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Tianjin Cruise Port to Beijing: 3 Best Ways to Get There

Here's how to get between Tianjin Cruise Port and Beijing, including the Great Wall and Beijing Capital International Airport.

Tianjin Port is about 180 km from Beijing. There are three ways to get from the port to Beijing: using our transfer service, taking a bullet train and taking a taxi.

tianjin cruise terminal transfer map

The Best Option — China Highlights’ Hassle-Free Transfer Service

busOur comfortable bus

The best way to get from the Port of Tianjin to Beijing is to use our service. We offer 2-day, 3-day, and 4-day Beijing tours to explore the highlights of Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and the hutongs. A fast and private transfer service is, of course, included.

You will have a private guide and driver. Our guide will meet you at the exit of the cruise terminal with your name on a sign. He/she will be on hand to help you all the way and will even help you carry your heavy baggage to the car. Your guide will introduce Beijing to you, giving you some tips about traveling in Beijing and China, and answering your questions readily.

Check our 2-day Beijing tour from the Port of Tianjin with a transfer service. Explore the Forbidden City and the Great Wall, escorted by your private guide and driver.

If you are planning to travel for longer, you can learn more about our 3-day and 4-day Beijing tours from Tianjin Cruise Port.

Also read about our Tianjin Port transfer to Beijing and Beijing sightseeing FAQs.

The 2nd Recommended Option — Taking a Bullet Train

There are 90 daily bullet trains running between Tianjin and Beijing. All four railway stations in Tianjin have Beijing bullet train services: Tianjin Railway Station, Tianjin South Railway Station, Tianjin West Railway Stations, and Tanggu Railway Station.

Taxi Travel Between Tianjin Cruise Port and Tianjin Railway Stations

Cruise Port To/From Distance (km) Minutes by Taxi Approx. Cost (yuan)
Tanggu Railway Station 30 38 100
Tianjin Railway Station 78 70 200
Tianjin South Railway Station 99 150
Tianjin West Railway Station 83 80

It is best to use Tanggu Railway Station, because it is closest to the port, if you can book the one or two suitable services per day. Otherwise Tianjin Railway Station has the most bullet train services.

tanggu railway station to beijing train map

Cruise Port – Tanggu Railway Station

Taking a taxi between Tianjin Port and Tanggu Railway Station is much more convenient than by buses (which may take 2 hours!), especially if you haven't researched in advance. Please note that taxi drivers may not speak any English, so it is advisable to have your destination written down or printed out in Chinese beforehand to show to the driver. Please find at the bottom of this page all the Chinese addresses you may need.

Tanggu Railway Station – Beijing

There are only eight inter-city bullet trains daily between Tanggu Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station. The journey takes about one hour and costs 79 yuan (13 USD) for first class, and 65 yuan (10 USD) for second class.

Beijing–Tanggu Services Tanggu–Beijing Services
07:10 C2557 07:31 C2554
08:10 C2559 08:20 C2556
09:04 C2563 08:35 C2558
10:39 C2571 09:33 C2560
11:40 C2573 10:13 C2562
12:50 C2577 11:19 C2566
14:51 C2581 13:57 C2574
16:17 C2583 17:13 C2582
17:15 C2587 18:21 C2584
18:05 C2589 18:38 C2586
19:07 C2591 19:18 C2588
19:51 C2593 19:33 C2590
21:39 C2597 21:36 C2596

You are advised to book the train tickets in advance. Tickets will be in great demand the dates when cruise ships arrive. Book train tickets with China Highlights

Tianjin to Beijing map

Via Tianjin Railway Station

Tianjin Railway Station is 40 kilometers further from the port than Tanggu Railway Station (see taxi table above). The plentiful bullet trains from Beijing South take 33 minutes. They are 66 yuan (11 USD) first class or 55 yuan (9 USD) second class.

The 3rd Way — Taking a Taxi

It is possible to take a taxi between Tianjin Cruise Port and Beijing, however it is definitely not recommended as it is much more expensive, usually takes longer, and is less comfortable than a bullet train.

Tianjin Cruise Port to the Great Wall

Most of the sections of the Great Wall are in Beijing but there is a section in Tianjin called Huangyaguan.

How to Get to the Sections of the Great Wall in Beijing

the great wallThe Great Wall

Mutianyu, Badaling, Jinshanling, and Simatai are the most popular sections of the Great Wall and have sound facilities.

Mutianyu: Mutianyu is about 227 kilometers from Tianjin Cruise Port, which is a 3-hour drive. The most common way to get there is to take a bullet train from Tianjin to Beijing, then take Metro Line 2 to Dongzhimen and transfer to bus 916 to Mutianyu.

Badaling: Badaling is about 230 kilometers from Tianjin Cruise Port, which takes about 3 hours 20 minutes to drive there.

Jinshanling: The Great Wall section from Jinshanling to Simatai is the most popular one for hiking. Jinshanling is about 250 kilometers from Tianjin Cruise Port and about 150 kilometers from downtown Beijing. It takes 3 hours 40 minutes to get there from Tianjin Cruise Port.

Simatai: The night view of the Great Wall at Simatai is the best. It is about 236 kilometers from Tianjin Cruise Port, which is a 3½-hour drive.

If you arrive at Tianjin Cruise Port and want to visit the sections of the Great Wall in Beijing, the most common way is to get to Beijing first and then take a subway train or bus to the Great Wall. This seems a bit of a hassle — if you want to have a hassle-free tour, come and travel with us.

How to Get to the Section of the Great Wall in Tianjin

Huangyaguan ('Yellow Cliff Pass') is located in Tianjin. It is the longest restored section and a famous marathon venue. It is 170 kilometers away from Tianjin Cruise Port, taking 2¼ hours to drive there. It is not tourist-friendly in terms of transportation if you want to get there from Tianjin Cruise Port. There is no public transportation so you must hire a private car.

Travel Tips

  • Visiting the sections of the Great Wall in Beijing is recommended because there are more choices and there is convenient transportation available.
  • Beijing has more attractions than Tianjin and you can go to other places after visiting the Great Wall, such as the Forbidden City. See our Beijing tours with transfers.
  • A reliable travel agency like us, China Highlights, can make your tour much easier. We will arrange your transportation and create a trip according to your arrival time and needs.

Travel Ideas for International Cruises

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Chinese Translations for Addresses You May Need

  • Tianjin International Cruise Home Port: 天津国际油轮母港
  • Tanggu Railway Station: 塘沽火车站
  • Tianjin Railway Station: 天津火车站
  • Beijing Capital International Airport: 北京首都国际机场
  • Please take me to ...: 请带我到……

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