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Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

indian foodIndian food

Indian cuisine is outstanding for its original taste with special spices. Most Indian dishes are cooked by fish, meat, or vegetable with vinous kinds of ingredients such as curry. It’s said that Indian cuisine are the dishes cooked with the most spices in the world. In addition, Indian-style milk tea and desserts with local features tastes good. 

Curry plays a major role in Indian cuisine and most Indian-style dishes are cooked with it. Besides, the onions have a dominant status in Indian cuisine: most main dishes are braised with it, the meat is marinated with it, and even the curry is boiled by it.

1. VEDAS Indian Restaurant (维达斯印度餐厅)

VEDAS Indian Restaurant is popular with guests for its pleasant dinning environment. The strong Indian characteristics are shown everywhere through the Indian sumptuous settings, wooden chairs and tables, silver dinnerware, and hazy light. The dishes here are so really authentic that so many Indians come here to enjoy Indian-style food.

Recommended dishes: roast chicken and mushroom.

  • Address: No.3729 Hongmei Road, Changning District
  • Average Price per person: 142 yuan
  • Hours: 11:30–14:30; 17:30–23:00
  • Tel: 021-64468800

2. Tandoor Restaurant (天都里印度餐厅)

curried chickenCurried chicken

It’s said that Tandoor Restaurant is the first Indian style restaurant in Shanghai. The gate of Tanfoor Restaurant is not large but its inner room look spacious because it is separated skillfully by mirrors. The Chinese characters hung over the ceiling and some small exotic selection of ornaments make the restaurant mysterious. Most waiters here are from India, polite and friendly. The dishes here are real and great, and a variety of curry have a strong appeal to the guests who are fond of curry.

Recommended dishes: special flavor Mutton and curried chicken.

  • Address : 59 Maoming South Road, South Building, Jinjiang Hotel, Luwan District (卢湾区茂名南路59号锦江饭店南楼大堂)
  • Average Price per person : 220 yuan
  • Hours : 11:30–14:00; 17:00–22:00
  • Tel : 021-64725494

3. Kebabs On The Grille(克比印度餐厅)

fried curried rice Curried rice

Kebabs On The Grille is an Indian-style restaurant serving real and appetizing Indian cuisine. The restaurant with beautiful decorations provides a comfortable dinging ambience through its uniquely exotic pictures, tasteful tables and chairs, and light yellow crystal chandleries. Curry here is so great and special that it is worthy of tasting.

Recommended dishes: keema naan, curry with plain rice, chicken kabab

  • Address: Building 8, Cool Docks Lane 505 Zhongshan South Road
  • Average Price per person : 117 yuan
  • Hours : 10:00–21:00
  • Tel: 021-61526567

4. Indian Kitchen (印度小厨)

Indian Kitchen is a restaurant primarily offers the Indian-style dishes. The restaurant is decorated in Indian style with different kinds of flowers and little trees, which create an idyllic life for guests. The Indian-style ornaments, music, and waiters and waitress in Indian-style clothes make you feel as if you are in a foreign land. The dishes here are authentic and each of them tastes a little spicy, which make the restaurant often fill with many Indians.

Recommended dishes: Tandoori chicken and charpati.

  • Address: 480 Mingsheng Road, Pudong New District.
  • Average Price per person : 110 yuan
  • Hours : 11:00–14:30; 17:00–22:30
  • Tel : 021-58219875

5. Bollywood Indian Restaurant (宝莱坞印度餐厅)


Bollywood Indian Restaurant serves authentic Indian-style dishes, ranging from the garlic naan to the chicken tikka. The strong curry smell, Indian oil paintings on the walls, and the guests from the India make you feel as if you are in a foreign land.

Recommended dishes: butter chicken, roti

  • Address: No.326 Hongfeng Road | Pudong District
  • Average Price per person : 130 yuan
  • Hours : 11:00–23:00
  • Tel: 021-38726176

6. Kaveen’s Kitchen (凯文厨房)

Kaveen’s Kitchen is on the second floor. The restaurant is not large but decorated delicately. The shrine at the entrance giving away the incense, golden yellow curtains, beautiful posters and pictures, and tasteful firesides and crystal chandeliers, all theses create a warm, comfortable and pleasant dinning environment for guests. What’s more, the waiters here wearing Indian-style long gown together with settings of the restaurant presents the Indian life properly. The restaurant primarily provides the delicious and North Indian-style dishes.

Recommended dishes: Zacai Galijiao/fried or baked pastry with a savory filling such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, ground lamb or chicken, Indian-style milk tea.

  • Address: Floor 2, No.231 Huashan Road, Jing'an District
  • Average Price per person : 110 yuan
  • Hours : 11:00–14:00; 18:00–23:30

7. Ganesha Restaurant (咖乃芗)

Ganesha primarily serves the great and cheap Indian-style dishes. The restaurant also provides the curried beef for different guests. The restaurant is decorated by many pieces of ornament from Southeast Asia. Its specialty, paratha/ cake staffed mashed potato, has a good tasting, and it tastes better if you have it with curry.

Recommended dishes: curried mutton

  • Address: Unit 211 Shunyuan Hongji Tiandi Building, 458 Jiangsu Road, Changning District
  • Average Price per person : 54 yuan
  • Hours : 11:00–15:00; 17:00–22:00
  • Tel: 021-32506100

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