buns, rice and noodles, are different from other similar restaurants. This is a small but popular restaurant, but it doesn’t seem noisy or crowded owing to its open seating.

14. Yershari Zhengtong Road Branch (耶里夏丽政通店)

15. Camel Spring

Camel Spring is named after a sacred spring of Islam, and serves mainly Muslim food. Uniquely, the piquancy of the dishes can be altered.

In addition, the decoration of the restaurant is also unique and impressive: French windows, white arches, and neat tables and chairs, combine simplicity with exquisiteness. The environment is complimented by the considerate service.

16. Tahar Xinjiang Restaurant

The restaurant is most famous for different kinds of meat, including barbecued lamb shashlik (烤羊肉串), lamb chops (羊排), and chicken wings (鸡翅).

In addition, vegetarian dishes like fried sweet potatoes with syrup(土豆拔丝), and drinks such as yogurt(酸奶)and milk tea(奶茶)are also tasty. Moreover, the simple decoration of the restaurant and the performances in Xinjiang style form an authentic atmosphere.

17. Yershari Zhaojiabang Road Branch (耶里夏丽肇嘉浜店)

18. Yershari Nandan Road Branch (耶里夏丽南丹店)

19. Yershari Tianlin Road Branch (耶里夏丽田林店)

20. Yershari Fenglin Road Branch (耶里夏丽枫林店)

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