Chengdu Maps

Our Chengdu maps cover Chengdu's location in China, the main attractions around Chengdu, and the city's roads, streets, hotels, and attractions.

Chengdu's Location in China

Chengdu is located on the edge of the fertile plains of the Red Basin in China's Sichuan Province. It is about 2½ hours by air from Beijing and Shanghai.

chengdu's location in China Click to enlarge it!

Sichuan Province Map

Our Sichuang Province map shows the locations of Sichuan's main prefecture-level cities, and provincial capital Chengdu.

Sichuan Province Map Click to enlarge it!

Chengdu City Map

Our Chengdu City Map covers the city area, showing the main roads, streets, hotels, attractions, and stations.

Map of City Street

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