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The KK100 Tower — Shenzhen's 2nd Tallest Building

The KK100 Tower — Shenzhen's 2nd Tallest Building

Written by Candice SongUpdated Sep. 4, 2023

A tourist highlight in Shenzhen is the KK100 skyscraper. It is the world's 15th tallest building and Shenzhen's 2nd tallest as of 2015. The 100th floor observation deck gives one of the best views of Shenzhen.


  • A.K.A. Kingkey 100 and Kingkey Finance Center Plaza
  • Chinese: 京基100 Jīngjī Yībǎi /jing-jee ee-beye/ 'Capital Foundation 100'
  • Fifth tallest building in China (2015)
  • 15th tallest building in the world (2015)
  • Built: 2011 for 800 million USD
  • 442 meters (1,449 feet), 100 floors
  • 100th floor observation deck at 427 meters (1,401 feet)


The KK100 project was designed by the TFP Farrells architectural firm. It took them four years to finish the building. It officially opened in 2011. The KK Mall opened next to the tower in 2010. Until 2015, it was the tallest building in Shenzhen, when the Ping An IFC was built.

Tourist Highlights

100th Floor Obeservation Deck

There is a popular observation deck and atrium on the 100th floor at 1,401 feet for sightseeing. There is a bar/drink station and you can look out the windows and sit at the little tables near the windows. You can see the 115-floor Ping An Finance Center that is about four kilometers away.

The St. Regis Hotel

The St. Regis luxury hotel on floors 75 to 95 has restaurants and lobbies with good views. Tourists generally like going to the hotel and atrium area on the top floors with open views, lobbies, a variety of restaurants and bars, and gardens. 

  • On the 96th floor and the floors above, you can enjoy marvelous views including the green scenery of Hong Kong in the distance. There is a lounge on the 96th floor.
  • On the 99th floor, there is an Italian restaurant that gets good reviews.

The KK Mall

The adjacent KK Mall is considered the best in SZ. It's glitzy with international luxury stores, restaurants, a gourmet supermarket, coffee shops, bakery, ice cream parlors, and fast food and snack restaurants. It has Shenzhen's first IMAX theater. It is considered Shenzhen's best upscale mall.

Travel Essentials

  • Address: KK100 (京基100), 5016 Shennan East Road, Luohu
  • Subway transport: Subway travel is convenient and fast since it is at Grand Theater Station 大剧院 地铁站 on Subway Line 1 (罗宝线) from Luohu border crossing and Subway Line 2 (蛇口线) that connects Shekou with Luohu.
  • Top floor tickets: Once entering the building, a ticket is required to get to the top floors. The ticket/restaurant voucher costs about 200 RMB (~33USD). The ticket allows you to enter the elevator to the 96th floor. You can use the voucher to pay for food or drinks in the upper floors.
  • The fast elevator takes people to the 96th floor in a minute.

Discover the New Shenzhen for Yourself

See Shenzhen's modern wonders and laid back style. New very tall buildings, new luxury malls, and bargain shopping centers are attracting more tourists.

  • 4-Day Guangzhou and Shenzhen Tour includes going to the Window of the World. Tell us, and we can easily include the KK100 perhaps for lunch or dinner.
  • We arrange all: Entry tickets, visas, accommodation, and any transport tickets are arranged in advance for you. Contact us to go on private tour with us or to stay at the St. Regis.
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