Suzhou Restaurants

Suzhou Restaurants

By CindyUpdated May. 17, 2021

Suzhou has a vast range of restaurants catering not only to local palettes, but also serving dishes from all over China and all over the world.

This page covers the best of Suzhou's mainstream Chinese restaurants. For other tastes and restaurant styles click below.

Local Dishes Restaurants

Deyuelou Restaurant


Founded during the years under Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, the Deyuelou Restaurant has a history of over 400 years and mainly specializes in Suzhou cuisine. The restaurant consists of three smaller restaurants featuring different flavors. More than 300 dishes are served. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a nice view of the surrounding gardens.

Songhelou Restaurant

Pine and crane restaurantSonghelou Restaurant

This 2000-year-old Songhelou Restaurant in Taijian Alley has long been known for its authentic Suzhou dishes. Prepared with the freshest of seasonal ingredients, Songhelou's most popular dishes are freshwater fish and shrimps, including sweet and sour mandarin fish, fried snails with shrimps, and braised eel. The sweet mandarin fish was a favorite of Qing Emperor Qianlong, who dined here every time he visited Suzhou.

Xiehe Restaurant

Xiehe Restaurant is an old restaurant in Suzhou. Although not as famous as Deyuelou Restaurant and Songhelou Restaurant, it offers almost all Suzhou dishes at reasonable prices. Fried shrimp is a must-have, as it offers a tender and refreshing taste. The environment is quaint and the staff is enthusiastic.

Tongdexing Noodles Restaurant

Today, seldom do Suzhou noodle restaurants sell red soup, white soup, broad noodles, and narrow noodles separately, but Tongdexing does. The noodles are slippery, the white soup with stewed meat is delicious and not greasy, and the fired fish with red soup is fragrant.


Guanyu Chi

The interior decor is quite elegant and creates a feeling of home. The restaurant mainly offers Su and Chuan cuisine. The braised pork in soy sauce has great color and a fantastic flavor. Paper Pot Tofu is unique, as it is boiled in a paper-made pot over a burning fire.

Panyulin Sugar Porridge Stall

The owners are a kind, elderly couple, and they supply authentic Suzhou sugar porridge. The sugar porridge is stewed glutinous rice, doused with thick and viscous sweet bean paste, and mixed with sweet-scented osmanthus, giving it a sweet and fragrant flavor. The locals say that the sugar porridge is like a taste of childhood.

Sichuan Restaurants

Goodman Folk Snacks

Goodman Folk Snacks supplies a variety of Sichuan snacks. The snacks are authentic and sufficient in quantity, and are offered at low prices. Because of their good taste and low price, the restaurant always enjoys many guests.

Haidilao Hot Pot

Although Haidilao Hot Pot mainly serves the Sichuan Hot Pot, its core business is not the hot pot, but its service. At Haidilao, customers will truly experience a sense of God, and might even be embarrassed. We have to admit that Haidilao’s service has won over most hot pot enthusiasts. The environment and the food are great.

Western Restaurants

Left bank cafe

Wang Steak

Wang Steak has an excellent reputation for its many years of good quality food. They choose ribs under a strict rule: bone long 17 cm and weight of 16 ounces, meaning that only six ribs from a cow can be selected! Under such a strict rule, the steak is definitely fabulous. From the steak to the desserts, every dish gives you both visual and taste enjoyment. The environment is extremely elegant and the service makes you feel like a noble. Prices are high, but the food is worth it.

Tasty Steak

Tasty Steak is the No. 1 branch of Wang Steak. The restaurant also offers bread, appetizers, soup, main courses, beverages, and desserts as a set meal, and at half the price of Wang Steak. The restaurant offers many types of set meals, the steak is fine and smooth, and the sauce is savory and mellow. The environment is quiet and comfortable, and the service is good. People who have been there speak highly of the experience.

International Restaurants Yuandi Teppanyaki

The environment at Yuandi Teppanyaki is elegant. The tables are next to the cooking area, allowing you to enjoy the performance of the chef cooking dishes in front of you. The dishes are beautiful and fresh, and the service is great. After you finish your meal, move to the café to enjoy music and desserts.

Muslim Restaurants

Muslim restaurant

Xinjiang Jaaksi Restaurant

You can smell the strong fragrance of mutton soup when stepping into the restaurant. The food is well-cooked and sufficient in quantity. Mutton skewers, the best of all of the dishes served, have an attractive color and cumin flavor.

Beijiang Restaurant

Beijiang Restaurant is a famous Xinjiang restaurant. The Saute Spicy Chicken is authentic, the potatoes in it are tasty, and the noodle is chewy. In addition, Mutton skewers and the Meat Package are worth a try. Prices are reasonable, and the environment is good. The decor is elegant and unique.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Lotus Veg Café


Dishes at Lotus Veg Café are unique. The café uses pure water and organic vegetables to cook fresh and healthy dishes. Sorbets and jelly are offered in the summer, and Medicated Diet Hot Pot is served in the winter. The restaurant serves not only vegetarian dishes but also organic and Taiwanese vegetarian menu items. Sometimes it offers Taiwanese snacks, such as Zongzi, Suyuan, Smelly Tofu, and spiced corned egg.

Wuguantang Vegetarian Restaurant

The interior décor is very elegant and the ebullient boss will help you select dishes according to your taste. Dishes are not over-decorated, and some look quite ordinary, but your taste buds will wake up as soon as you take a bite! The dishes are different from those served at other vegetarian restaurants, and are delicious but not greasy.

Bencaorensheng Vegetarian Restaurant

The design of this restaurant is based on the listed healthy foods in Compendium of Materia Medica, and the decor, layout, and everything in it create a great cultural atmosphere. Every dish includes traditional Chinese medicinal materials according to the Compendium of Materia Medica, and is good in taste and appearance. All of the servers in the restaurant are vegetarian, and they will tell you about vegetarian concepts when serving you.

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