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Shanghai-Hong Kong Bullet Trains

Written by FabioUpdated Mar. 1, 2024

The G99 and G100 routes represent the high-speed trains shuttling between Shanghai and Hong Kong, with the renowned Fuxing Hao CR400BF train type, affectionately known as the 'Golden Phoenix,' boasting speeds of up to 420 kilometers (261 miles) per hour.

With the anticipated surge in international flights to Shanghai in 2024, a growing trend emerges among tourists to fly into China via Shanghai and depart from Hong Kong, or vice versa. Consequently, the demand for train services between these bustling metropolises is on the rise. To ensure a smooth journey, it's advisable to secure tickets well in advance.

Shanghai-Hong Kong High-Speed Trains

Shanghai to Hong Kong scenic railway mapShanghai to Hong Kong scenic railway map

Shanghai to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on March 1st, 2024)

G99: Shanghai Hongqiao to Hong Kong West Kowloon
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Shanghai Hongqiao   14:09
Hangzhou East 14:58 15:01
Jinhua 15:45 15:48
Shangrao 16:33 16:35
Nanchang West 17:32 17:52
Ganzhou West 19:29 19:32
Huizhou North 20:51 20:53
Guangmingcheng 21:13 21:15
Shenzhen North 21:32 21:37
West Kowloon 21:55  

Check the up-to-date schedules of the Shanghai to Hong Kong high-speed train.

Hong Kong to Shanghai High-Speed Train Schedules

(Updated on March 1st, 2024)

G100: Hong Kong West Kowloon to Shanghai Hongqiao
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
West Kowloon   11:36
Shenzhen North 11:54 11:59
Huizhou North 12:27 12:29
Heyuan East 12:48 12:50
Ganzhou West 13:59 14:03
Nanchang West 15:41 16:03
Shangrao 17:01 17:03
Jinhua 17:47 17:49
Hangzhou East 18:35 18:38
Shanghai Hongqiao 19:25  

Check the up-to-date schedules of the Hong Kong to Shanghai high-speed train.

Seat Classes and Prices for the Shanghai Hong Kong Bullet Trains

Business Class First Class Second Class
US$395 (CNY2,856.5) US$201 (CNY1,452.5) US$124 (CNY894)

Search for the train and make a booking now.

How to Book Train Ticket to/from Hong Kong

Reservations for train tickets between Hong Kong and Shanghai become available 15 days before departure. The most convenient way is to book tickets online with a reliable travel agency like China Highlights.

We provide a professional 24/7 one-to-one service as well as continuous after-sales support. Both high-speed and normal overnight train tickets can be booked. Our easy-to-use English booking system helps you book tickets in just a few simple steps:

  • For Hong Kong high-speed train tickets, click the tab for "China Train" in the search box.
  • Fill in the passenger(s) information and make a booking.
  • Submit the booking and make your payment.
  • Now there are only a few more steps for you to get your tickets! Click our China Train Ticket Booking Service.

Also read Instructions for Purchasing High-Speed Train Tickets to/from Hong Kong.

Second-Class Carriage of Shanghai to Hong Kong High-Speed TrainSecond-Class Carriage of Shanghai to Hong Kong High-Speed Train

Hong Kong to Shanghai, by Train or Airplane?

  High-Speed Train Airplane
Ticket Price US$124 for second class
US$201 for first class
US$395 for business class
US$120-US$300 for economy class
US$441 for business class
Duration 7 hours and 46 minutes 3 hours
Frequency 1 high-speed train per day 32 direct flights per day
Punctuality Punctual Occasional delays
Seat Space More leg room than on an airplane Cramped
Pros 1. More rooms inside the train for passengers
2. Go through both Mainland and Hong Kong's customs at West Kowloon station
1. The fastest mode of transportation between Shanghai and Hong Kong.
2. Airfare can be competitive when there are discounts
Cons Duration is longer than flights 1. Seats on airplanes are cramped
2. Airports are far from downtown areas
3. It takes more time for boarding airplanes
4. Not much window views
5. Have to go through customs at both Shanghai and Hong Kong's airports
In conclusion If travel time is your first concern, than flight is the best choice for you. If you are on a budget, High-speed train is a cost-effective and comfortable choice.

Transportation between Airports and Train Stations in Shanghai

Shanghai Pudong airport to Shanghai Hongqiao station - It takes one hour and 40 minutes to go from Pudong airport to Hongqiao station. Just board the subway line 2 at Pudong Airport subway stop and disembark at Hongqiao Station subway stop. Totally there are 26 pass-by subway stops.

Shanghai Hongqiao airport to Shanghai Hongqiao station - Board the subway line 2 or 10 at the Terminal 2 of Hongqiao Airport subway stop, and disembark at Hongqiao Station subway stop. It only takes around 10 minutes for this short subway trip.

How to Go through Customs at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station?

For travelers journeying between Shanghai and Hong Kong, customs formalities are streamlined at West Kowloon Station, regardless of direction.

Shanghai to Hong Kong: Upon arrival at West Kowloon Station's B4 level, passengers will smoothly transition to B2 via elevator for China Mainland exit formalities, followed by entry formalities for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong to Shanghai: Travelers departing from Hong Kong will proceed to B3 at West Kowloon Station for Hong Kong exit procedures, seamlessly transitioning to China Mainland entry formalities.

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