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Hiking from Lhasa to Yangbajing

Hiking from Lhasa to Yangbajing

Written by Ruru ZhouUpdated Aug. 2, 2023

The journey is 220 kilometers in total. It is 70 kilometers from Lhasa to Tsupu Monastery and 60 kilometers from Tsupu Monastery to Yangbajing. Between Yanbajam and Lhasa is a journey around 90 kilometers.

During the trip, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful Chubu Valley, Alpine Meadow, glorious Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain, brilliant rape flowers, magical terrestrial heat but also get the opportunity to have a close contact with mysterious Tibetan Buddhism and rich Tibetan culture.

However, the most incredible experience will be memories living with those local people who are the most pure and hospitable people in the world.

Yanbajam on Chiangtang Grass LandYanbajam on Chiangtang Grass Land

Trekking route:Tsupu Monastery-Luobulin Fortress-Small Lakeside, Him Pull-Bacuo-Duojilin-Yangbajam

Evaluation along the Trekking Trail

This is a magical route full of vitality. The grand valley view and hospitable local people will attract more and more tourists at home and broad.

It is located at the north side of the Himalayas. Local climate is greatly affected by the down draughts. Major feature of whole year is sunny and few rains without cold winter or hot summer.

It belongs to the Plateau Monsoon Semiarid Climate with maximum temperature of 29 degree centigrade and minimum temperature of minus 16.5 degree centigrade.

Annual average temperature stands at 7.4 degree centigrade. Rainfalls concentrate in July, August and September. Annual rainfall amounts to 500 millimeters and annual sunshine duration is more than 3,000 hours.

How to get to Tsupu Monastery

Lhasa-Tsupu Monastery

There are transfer cars to Tsupu Monastery at the street 200 meters north of the Lhasa Jokhang Temple. Transfer cars start at 7:00 a.m. and arrive at 15:00. The ticket is RMB15 per person.


Tourists have to rent cars at the Yangbajing Station or Tibet Highway.

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What is Food Like during the Hiking from Lhasa to Yangbajing

There are no restaurants on this journey. Tourists have to prepare the food. Besides, local people can also provide Tibet butter tea and Tsampa with butter and cheese on the way.

Scenery along the Trekking from Lhasa to Yangbajing

This part of journey is on the Northern Tibetan Grassland. Tibet's Chang Tang Reserve is the second largest natural reserve in the world and the largest reserve is located at Greenland National Park.

However, there are only ice on the Greenland National Park which can not be compared with the beautiful grassland and rare animals and plants on the Chang Tang Reserve.

Scientists throughout the world have finished field research and confirmed that the Chang Tang Reserve is the last field which is not affected by human culture.

Original natural resources and geography of this part are well preserved as seldom people visit here. Hiking on the largest grassland in Tibet, tourists can get unique experiences.

Although it is a 3-day trip, the experience will leave tourists a question taking whole life to think about.

Recommended Routes:

D1: Lhasa--Tsupu Monastery ( 70 kilometers)

D2: Tsupu Monastery-Let Set Village

D3: Let Set Village-Him Pull Pass-Bacuo Village

D4: Bacuo Village-Yangbajing Temple-Yangbajing-Lhasa

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