Yixing Ceramics Museum

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
Shanghai Museum ceramicsCeramic pieces like this one at Shanghai Museum can be seen in abundance.

For centuries, the small region of Yixing has produced a famed type of ceramics ware, and you can see and learn about it at this museum.

While at the museum, you can learn about the clay in the area that is used to make stoneware. The stoneware is not as fine or precious as porcelain made from kaolin clay, but it is useful for making durable teapots and other objects. The clay helped make Yixing a ceramics making center of the dynastic eras.

Ceramics Museum Highlights

The museum is actually a center for manufacturing and researching about ceramics. But most tourists will appreciate the exhibits and the shopping. There are 13 halls including the Ancient Ceramics Hall, the Masterpiece Hall, and the Zisha Hall.

Antiques: Some of the antiques are listed as Chinese precious heritage and are of great research and historical importance. The centuries-old culture of ceramic art in Yixing is demonstrated by the display of ceramics of different periods from the stone age to modern times.

The Ancient Ceramics Hall exhibits all kinds of ceramics from the period from the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) to the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911). There is celadon of the Jin Dynasty (265–420) and Zishan Pottery of the Song Dynasty (960–1279. The most famous piece called He Yi Hui Wen Ping is one of the grade one cultural relics of China.

Ten ceramic workrooms: Every year, a group of professional and creative designers such Lu Yaochen who is considered a Master of Chinese Art exhibit their masterpieces here.

Tourist Essentials and Tips

Transport to Yixing and the Sea of Bamboo

Flight: The Shuofang Airport is a domestic airport in Wuxi.

Bus from Wuxi to Yixing: Though Yixing is a part of the metropolitan area of Wuxi, it is actually far from it on the outskirts. A bus from Wuxi to the Yixing metro area costs 23 yuan and takes 90 minutes.

Local tourist bus 1 (5 yuan) will take you from Yixing Bus Station to the ceramics museum.

Nearby Attractions

Shanghai museumShanghai Museum is known for both it porcelain and bronze pieces

Yixing is known for four main things: its giant bamboo forest, its big caves, its academic achievement, and it ceramics.

In the outskirts, the Shanjuan Cave is the second most popular attraction in Yixing according to TripAdvisor in 2016. It is north of the bamboo forest park called the Sea of Bamboo that is Yixing's main attraction and in the same region as the caves. The endless open air vistas of the park are quite a contrast with the caves.

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