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Urumqi Weather in September

Heavenly Lake (天池 Tianchi)Heavenly Lake (天池 Tianchi)

Weather: September in Urumqi is typically warm in the day, but cool in the evening. The autumn weather is more settled than in spring/summer.

The average daily high is 24°C (75°F), and the average low is 12°C (54°F). There is 24 mm (1 inch) of rain that falls lightly on about 5 days of the month.

Clothing: In September, Urumqi is typically warm in the day, but cool in the evening. Bring light layers to adapt to changes in temperature. NB: it's cooler in the mountains. Bring sunscreen.

Pollution: The Air Quality Index has been recorded as 70 in September, so it is only a "lightly polluted" month. If you have a sensitivity to pollution, you should reduce your exposure and outdoor activity in the city.

Things to Do in Urumqi in September

September has comfortable temperatures for outdoor activities in the city, and in the pastoral mountain areas. Fall also provides the clearest skies, which is good for photo enthusiasts.

Enjoy Climbing Red Hill for a Bird's Eye View of Urumqi

Red Hill, UrumqiView Urumqi from the pagoda on Red Hill.

Red Hill is a steep red rock in the middle of Urumqi. There are amusement rides in the leafy park, and it is a popular place for photography.

Appreciate Autumn in the Mountains

In September, the mountain pastures are starting to get cooler. 

  • Experience the blue sky and fresh air, and crowds of animals on Southern Mountain (Nanshan) Pasture, before the cold weather makes them bleaker.
  • You can also enjoy fresh fall air, fine mountain views, and Kazakh culture in the Heavenly Mountains around Heavenly Lake

Do Some Local Shopping in the Bazaar and Market

With the harvest just in, take the opportunity to try some of the acclaimed local produce. Fresh or freshly dried fruit is plentiful in Urumqi in September.

  • The Urumqi Grand Bazaar is a great place to buy souvenirs in the Uyghur ethnic district. It has products like dried fruit from all over Xinjiang.
  • Erdaoqiao Market offers the largest array of Xinjiang minority goods anywhere, ranging from local dried fruits to Hetian jade, rare antiques, ethnic clothes, bronze wares, and musical instruments.

Touring Urumqi in September

Urumqi city night sceneUrumqi, the largest city in Western China, has lots of mosques and Muslim architecture.

There are fewer tourists in Urumqi in September, as the school holidays end, but this is still a peak time of the year.

High Travel Season

Expect higher prices for Urumqi flights or train tickets, and hotel rooms. We can help you arrange these, not to mention expert local guides for your China journey of discovery.

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