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 The 5 Best Beaches in Xiamen

The 5 Best Beaches in Xiamen

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Sep. 8, 2021
XiamenXiamen is a beautiful coastal city in Fujian province in southeast China with several good beaches.

With so many beaches, which beach in Xiamen should you visit? We've listed the top beaches, and the main reason to go to each, to help make the selection process easier and guide you to the best beach in Xiamen depending on what you're looking for!

1. Guanyin Mountain Beach (观音山沙滩)

This 3-kilometer (2-mile) beach is the longest beach in Xiamen, and probably even Fujian Province.

Guanyin Mountain Beach is a mostly flat beach and is home to China's annual National Beach Volleyball Tournament. You'll find a lot of people playing volleyball here, and there are free tennis courts along the beach too (get there early to make sure you get a free one!).

There are a lot of vendors selling balls, nets, kites, and other activities to do on the beach, and there are barbecue restaurants for when you get hungry or want to sit down to have a drink.

This beach is not one that is recommended for swimming because the actual beachfront and shores are a bit muddy. As it is the biggest and most easily-located beach, it can get a little busy.

  • Address: Guanyin Beach, Coastal Tourism Area, East Huandao Lu, Siming District, Xiamen (福建省厦门市思明区环岛东路海滨旅游休闲区)
  • Main reasons to go: To play volleyball on beautiful golden sand, fly a kite, or to go for a long beach walk.

2. Baicheng Beach (厦大白城海滩)

Xiamen beachBaicheng Beach

One of the best beaches for a sunset in the city is Baicheng Beach, which is located south of Xiamen University. The views here are impressive, with the contrast between the giant new circle expressway, and the beach.

Although you cannot swim here (it is actually prohibited), the sand is soft and it's a wonderful place to relax at the end of the day. Why not bring a picnic?

If you don't have time to go in the late afternoon for sunset, the morning is lovely too, as you'll be able to see the locals fishing off the coast and enjoy the ocean breeze.

  • Address: Baicheng Beach, Baicheng School Gate, Xiamen University, Xiamen (厦门大学白城校门)
  • Main reasons to go: To watch the sunset or relax.

3. Pearl Bay (珍珠湾花园)

As one of the more scenic beaches in Xiamen, Pearl Bay is located in the south of Xiamen and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Swimming is allowed here, and you'll find people in the sea in summer.

The sand is relatively clean, and because there is beautiful scenery surrounding you'll see people taking their wedding or family photos here on weekends and holidays, when it can get busy.

Seawater quality depends on the weather and where the wind is blowing from but is generally clean.

  • Address: Pearl Bay, Siming, Xiamen (厦门思明区珍珠湾花园)
  • Main reasons to go: For a swim, beach walks, or to get some breezy beach air.

4. Dadeji Beach (大德记浴场)

Gulangyu Island beachesGulangyu Island

Dadeji Beach is the most highly recommended beach on Gulangyu Island because of its clear sand, blue sea, and interestingly-shaped rocks.

The views from the beach are amazing, and sunsets here are brilliant too as a result of the low tide in the afternoons.

Because this is the most recommended beach of Gulangyu Island, it can get busy and there have been reports of the beach being dirty with trash not picked up properly by visitors.

  • Address: Haoyue Park, Zhangzhou Road, Gulangyu, Xiamen (厦门市思明区鼓浪屿皓月园)
  • Main reasons to go: Swimming during summer, and enjoying the fresh beach air year-round.

5. Huangcuo Beach (黄厝海滩)

Located in southeast Xiamen, this is one of the lesser developed beaches in Xiamen with some of the cleanest sand around as a result. The water here is extremely clear too.

There are lots of reefs and changing tides, so please do be careful if you decide to go swimming here, and only get in the water if you are a strong swimmer.

As a result, you will find fewer people here, which means it makes for a nice relaxing visit.

  • Address: Huangcuo, Huandao Lu, Siming District, Xiamen (厦门思明区黄厝环岛路)
  • Main reasons to go: Swimming in summer (but be careful!) or for a quieter beach visit.

Visit Xiamen with China Highlights

Visit Xiamen with China HighlightsVisit Xiamen with China Highlights

China Highlights has many options for visiting Xiamen, whether you are looking for a one-day, three-day, five-day tour, or would prefer to incorporate Xiamen in a tour throughout China alongside other top spots such as Beijing or Shanghai (or other beaches such as Sanya).

If you would prefer us to tailor a beach tour to your preferences, get in touch here so we can keep your preferences in mind when planning your trip to Xiamen!

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