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Explore South China on the Guiyang–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

Written by Candice SongUpdated Jan. 11, 2021

Guiyang–Guangzhou High-Speed Railway (HSR) runs through scenery and minority areas that are well-worth seeing. Here we hope to help you discover the top stops on the line for landscape and culture, and help you plan a tour using this high-speed railway

Hezhou Station (for Huangyao Ancient Town)

Huangyao Ancient Town Huangyao Ancient Town in Hezhou
  • 1 hour 40 minutes from Guangzhou Nan Station
  • 40 minutes from Hezhou to Huangyao Ancient Town
  • Suggested tour time: 1 day

Huangyao Ancient Town is the star attraction of Hezhou Prefecture. It got its name because its residents have the family names Huang and Yao. The famous 2006 movie The Painted Veil was shot in Huangyao. The movie is recommended viewing before you visit. See more on China's Top Movie Destinations.

The 900-year-old town is rich in historical attractions. The old flagstone-paved streets, the well-preserved ancient buildings, and the traditional lifestyle of the locals are its most distinctive features.

Guilin Bei Station (for Karst Landscapes)

Li River The Li River in Guilin
  • 2 hours 40 minutes from Guangzhou Nan
  • 30 minutes from Guilin Bei to downtown Guilin
  • Suggested stay: 3 days (or stay one more day to see the Longji terraces fields, especially if you visit in early May or early October)

Guilin is famous for its stunning natural scenery of limestone hills. The Li River is the most renowned scenery in Guilin and you shouldn't miss it. After you enjoy the beautiful peaks and taste Guilin rice noodles in downtown Guilin, take a cruise to appreciate the stunning scenery along the Li River, and arrive in the resort town of Yangshuo. A bicycle tour around Yangshuo's countryside is highly recommended.

Sanjiang Nan Station (for Wind & Rain Bridges and Drum Towers)

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge in Sanjiang
  • 3 hours 40 minutes from Guangzhou Nan
  • 10 minutes to Dong minority villages
  • Suggested stay: 2 days

The wooden 'wind and rain' bridges and drum towers are the highlights of Dong architecture in Sanjiang. These large but picturesque wooden structures are skillfully built without any metal.

Chengyang Tourism Area is the most famous area in Sanjiang. It consists of eight stockaded villages, where the Dong people still live a traditional life. You can enjoy a live night-show in Sanjiang town portraying Dong minority life, or Dong performances in the Eight Villages for a more genial experience, even dancing with the Dong.

Congjiang Station (for the Jiabang Terraced Fields)

  • 4 hours from Guangzhou Nan
  • 1 hours 20 minutes from Congjiang Station to Jiabang's Terraces
  • Suggested stay: 2 days

Congjiang County is in Guizhou Province, which is not as economically developed as Guangxi. It's attractive for those who want to see a beautiful, less-commercialized area.

The Jiabang terraced fields are a highlight in the county, the best rice terraces in Guizhou. The picturesque scenery combines peaceful natural beauty with traditional wooden Miao houses.

Duyun Dong Station (Heart of Guizhou's Ethnic Region)

Taijiang Sisters Festival Sister's Meal Festival in Taijiang, Kaili
  • 4 hours 50 minutes from Guangzhou Nan
  • 2 hours from Duyun Dong to Qiandongnan Ethnic Area
  • Suggested stay: 6 days

Duyun Dong is in Qiannan, but not too far from Kaili city, the capital of Guizhou's ethnic minority center Qiandongnan. Thirty-three minorities live in the Qiandongnan region, including Miao, Dong, Yao, and Zhuang. Explore South China's colorful minority culture, see the magnificent traditional buildings, and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Guiyang Station (for Huangguoshu Waterfall)

Huangguoshu Waterfall Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guiyang
  • 5 hours 27 minutes (average) from Guangzhou Nan
  • 1 hours and 50 minutes from Guiyang to Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area
  • Suggested stay: 2 days

Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Asia, is one of the most quintessential and spectacular karst waterfalls in the world. Its appearance varies with the weather and season. July and August have the best combination of high-volume water flow and sunny days.

How to Plan a Trip

The Guiyang–Guangzhou HSR opened on December 26, 2015, bringing with it previously untapped touring possibilities.

As many of the stops offer similar attractions you will probably not want to get off at every stop mentioned above (in one trip). China Highlights offers the following two suggested itineraries for your inspiration. Or you can contact us to tailor-make your own tour.

5-Day Guilin and Sanjiang HSR Tour

Sisters Meal FestivalMiao Minority Girls in Sanjiang

Day 1: Take the high-speed train from Guangzhou to Guilin, arriving at noon. Appreciate the Two Rivers and Four Lakes' night view in the evening.

Day 2: Explore downtown Guilin: Seven Star Park with peaks to climb and pandas, the iconic Elephant Hill, awesome Reed Flute Cave, and Guilin's "mini Forbidden City", once home to Ming Princes.

Day 3: Take a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, and enjoy the picturesque karst scenery of the Li River. At Yangshuo bike out to experience countryside life in the afternoon.

Day 4: Sanjiang is about 5½ hours' drive by road from Yangshuo, but now you can take a 1½ drive through the pretty hills by the Li for Yangshuo's HSR station, then take a smooth ride to Sanjiang in an hour by high-speed train. Appreciate the Dong people's wooden bridges and drum towers. The hospitality of the Dong minority will be a new experience for many of you.

Day 5: Continue to explore the Eight Dong Villages in the morning and return to Guangzhou by HSR in the afternoon.

7-Day Guilin and Guiyang HSR Tour

SanjiangDrum tower in Sanjiang

Day 1: Take the high-speed train from Guangzhou to Guilin, arriving at noon. After lunch see Fubo Hill, with a great view of the Li, and Reed Flute Cave in downtown Guilin.

Day 2: Take a cruise downriver to Yangshuo, enjoying the picturesque Li limestone landscape. In the afternoon, explore the idyllic countryside by bike.

Day 3: Journey 3 hours in the morning to the Longji terraced fields. Enjoy a hike in the afternoon to appreciate the beautiful terraced-field scenery and visit Yao minority villages.

Day 4: Head to Sanjiang (1½ hours) to see the longest Wind and Rain Bridge in the world in Sanjiang town. Then see the oldest wind and rain bridges and drum towers in Chengyang Tourism Area.

Day 5: Take the high-speed D2806 train at 13:09 from Sanjiang to Guiyang (about 2 hours). Watch traditional Miao minority opera in the evening.

Day 6: Visit Asia's largest waterfall, Huangguoshu Waterfall.

Day 7: Return to Guangzhou by HSR.

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