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Tongren's top attractions are Fanjing Mountain and Jiulong Cave, representing the city's picturesque natural scenery. Fanjing Mountain has a graceful mountainous scenery and unique minority customs. Jiulong Cave's highlight is the miraculous stalactites in various shapes. If you are interested in Tongren’s attractions, contact us to design your own tour including a visit to Tongren.

Most Popular Tongren Attractions

Fanjing Mountain

Fanjing Mountain Fanjing Mountain peak is the summit of the Wuling Mountain Range of south-central China, in the region where Guizhou and Hunan converge with the border of Chongqing. Since ancient times, i..

Jiulong Cave

Overview Jiulong Cave lies behind "Six Dragon Mountain"and looks out upon the Jinjiang River. Inside the cave, there are forests of fantastic rocks in a variety of odd formations. Among its seven halls, th..