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Wuhan - Guangzhou Bullet Trains

There are 63 pairs of high-speed trains operating between Guangzhou and Wuhan every day between 6am and 7pm with a departure interval of 10 minutes between trains.

  • Distance: 1,070 kilometers (665 miles)
  • Shortest duration: 3h41 min
  • Number of trains:63 pairs of high-speed G trains
guangzhou south railway station High-speed train

Guangzhou - Wuhan High-Speed Train Schedule

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Guangzhou - Wuhan High-Speed Train Price

(Updated on April 16, 2019)

Departure Arrival First Train - Last Train  Duration


Seat class Price
Train Type and Quantity (hrs:mins) CNY USD
Guangzhou South Wuhan 6:28–21:30  3:38 to 5:06 2nd class ¥463.50 $69
1st class ¥738.50 $110
63 G trains Business class ¥1,458 $217
Wuhan Guangzhou North 7:37–18:03  3:51 to 4:08 2nd class ¥443.50 $66
1st class ¥708.50 $106
6 G trains Business class ¥845.50 $127
Guangzhou South 6:28–19:12 3:41 to 4:44 2nd class ¥463.50 $69
1st class ¥738.50 $110
57 G trains Business class ¥1,458 $217

Child Fare for China's Train Tickets

A child fare is 50% (for seats) or about 75% (for sleepers) of the full price (child fares do not apply to sleepers on D and G trains).

guangzhou south railway station Business class seats


3 Different Seat Classes

Business class, 1st class, and 2nd class seats are available on all the high-speed G trains on this route.

Train Stations

For the Guangzhou - Wuhan route, high-speed G trains depart from Guangzhou South Railway Station and arrive at Wuhan Railway Station. For the return route, trains depart from Wuhan Railway Station and arrive at both Guangzhou North and South stations, passing through the three provincesof Hubei, Hunan, and Guangdong.

Guangzhou South Station

Written in Chinese as "广州南站"

Located in Panyu District, the station is 17 kilometers south of central Guangzhou. It is a comprehensive transportation hub connecting the major districts with a convenient metro, buses, and taxis.

Transportation to Guangzhou South Railway Station

  • By bus: 301a, 303a, Banyun bus line 52/75/100/108/108b/129/145, Nansha bus line 64, Guangfo bus line K6, nightbus line 61/79/102
  • By subway:
Subway Station Subway Line Duration Cost
Guangzhou Railway Station Line 2 1 hour USD1 (RMB6)
Guangzhou East Station Line 2 & Line 3 & Line 6 50 minutes USD1 (RMB6)
Beijing Road Line 2 & Line 6 50 minutes USD1 (RMB6)
Beiyun International Airport Line 2 & Line 3 70 minutes USD1.5 (RMB9)
  • By taxi:
Taxi Stand Duration Cost
Guangzhou Railway Station 1 hour USD11 (RMB70)
Guangzhou East Station 1 hour USD10 (RMB68)
Baiyun International Airport 1 hour and a half USD28 (RMB185)

Guangzhou North Station

Written in Chinese as "广州北站"

Located in Huadu District, the north outskirts of the city, the station is 35 kilometersfrom downtown Guangzhou. It is the closest railway station to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport with a journey of 20kilometers.

Transportation to Guangzhou North Railway Station

  • By bus: Huadu Bus Station is 250 meters' walk from Guangzhou North Railway Station. Buses to the downtown area from the station operate from 6am to 10pmand the departure interval is 20 minutes between buses.

1. Public bus: Line HUA 1/HUA4/HUA 6/HUA 17/HUA 19; bus 705

2. Night bus: Night 12/Night 26/Night 77

  • By subway: Line 9 is under construction and is expected to be put into operation at the end of September 2017.
  • By taxi:
Taxi Stand Duration Cost
Guangzhou South Station 1 hour and a half USD28 (RMB185)
Guangzhou Tower 1 hour and a half USD28 (RMB185)
Baiyun International Airport 1 hour USD8 (RMB50)