Beijing – Tianjin High-Speed Train

Beijing – Tianjin High-Speed Train

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The Beijing – Tianjin rail line is the first permanently operational passenger high-speed rail route with trains traveling over 300 kilometers (186 miles) an hour in China. These two cities are neighboring and plenty of high-speed trains are in service. There are two main types of high-speed trains on this line, G trains and C trains, with similar speeds and a small price difference.

  • Distance: 122 kilometers (76 miles)
  • Duration: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Number of trains: 159 pairs of high-speed trains

Beijing – Tianjin High-Speed Train Schedules

There are different terminals in each city for high-speed trains. The price differs for different routes; please see below.

One Beijing Terminal:

  • Beijing South Railway Station ("北京南 Beijing Nan" on tickets)
tanggu station Tianjin Railway Station

Three Tianjin Terminals:

  • Tianjin Railway Station ("天津 Tianjin" on tickets)
  • Tianjin South Railway Station ("天津南 Tianjin Nan" on tickets)
  • Tianjin West Railway Station ("天津西 Tianjin Xi" on tickets)

(Updated on February 9th, 2020)

Beijing to Tianjin High-Speed Train Schedules

Departure Arrival First Train – Last Train
Train Type and Quantity
Average Interval
Seat Class Price: CNY (USD approx.)
G/D Train C Train
Beijing South Tianjin 06:02 – 23:05
70 G/C trains 
0:11 0:35 to 0:41 2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) ¥54.5 ($8)
1st class ¥94.5 ($14) ¥88 ($13)
Superior class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
Business class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
Tianjin South 06:21 – 20:58
44 G trains
0:21 0:34 to 0:49 2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) --
1st class ¥94.5 ($14) --
Business class ¥174.5 ($26) --
Tianjin West 07:30 – 22:10
8 G/C trains
1:02 0:35 to 0:49  2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) ¥54.5 ($8)
1st class ¥94.5 ($14) ¥88 ($13)
Superior class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
Business class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
1 D train
0:00 1:07  2nd class  ¥41 ($6)   --

Beijing to Tianjin up-to-date high-speed train schedules.

Tianjin to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedules

Departure Arrival First Train – Last Train
Train Type and Quantity
Average Interval
Seat Class Price: CNY (USD approx.)
G/D Train C Train
Tianjin  Beijing South 06:18 – 22:52
70 G/C trains 
0:10 0:35 to 0:54  2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) ¥54.5 ($8)
1st class ¥94.5 ($14) ¥88 ($13)
Superior class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
Business class ¥174.5 ($26) ¥174 ($26)
Tianjin South 07:47 – 23:04
44 G trains
0:19 0:33 to 0:48 2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) --
1st class ¥94.5 ($15) --
Business class ¥174.5 ($27) --
Tianjin West 06:00 – 19:46
8 G/C trains
1:08 0:35 to 0:40  2nd class ¥54.5 ($8) ¥54.5 ($8)
1st class ¥94.5 ($15) ¥65.5 ($10)
Superior class ¥104.5 ($16) ¥93.5 ($14)
Business class ¥174.5 ($27) ¥93.5 ($14)
1 D train
0:00 1:08   2nd class  ¥41 ($6)   --

Tianjin to Beijing up-to-date high-speed train schedules.

High-Speed Trains are the Most Recommended Way to Travel

There are also buses in service between Beijing and Tianjin. However, we recommend that you take a high-speed train from Beijing to Tianjin or Tianjin to Beijing. See a brief comparison below:

  • High-speed trains are much faster and more comfortable than buses
  • Train ticket prices are similar to bus tickets
  • Train stations are very close to the city center
  High-Speed Train Long-Distance Bus
Shortest Duration 33 minutes 1 hour 30 minutes
Ticket Price 65.5 yuan (10 USD) for a 1st class seat
(Depart/arrive at Tianjin Railway Station)
60 yuan (9 USD)
(From Sihui Bus Station to Tongsha Bus Station)
Distance to City Center Beijing South Railway Station: 7 km
Tianjin Railway Station: 8 km
Beijing Sihui Bus Station: 9 km
Tianjin Tongsha Bus Station: 8 km

Choose a Suitable Train to Save Time and Money

bullet train

1. Choose a train route that saves your time and money when taking a taxi to the city center. There are many stations available in Tianjin, and we recommend that you buy a train ticket departing from/arriving at Tianjin Railway Station, which is the closest terminal to Tianjin city center.

2. You are recommended to choose a train that allows you to arrive at the train station 1.5 hours before its departure. This is because the train stations are very large and it takes time to navigate and negotiate the security checks and lines.

How to Buy the Tickets

passport and train ticketsValid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train.

Valid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train:

  • Foreign passengers: Passport or Travel Permit
  • Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

Online Booking - the Most Convenient Way

You can book train tickets online easily through China Highlights Train Ticket Service. We provide detailed and helpful English guidance, a 24/7 service, and also a ticket delivery service. You only need to complete three steps to get your train tickets.

Alternatively, you can contact your travel advisor to help you buy the train tickets, which is also very convenient.

See our more detailed guide for How to Buy Train Tickets in China.

Transportation to Train Stations

Train routes depart/arrive at different terminals, and there are several railway stations in Tianjin. Different train numbers require you to board/get off at different terminals.

Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station is about 7 kilometers (4 miles) from Tian'anmen Square and 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Beijing Capital International Airport.

  • By bus: 20, 72, 84, 102, 106, 458, 529, 652, 665
  • By subway: Line 4 and Line 14

See our transportation guide for Beijing South Railway Station, or read more about Beijing city's transportation.

Tianjin Railway Station

There are about 90 high-speed trains departing from Tianjin Railway Station every day. The station is located in the city center.

  • By bus: 13, 186, 188, 24, 461, 462, 50, 5, 570, 638, 650, 663, 666, 689, 961
  • By subway: Line 2, Line 3, Line 9

See more details in Tianjin city transportation guide.

Tianjin South Railway Station

There are also many high-speed trains departing from Tianjin South Railway Station. It's a longer distance from the city center, being about 1 hour's drive.

  • By bus: 312, 358, 587, 707
  • By subway: Line 3

Tianjin West Railway Station

  • By bus: 10, 24, 168, 31, 52, 601, 635, 651, 661, 683, 687, 688, 810, 840, 904, 910
  • By subway: Line 1 and Line 6

Western-Style Toilets Are Available on High-Speed Trains!

high speed train facilities

Chinese toilets are one of the biggest issues for a foreign travelers in China. Don't worry! Western-style toilets are set at the end of each carriage and are equipped with toilet paper. However, they may occasionally run out of toilet paper, so you are recommended to take your own, just in case.

See more information about China's High-Speed Trains.

Train Travel Ideas on the Beijing – Tianjin Line, Cruise from/to Tianjin

tianjin port Tianjin Cruise Port

If you are taking a cruise that departs/arrives at Tianjin Cruise Port, please see our travel ideas below for inspiration:

If you want to adjust the itinerary, we can tailor-make it for you. We can help you arrange your tour according to your interests and requirements.

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