Urumqi Weather in April

Urumqi Weather in April

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Heavenly Lake Heavenly Lake, just north of Urumqi, welcomes spring.

Weather: April in Urumqi is cool and fresh, with rivers in full melt, and flowers and green pastures appearing.

The average daily high is 17°C (63°F), and the average low is 5°C (41°F). There is 28 mm (1 inch) of rain/snow that falls lightly on about 7 days of the month.

Clothing: All hotels and restaurants in Urumqi have central heating. Dress in layers, with a thick coat, long winter underwear, and gloves and hat, if you venture out.

Pollution: The Air Quality Index has been recorded as 57 in April, so it is close to "excellent" for China. 

Things to Do in Urumqi in April

April is the best month for outdoor activity in the city, as pollution is least.

Enjoy Climbing Red Hill for a Bird's Eye View of Urumqi

Red Hill, UrumqiView Urumqi from the pagoda on Red Hill.

Red Hill is a steep red rock in the middle of Urumqi. There are amusement rides in the leafy park, and it is a popular place for photography.

Appreciate the Urumqi Area's Pastoral Culture in Spring

In April, the scenery changes with sprouting trees, green grass, and rivers full of meltwater. You can experience a blue sky and fresh air, and crowds of animals on Southern Mountain (Nanshan) Pasture.

Visit the Heavenly Mountains and Heavenly Lake

You can also enjoy fresh spring air, fine mountain views, and Kazakh culture in the Heavenly Mountains around Heavenly LakeHowever, note that mountain roads may be blocked by mudslides and rockfalls.

Touring Urumqi in April

Nanshan Pasture with Kazakh yurts Nanshan Pasture with Kazakh yurts can be fully enjoyed in spring in Urumqi.

April is the beginning of the tourist season in Urumqi. It's only the shoulder season, so top attractions like Heavenly Lake are not as crowded as they can be in summer. Book your reservations in advance to make your stay easier.

Low Travel Season

Tourist crowds shouldn't be a bother, but prices for Urumqi flights or train tickets, and hotel room prices, will go up compared to March. We can help you arrange these, and other things on your China wish list, your way.

Recommended Urumqi Itineraries

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