The Ping An IFC, Shenzhen 一 China's 2nd Tallest Building

The Ping An IFC, Shenzhen 一 China's 2nd Tallest Building

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

The world's fourth-tallest building is planned to open in 2016 in Shenzhen after delays. The Ping An IFC Tower is 115 stories or 555 meters (1,821 feet) to the roof and is a premier Shenzhen tourist highlight.

Special Tourist Highlights

One of the world's highest observation decks: Tourists can enjoy the view from the deck on the 114th and 115th floor. The 115 floor deck sits at 550 meters. This is only 5 meters less than the Burj Khalifa's 555 meter deck and 11 meters lower than the one on the Shanghai Tower. It is 123 meters taller than KK 100's 427 meter high deck.

Tallest in Shenzhen: The building dwarfs the 442 meter KK100 building four kilometers away, Shenzhen's tallest building until 2015. It will be about 108 meters (354 feet) taller than the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Taipei 101 too.

World's 2nd tallest hotel: Some of our tourists might enjoy a stay here at the luxury hotel in the top floors. As of 2016, only the Ritz Carleton in the ICC Tower in Hong Kong that is at 484 meters (1,587ft) is higher. It is higher than Shanghai Tower's J Hotel that was the second highest hotel.

Massive twin tower complex: The building will be enormous. A second 47 story tower is being built next to it that will connect to the main tower by a bridge on the bottom floors that has a mall. This second part may open in 2018.

Big ritzy mall: Along with the main tower, a five story mall is being constructed that connects the retail stores in the shorter South Tower with the main tower.

World class elevators: Schindler built 80 Schindler 7000 double deck elevators.


The complex was designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox. Construction of the main tower began in 2009 and that of the smaller tower began in 2014. Originally, it was to be China's tallest building and taller than the Shanghai Tower. But the planned height obstructed airplane flight paths, so a tall mast on the top was removed.

There was a controversy regarding the use of sea sand for concrete in 2013 which caused a delay. It was constructed relatively rapidly in 2014. One floor was added every four days.

Special High Tech Design

The building is built according to a recent innovation in very high skyscraper design. Like the rest of the world's tallest buildings built in the last several years, instead of having a simple steel girder framework for a skeleton, it has a thick concrete core. Along with the thick central core, there are 8 super-columns that reinforce the frame.

Building in Shenzhen is difficult because structures must be designed to resist typhoons. It is one of the big cities in the world most at risk for typhoon wind damage.

It is a showcase of 21st century engineering. The tower was also built unusually economically. The total cost of about 700 million USD is less than that of the much shorter KK 100 and compares well with the 2.4 billion USD for the Shanghai Tower.

Travel Essentials

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