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Yangshuo Shopping

Yangshuo Shopping

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Nov. 9, 2021
Yangshuo West Street Travel Yangshuo West Street

The beautiful scenery in Yangshuo makes a good impression on tourists. There are no shopping malls or large supermarkets here; instead, an exotic shopping street adds its charms to this small county. You can buy many special items and souvenirs in these small, uniquely decorated shops. The area mixes Western and Eastern lift styles, creating for tourists a special experience. In Yangshuo, many exquisite handicrafts make for the most popular purchasing choices, and local foods are also popular here.

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Major Shopping Street

West Street

At a length of 157 meters and a width of 8 meters, Yangshuo West Street is like a winding path in the center of the county. Tourists from all over the world come here to relax and enjoy the leisurely atmosphere, and many of them choose to stay for a while, bringing a Western way of living with them. Therefore, an exotic street has been formed, called West Street. On West Street, you can buy many special souvenirs reflecting a unique local style, and you can enjoy fantastic nightclubs that offer a taste of many Western foods.

  • Chinese name: 西街 Xijie/ sshee-jyeh /
  • Address: The center of Yangshuo county (near the Yangshuo Bus Station) 阳朔县中心(阳朔汽车站附近)
  • Transportation: on foot from the Bus Station



The Yangshuo people are good at handicrafts. On West Street, you can see many exquisite handicrafts, such as painted fans, embroidered shoes, decorations made with minority characteristics, and so on. Many handicrafts are small and inexpensive, making them the ideal gifts for friends.

  • Chinese name:工艺品 Gongyi Pin / gong-yee-pin /
  • Place to Buy: West Street

Bamboo Products

The weather in Yangshuo is very suitable for growing bamboo. Locals enjoy using bamboo to make many handicrafts, such as facial masks, crutches, puppets, and other little items. All of these bamboo handicrafts reflect a strong Chinese style and a unique local nationality style.

  • Chinese name: 竹制品 Zhuzhipin/ joo-zhiuh-pin /
  • Place to Buy: West Street


You may be surprised that we recommend a t-shirt as a souvenir, but after seeing the folk artists' paintings on ordinary t-shirts,you will want to buy a few. Artists will paint on a t-shirt what you'd like him to paint, such as a landscape, a figure, or flowers and birds, and this takes just 15 minutes. Wearing such a t-shirt lets you show off your own style, which is quite a popular thing to do among the youth.

  • Chinese name: 文化衫 Wenhua Shan/ wnn-hwah shan /
  • Place to Buy: West Street
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