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Guangzhou to Wuhan/Wuhan to Guangzhou Bullet Trains

Guangzhou Terminus: South Railway Station
Hangzhou Terminus: Wuhan East Station

Part of the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway, the Wuhan-Guangzhou section was officially put into operation on December 26, 2009. The history of China's bullet trains was opened into a new page. After the launch of the high-speed rail, passengers are able to take bullet trains very conveniently, just like taking buses, cutting the transportation time short while lowering the costs (compared to flights).

Stations on the Guangzhou-Wuhan High Speed Rail Line

Bullet trains run from Wuhan to Guangzhou for about 1070 kilometers (665 miles), passing through the three provinces of Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong. The time from Wuhan to Guangzhou will be shortened from 11 hours to only 3 hours.

Adopting the most advanced technologies in the world, the bullet trains run at a speed of 350 kilometers (220 miles) per hour.

How to Buy a Bullet Train Ticket

Tickets for the new bullet train can be bought at train stations or booked through a travel agency. Bullet train tickets are available for sale 10 days before departure. You may need to book your tickets in advance on weekends or during the major Chinese holidays such as the Chinese New Year and National Day. From June 1, 2011, passengers need to present their valid ID (passport) to buy bullet train tickets (including tickets of C trains, D trains, and G trains).

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  • Second Class Seats

  • The bullet train in the Guangzhou East Station

Bullet Train Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for the bullet trains are very reasonable.  A first class ticket is 788 yuan and a second class ticket is 490 yuan. Using a normal train, people may need more than 600 yuan to get to Guangzhou from Wuhan, and more time is needed. Check out the following price details.

Ticket Type Ticket Price (RMB) Note
Vip Ticket 847
There are only 16 tickets for each train, and passengers with VIP tickets are able to watch how the driver operate the train.
First Class Ticket 749 / 780
Trains run from or to Guangzhou North Train Station / Trains run from or to Guangzhou South Train Station.
Second Class Ticket 469 / 490
Trains run from or to Guangzhou North Train Station / Trains run from or to Guangzhou South Train Station.

Bullet Train Schedules

From Guangzhou to Wuhan

Train Number Departing Time Arrival Time
G1022 07:00 10:46
G1024 07:30 11:15
G1026 08:00 11:46
G1028 08:30 12:14
G1030 09:00 12:45
G1032 09:50 13:42
G1034 10:50 14:36
G1036 11:20 15:06
G1038 12:20 16:04
G1042 13:20 17:06
G1044 13:50 17:36
G1046 14:20 18:09
G1048 14:50 18:36
G1050 15:20 19:15
G1052 16:30 20:16
G1054 17:50 21:36
G1056 18:48 22:34
G1058 19:20 22:58

From Guangzhou to Wuhan (Direct trains, no stops)

Train Number Departing Time Arrival Time
G1002 10:20 13:18
G1004 16:00 18:58

From Wuhan to Guangzhou

Train Number Departing Time Arrival Time
G1021 07:15 11:00
G1023 07:45 11:29
G1025 08:30 12:29
G1027 09:15 13:00
G1029 09:45 13:30
G1031 10:15 14:00
G1033 10:40 14:29
G1035 11:15 15:00
G1037 11:50 15:34
G1039 12:55 16:40
G1041 13:40 17:25
G1043 14:45 18:30
G1047 16:30 20:15
G1049 17:20 21:05
G1051 18:00 21:45
G1053 18:25 22:10
G1055 18:50 22:34
G1057 19:15 23:00

From Wuhan to Changsha

Train Number Departing Time Arrival Time
G1101 07:25 09:00
G1103 17:00 18:42